429 police code

Good eye. A TRUE 429 PI car. Fun cars. That 429 needs some Jon Kaase heads to let it breathe. They would not “lay rubber” from a stop but shifted to 2nd at 60 mph (with a chirp) and to 3rd at 100 mph (with another chirp). The Hundred Code is a three digit police code system.

The last factory 4 speed big Ford was in 69. Keep in mind these cars weighed close to 4,000 lbs., but were helped with a handling package, heavy duty power disc brakes, trans cooler for the C6 tranny and dual exhausts.The PI version of the 429 has the CJ camshaft.

No “ax to grind” here.

1993 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor ex-Ohio Highway Patrol Low Mileage! Think they had solid lifters….now look at the jellybeans the cops drive–sheesh…would be the ultimate sleeper, as you don’t see any of these here in the rustbelt.

Don't post your car for sale in the comments. I had one almost identical to this. BEEN SETTING COVERED ON Or subscribe without commenting. Took a long time to find a pillar galaxie. Pork chop sideburns are optional, but highly encouraged. But a 2 door post.

They also used the CJ’s dual point distributer and CJ exhaust manifolds. Here’s a link with specifications.

Still, a great performer at highway speeds. The marked ones would do 140 mph and the unmarked 150 mph as it didn’t have lights, speakers etc to hurt aerodynamics. My favorite body style for Galaxy’s. It hadn’t. that Ford used in their 1972 Police Interceptor.

Some agencies, such as the California Highway Patrol (CHP) use the current vehicle code numbers while municipal and county police agencies, especially the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) still use the 500 series.

Yes, you described a Q ship exactly. California. Me too…if you watch the movie, you see Burt sliding it into park every time he gets out of the car…. wish you had a photo of that deer on trunk to share.

It wasn’t an original OEM 429 in a 1970 full sized Ford “Custom” trim level Police Interceptor cruiser. Additionally, "390" (and variants) are also radio codes only (CPC 647(f) is the legally enforced section "public intoxication").

Also he did not advise what the extra holes were on top of the rf inner fender panel which was obviously something that the original owner had added.

I hope you two can somehow find some grace to offset your axes to grind. Alas…the day before we got married some punk pulled out in front of me and the old LTD was totalled.

What sort of condition is it in? Neat timing. I’d take the 40 minute drive up just to see it. Apparently the original owner removed the air door on the air cleaner housing and added a bunch of ground straps. Hurry lets get it !. The 390 FE was available in the first part of the 71 model year as they were building out supply. Wonder how this Ford measures up to the 440 pursuit cars from Dodge/Plymouth? Todd wrote “The 3.00 rear axle ratio may seem conservative.” These cars were set up for highway pursuit, not hole shots.

I wanted to do a “Gator-esque” car. That’s not a crack in the dash it’s where the hard plastic and the pass side pad meet….. It is amazing how much base model cars are worth these days. I don’t think the 390 was available in the 1971 model year. Joe Cerrone has some very unusual ideas about restoring / preserving these very special Ford Police Interceptor cars from the early1970’s. I worked in the Mahwah, NJ Ford plant back in the late 60’s, we used to take the 427 2×4 out behind the water test area and race with the Mass. cars were spec’d out OEM from the factory with a much larger capacity alternator than the similar full sized Ford civilian car were so as to drive all of the additional electrically 12V powered emergency equipment, e.g., emergency lights, radios, siren, radar units,et cetera.

motor that Carroll Shelby used in the Shelby GT 500 Mustang. None of them had 4 speeds, If watch the 4 speed shifting scene it a Mustang interior and when he isn’t shifting you can see him put it in park with a column shifter. With a 350 and three on the tree. That said, it would be equally woeful if this car never got a chance to burn up a pair of dry-rotted snow tires in a ceremonial controlled burnout.


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