15 14 hammered dulcimer tuning chart

It has a gorgeous sound and is in good condition. 16 treble and 15 bass courses provide a lay- out that ranges just over 3 octaves (2 octaves fully chromatic). Create a Folkcraft account for free rewards!

The physical layout of this instrument makes for easy access to most of the tonal resources. Both the 15/14 and 12/11 size instruments are made of the same high quality materials. That chromatic scale extends beyond that C6 five notes to F6. We are still adjusting to our limited capacity and safety restrictions. What appears below are what would be classified as traditional diatonic layouts for hammered dulcimers at least in the US. Your shopping cart is empty!

All Rights Reserved, Birdseye Maple with Sitka Spruce Soundboard. This location naturally flows into the rest of the instruments capability. As a low cost alternative, Grassroots continues to offer plywood soundboards. The two-plus octaves of C are quite usable, but those of F are slightly awkward. For example, a 15/14 hammered dulcimer has two bridges (treble and bass) and has a range of three octaves.

If your dream instrument is not in stock, we can make an educated guess about how long it will take us to build it, but please allow some extra time for surprises.

Current Stock.
Plywood soundboards, as a rule, have a drier, less resonant (banjo-like) sound than solid wood soundboards.

This diatonically-based tuning results in most, but not all, notes of the chromatic scale being available on the instrument. At this point, we don't expect any significant delays, but we will let you know if we think it will be more than a week before your order ships. The 15/14 offers the best overall value and is often the best choice for a beginner.

They are amazingly sturd.. Powered By OpenCart Grassroots Hammered Dulcimers © 2020.

It weighs 16 pounds. The hammered dulcimer is an instrument that is available in many different sizes.

This instrument has a total of 4 1/2 octaves. If you'd like to see a comparison of all my hammered dulcimers in chart form go to my comparative chart page. The tension from the strings can influence the instrument’s construction in negative ways. Our piano dulcimer model, the PD40, is a less expensive way than our Chromatic Series to achieve full chromaticism, and it also sometimes makes more sense to people who have a keyboard background. The tuning wrench is used to tighten or loosen the strings to bring the pitch of the strings in each course into unison. To make up for the missing notes, many dulcimer builders include extra short bridges at the top and bottom of the soundboard, where extra strings are tuned to the missing pitches.

This is the largest hammered dulcimer I make. Our first priority has to be the health of our employees and our community, and we are carefully following all of the safety practices recommended and required by the state of Washington. It is called "fifth-interval" because the treble bridge is positioned such that the note on the left side of the bridge is a perfect fifth above the note on the right. The Dusty Strings Chromatic Series includes the D300, D500, D550, D570, D600, D650, and D670. The size of the instrument is identified by the number of strings that cross each bridge on the instrument. Thus the actual range is three notes beyond the four octave, D2 to D6.

It is called "fifth-interval" because the treble bridge is positioned such that the note on the left side of the bridge is a perfect fifth above the note on the right. Home; Hammered Dulcimers; Kits; Builders Supplies; Accessories It uses a single treble 1 bridge and bass bridges on the right for ease of playing. Tuning the hammered dulcimer requires the use of a tool know as a tuning wrench. Similarly, each note on the right side of the treble bridge is a fifth interval higher than the adjacent note below it on the bass bridge.


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