00 vs 000 buckshot for home defense
“Patterning” is the act of checking the group size at various ranges with your defensive loads. He was, of course, correct. As a 70 yr. old, found that the modern 12 gauge “defense” loads are too loud and have more recoil than I would like to handle. 20 gauge is a lot tougher. © 2020 Active Response Training - Made with ♥ TheBlackBellCoPrivacy Policy. I don’t need a 40-yard capability in a shotgun when the longest shot I can physically take in my house is a measured 12 yards. It stands ready at my bedside, loaded with 2 rounds of 2 3/4” low recoil #4 buckshot, followed by 5 rounds of 2 3/4” #00 buckshot, in case there’s more than one “uninvited” guest, or I need following shots at longer ranges. I’m thinking if a person wanted a home defense load that was “ less likely “ to be leathal. I load it with #3 buckshot, (20 .25 caliber balls @ 1,200 FPS), IC choke. As the range increases, the pattern increases and hit probability, especially on running targets, increases. These don’t penetrate as much — typically 8 to 12 inches. The advantage of the shotgun is in the sheer devastation those buckshot rounds create. Tighter patterns also extend the effective range of the shotgun. Do not be in the situation of being armed with a deadly weapon you are not able to use well. I compared it with the standard Remington green box 9-pellet 00 buck load on the other side of the target. Please click the reload button and complete the captcha once again. For a .410, what “fits” is the biggest shot available, 000 buck – and for a 2 1/2″ shell, 4 pellets and for a 3″, 5. As may be expected, buckshot earns its name from the original intent, to bring down deer-sized game. Home defense loads can be almost anything. It is also possible to find higher buckshot-pellet counts in 2 3/4-inch and 3-inch magnum loads. I just bought a box of shotgun shells with rubber "buckshot" for home defense rounds. Due to Degenerative Joint Disease in both shoulders (bone on bone, as well as other joints), I’ve given up high recoil rifles and shotguns. His advice caused me to change my thinking about buckshot loads for home protection. In my Remington 870 with cylinder bore, the Critical Defense patterns a tight two inches at seven yards, increasing to six inches at 15 yards. There isn’t enough mass for adequate penetration. . Tom forced me to confront some facts that I actually knew well, but I  wasn’t considering in the right context. The advantage is that most shotguns handle in a naturally smooth manner with a natural point that rifles do not possess. And its range is far greater than you might imagine. Many overlook the fact that a load of buckshot is also an advantage if the adversary is partially obscured by cover. While not strictly necessary, they are very nice to have and a great aid in hit probability. When I was 6 years old I was humping around my dad’s old double barrel Fox 12ga. Recoil was brutal! SINCE SOUND ALONE ISN’T A GOOD DETERENT, I KEEP A REMINGTON 870 TACTICAL BESIDE THE BED. Buckshot is not just mechanically poured in by weight; it is large enough it has to be patterned. As soon as I became rangemaster, I changed our shotgun duty load from a standard 9-pellet Federal 00 Buck load, to the much more tighter patterning Hornady 8-pellet load. All that is really needed is a simple front bead. At the time, the even tighter Federal Flight control buckshot hadn’t yet been invented. Thus was the public perception of the shotgun, generally viewed as the most terrifying close-range arm available. They eliminate “the flyer.”. Choosing a Buckshot Load for Home Defense, © 2020 Active Response Training - Made with ♥, Subscribe to Active Response Training by Email. I concluded several different points. With the new .410 “pistol” rounds, older folks can use a .410 shotgun for home defense. I will second Murph’s comment, as does the FBI. The smallest buckshot is #4 buck, not to be confused with #4 shot, which is birdshot. Tom told me about three different shootings he investigated where an innocent bystander was hit by “the flyer” from a 00 buck load fired at a criminal. Heard the name “Judge” came from actual Judges using them on two legged vermin, at near contact range, with great success. The author is dead on. My Maverick 88 is currently loaded with standard 9 pellet 00. His advice caused me to change my thinking about buckshot loads for home protection. Week-In-Review News Roundup: October 25-31, 2020, #00 buckshot throws eight or nine balls. The most obvious is that we don’t want to hit an innocent bystander with a stray pellet from a wide pattern. You’ll have to pattern a few out of your own shotguns and find out what works best. The Shooter's Log, is to provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the shooting community. Thank you. As a kid, a family friend was rabbit hunting in Southern Maine. … Some recommend saving for the best gun you can afford. Why not open the pattern size up a little bit to increase the odds of getting a hit? Hardest-hitter for a 20 is likely a magnum shell carrying 18 pellets of #2 buck. Most buckshot gives up its energy well within 100 yards or less. The round ball isn’t very aerodynamic. It is a 14″ barrel cylinder bore Benelli M-1 Super 90. Neither is it a death ray and occasionally a backup shot is needed. .hide-if-no-js { I’ve long been a proponent of very tightly patterning buckshot loads for police shotguns. Buckshot is not a panacea, where you fill the air with lead and hope the law of averages is in your favor. You should be certain that you understand the pattern size from seven to 15 yards and if the load patterns left or right or low or high. A single guard with a shotgun has often handled many prisoners. I marked the four and then fired an additional shot at the 40 foot target and got a more normal grouping. The recoil is drastically different. What is a good defense load for a 20 gauge ? What about #2 Buck? At distances measured in feet, not yards, any 12 gauge load is lethal. Yes, I would like to receive offers and newsletters from Cheaper Than Dirt. I used the shotgun that I own that shoots the absolute widest patterns to best illustrate the concept. Let us know in the comments below. There are plenty of options. Shotgun wounds are far more impressive than most rifle or handgun wounds. if ( notice ) Upland game ranges are shorter so a lighter load, smaller shot, and modified or open choke work better depending on what you are after. Another great state of shooting stuff.) I’m sure most of you will say know what’s beyond your target but keep it in mind that deadly force encounters are extremely stressful and because of that stress you most likely won’t be using your best judgment. The Federal ones are harder and there are 4 balls instead of 3. A couple of those bystanders were killed by that single pellet. Our posts contain affiliate links and we earn a small commission from those links. There should be no complaints about recoil but how is pattern and penetration? I have used #00 buckshot for more than 40 years. 4 (.24 inch), No. Many shooters have only a handgun for home defense, and some keep rifles or carbines ready. I chose #4 for the first loads is based on seeing 00 penetrating through and through at in-house distances.


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