375 cheytac vs 408 cheytac
Actual Measured Distance: 3606.41 Yards There is a large ejection port on both sides of the action. Well ok I am new to the site but not shooting and I am wanting to build a ELR rifle and get back into it, I was at 1200y when I had my .338 LM how ever that rifle was stolen. The VOERE X3 was one of the many firearms tested in the new VISIER Special 69. WOW...nice rifle....hope you get to stretch it 's legs! and .375 CheyTac, and finally 1:17-1:11 for the .408 CheyTac. The two-position safety is mounted directly on the bolt shroud. You have quite an interesting project. I almost did... but its too costly to shoot as much as I want to shoot. After 100 rounds there is minimal copper fouling with the .375, but I clean around this round count. So many things are ridiculously magnified at that distance. Serious guns, serious distance. That required plenty of elevation to compensate for the bullet’s drop over its 2.045 mile trajectory. In theory, Mr. Möller calculated that a typical .375 CheyTac chambered gun, shooting his now defunct 26.44 gram (408 gr) .375 Viking bullets (claimed G1 BC = 1.537) at 870 m/s (2854 ft/s) muzzle velocity, would have a supersonic range of 3090 m (3380 yd) under International Standard Atmosphere sea level conditions (air density ρ = 1.225 kg/m³). FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCES…. But we also inspire you with real stories of passionate hunters or sport shooters. The match king is 3080 fps and the CE is running 3200. It has to do with fouling. I'm researching rifles that are non-50 cal but yet bigger than a .338LM, that is just intriguing to me at this point of my life. 408CT is obscure and has been completely and totally eclipsed by .375CT. And so many believe they need 50 + power scopes on their rifles!!! I was planning on going with a Stiller action and either a Bartlien or Saturn barrel. My preference is the .375 Cheytac over the .408. The CheyTac® Intervention System approach identifies, quantifies and mitigates the physical and environmental effects which impact the flight of the projectile to its intended target. I have been shooting a 338-378 wby. _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); The stock of the Voere X4 is particularly refined and adapted to the needs of long range shooting. If you can't forecast 300 rounds of the Cheytac anytime soon, the losses associated with either keeping or selling that rifle will be steep. Communication via more effective channels:In printed media, information generally flows just one way. Gun Parts - Stocks, Barrels, Actions, etc. its easy for the 408/416 family to surpas at 1500+yrds. 72 cm. They say “things are bigger in Texas”. Great another person who likes anti material rounds to be "cool". A unique version with integrated suppressor was presented as well. Temp: 70 degrees In my experience, the .375 will get you out there a little bit further. VS Medien GmbH  Römerstrasse 58, 56130 Bad Ems, International contact to all4shooters.com:[email protected], Fabian Fasser, © Copyright 2018 by Fabian Fasser. The fore-end is fully separated from the barrel and offers mounts on three sides for as many Picatinny rails, while at its end is a Parker Hale-type adapter for bipod mounting. BE A SHOOTER!Firearms, ammunition, optics, and passion: these are the four key elements that unite shooting fans from all around the world. Austrian company Voere showcased the X3 long range, precision rifle at IWA 2013. I have been researching this for a year now...and came to the conclusion...that the .375 Cheytac is the king in all categories except energy....350 gr bullets w a B.C. Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. To provide more information on the system, The THOR M408 is a 7 shot repeating, takedown rifle system. We hope you enjoy surfing our global website, our Facebook pages and our international YouTube channels! Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 22, 2013. The cross hairs alone will likely obscure it, much less any movement at your end allowing you to keep “on” the target. Got to remember without speed your back to square one! Purchasing Terms and Conditions: By purchasing any product from CheyTac USA, LLC, you are certifying that you are at least 18 years of age. In my experience, the .375 will get you out there a little bit further. I have access to a ton of land and we have tried similar shots with similar results. I have got dies,bullets, cases of Retumbo,new press, and TAC408 action .waiting on barrel. Longest shot,SM.-3500m-3700m-4000m.xx? I'd go with Krieger but they're 9 months back-ordered and i don't have that much time. This North Carolina course is focused on Extreme Long-Range shooting. Print media, websites, social media, YouTube – all of it coordinated internationally and from a single source. WARNING: Improperly hand-loaded ammunition can cause serious personal injury. However, after poking around I'm seeing some advantages with the 375CT over the 408. _gaq.push(['_setDomainName', '.accurateshooter.com']); I switched to the cutting edge 252 and it works great. The course will be a 2.5-day format. 408 CheyTac. Fortunately for the sake of this argument there’s a fella I went to college with who is just in love with ELR, and filthy rich lol. Our Services:Our international platform in four languages with corresponding social media appearances on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube reaches an active, interested and international audience of milions – every month! Our motto at all4shooters.com and all4hunters.com is simple:We are here for all those who live out their passion for hunting and shooting , either in competitions or as a hobby – or who simply enjoy firearms , optics and related accessories . infact a nice .338 is all I need and actually to large for black bear here. I am a U.S. Constitutionalist, 143 gr ELD-X bullet performance on my mule deer last week with pics. The magazine release is located in front of the trigger guard. I am torn between the 375 or the 408 Cheytac both with 2000k plus yards effective, plus the wow factor. Our basic philosophy is to report in a balanced, impartial and journalistic neutral manner so that our users and partners in the industry can track current developments in a timely manner and better understand their impact. Mar 9, 2018 #11 R. Rogue2Sierra New member. I've been a 408CheyTac fan since it hit the streets (even a little before.) The Austrian company Voere also has in its catalog some rifles designed for long-range and tactical shooting, characterized by great modularity and the ability to adapt to the shooter. For the first time, we are able to get younger people excited about our topics again. 1:16"-1:10" progressive. The thing I see with it is not fast enough. The company has an exclusive license to U.S. Patent 6,629,669, for the manufacture of the “Balanced Flight Technology/Controlled Spin” bullet. Pricing and lead time may vary for international orders. Good luck. hope this helps Ed. (function() { CheyTac® USA began development with the concept that a dedicated cartridge with greater kinetic energy (past 400 yards) and greater distance capability than the 12.7mm, but a much milder recoil than the .338 LM, was the next step in ballistic technology for military and LEO snipers, Big Game Hunters and shooting competitors. If you can get your hands on a rangefinder that will range out to 3600, find a 36″ diameter feature and then put your scope on it. Cheytac 375/ .408 or barret 416. A lot can happen to send a bullet off target during a 7.2 second flight. 1:16-1:10 for .338 Lapua Mag. As it would seem the more research I have been doing and I will more than likely going with the .375 set up thanks for info, And just to be clear I am wanting to be a serious ELR shooter, maybe not competition but def push range distances. If you think that by no brainer I meant it was easy, then no. Anyone with a .338 Lapua Mag, .375 Cheytac, .408 Cheytac, .50 BMG, or variants thereof… do NOT miss this one. If you were to even want to go with the .408 because you don't really mind $7 to $20 bucks each time you pull the trigger than you should go with the .375 it is the current king of the hill if money is not a problem and you can't or don't want a DD. The .408 / .375 CheyTac® is the first cartridge developed to be more accurate, to be effective at short distance and fully capable to outdistance and to retain more kinetic energy down range than all currently available calibers including the 12.7mm cartridge. Late Season Reminder — Replace Your Safe’s Keypad Battery! CheyTac Caliber Comparison — .375 vs. .408 The shooter, Jim Spinella, prefers the .375 CheyTac to its .408-caliber Big Brother: “I shoot both the .408 and .375. For the .300 Norma Magnum, .375 and .408 CheyTac calibers the barrel is 28.3”/72 centimeters long, while for the .338 Lapua Magnum caliber only the barrel measures 27.1”/69 centimeters. The X4 model is compatible with the previous X3 model. The Voere X3 is available as a single-caliber gun or with the possibility to easily change barrel and caliber. That 36″ gong represents slightly less than 1 MOA at that range. Thread starter johnhhernan; Start date Mar 5, 2015; Help Support Long Range Hunting : Join the LRH Team or . Pricing and lead time may vary for large or international orders. After extensive research, the .408 / .375 CheyTac® was born. I shot my Lap imp 300 Bergers next to my buddies 375 Cheytac DTA and cutting edge MTH out to a mile 375 was slightly more consistent and visually had more significant impact on rocks Just done a snipetac myself now . Please allow up to 30-day lead time on all ammunition purchases. Kupfergeschoß gibt es: mit 1,8 EUR von Mayerl, Messing Sax kostet 1,50 EUR, Jaguar Kupfer 3,0 EUR, Messing 2,70 EUR. Auf unserer LBW Serie aufbauend entwickelten wir ein völlig neues Präzisionsgewehr – die X3. The Austrian manufacturer of precision and hunting rifles showcases the new S16 bolt-action rifle and its “small brother”, the K15A match-grade rimfire model. It's all cumulative. Optics will have to wait because i cant just come out of college and drop $2000 on a brand new Nightforce 12-42x56mm NXS. High velocity and equally high ballistic coefficient produce unmatched supersonic flight beyond 2,200 yards. I'd do the 408 ct if I built one. It happens that quickly and accuracy returns after cleaning the barrel. This ultra-long-range adventure took place last September at the FTW Ranch in Texas. The closest target will be at one mile, and the furthest one will be past 4000 yards! 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '.google-analytics.com/ga.js'; The AR15-type pistol grip is hollow and can be used as a housing for small spares. The Voere X4 is available in black, flat dark earth and coyote tan colors. Request Info. MwSt. The .408, 419 grain, solid has an initial muzzle velocity of 2950FPS and remains stable through the transonic period of flight which heavily destabilizes other, heavier traditional long range projectiles. With all due respect, sir, you simply do not have a clue. 375 CheyTac. I just finished a 375 Cheytac build here are specs. This fall i have a barreling and Chambering class and for one of my 3 master barrels I"m looking into an ELR build. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. IWA 2018 / New from Voere: S16 & K15A rifles.


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