4k77 skymaster edition

I have access to three film prints, one of which I even saw screened in a theater, and those brown/orange and blue blobs you can see really are on all the prints, and they were visible on theater screens too. Great skin tones, the scene is much brighter overall and not so gloomy. ROTJ opening edit idea. We won’t even claim that it is the best version. Anothere issue is that it’s not available in actual HD resolutions, but 720p still looks fine on most normal sized TV sets. Why didn’t you do Empire Strikes Back right after Star Wars? What an amazing job, to everyone concerned! Also 4K83 v1.1 while I’m at it. Also, because of it’s higher resolution, 4K77 has some fine details that are not in the bluray. If you want to know more, you can go to the project homepages/forums! You can immediately see that white balance and color grading is very different. A few such projects are in fact underway, and Harmy himself has a copy of the original prores version, that he hopes to incorporate into a new 1080p, updated version of his Despecialized Edition. The last time these versions were released was in 2006 as mediocre DVD transfers. However, the Despecialized Edition is a bit more vibrant, C-3PO is really golden here, the 4k77 version can look a bit faded in places.

But they don’t. I managed to find it on binsearch.info , just search 4k77 or 4k83 and you’ll find a handful of different versions. If you’ve only seen the Special Editions – especially on DVD and bluray, it’s easy to forget how the film used to look.

We scanned some prints and then used a bunch of off the shelf software to remove as much of the dirt, dust and scratches as we could without going insane. Harmy's restoration of Star Wars has been superseded by 4K77, a high resolution scan of an original 35mm technicolor print of Star Wars. It’s down to preference. A big thank you to everyone who has donated so far. For more comparisons visit the gallery on imgur. Film has a greater contrast range than home video, and of course was graded for viewing, reflected off of a giant silver screen. tsarstepan 1 . I will talk about two projects here, Harmy’s Despecialized Edition and the much newer Star Wars 4K77 project. So they seem to tolerate the existence of the edits.

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Please don't sue us. It also has a lot more light scattering, so you tend to get a hard to describe luminous quality to the image, and this softens the perception of the grain. This is where fanmade restorations and edits of the original Star Wars movie(s) fill the void. It has better detail than the official Blu-ray. What you will not find there are download links. But it also has issues, it’s not as bright as it could be in places, sometimes colors look a bit weird, but it’s also usually the most vibrant looking version. Sorry, George. Now, I mostly like the Special Editions, the issue with A New Hope is, that some of the CGI is really, really dated, and that we need a special special edition with new CGI.

Dunno what was causing problems with the intro videos, and while it would’ve been cool to have those, I’m just glad I don’t have a third coaster. It would be preferable if Disney released the original cuts on Disney+ and on Blu-Ray. But if you care about the most original version, then the 4K77 version is what you want. 1080p Blu-Ray copies would certainly be doable, but I don’t know of anyone (including the members of the 4K77 forums) who is capable of authoring and burning a 4K Blu-Ray that is playable in a standalone player. Torrenting is where it’s at!” I should point out that the usenet has a few major advantages over torrenting: – Anonymous downloading. Of course, you can also get both versions. 97% of project 4K77 is from a single, original 1977 35mm Technicolor release print so if it goes from blurry to sharp, grainy to not grainy, bright to dark, that’s because it also did that in 1977. About halfway through the Silver Screen Edition restoration, people started to hear about our project, and offers to lend us prints for scanning came flooding in. The 4k77 version in the middle is usually the brightest, and also somewhat less saturated than the Despecialized Edition. But you need a fast internet connection, the download size is several gigabytes! How to Get Started with Usenet in Three Simple Steps. Your ISP may hate you if you download the movie. Before I adress the caveats and issues a few things first: I believe George Lucas has all the (moral) right in the world to make the version of Star Wars he likes best and change the original movies as much as he likes. In other words, all of us legally own at least one copy of the movie, or have subscribed to Disney+. With upwards of 175,000 frames in each film, a complete scan requires about 21 TB of storage (42 TB if you want a backup copy! But it also has its downsides, it can look really grainy in places (unless you get the version with DNR, which I don’t have) and some scenes are really, really bright and lose some detail.

Color correction and film printing back then was a photo-chemical process, so not all of these shots match as perfectly as they might if shot today and corrected using Davinci Resolve, watching the scopes and turning the color wheels. The tighter cropping and the CGI falcon in the bluray version shouldn’t prove a problem for such powerful tools….

If you weren’t doing so already, I would try multiAVCHD next time for multiple clips. Paused You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. If you can’t find it, join the forums and they can point you in the right direction.

If he feels that back in the day the technology didn’t allow him to fully realize his vision, but that many years later and with the help of CGI he can do what he always wanted to do, let him do it. The CGI version from the Special Edition looks fine, but you can see that the CGI has aged and everything looks a bit artificial.

All you need is a free newsreader like SABnzbd+ or Grabit. I talked about the issues above. Crushing shadows. We don’t have any plans to do an HDR version at this time. Please do not direct link to any of the content on this web site. The Despecialized Edition looks best, it has vibrant colors and C-3PO looks really golden here, the Blu-Ray is somewhat dull. Some scenes were shot out in the deserts of tunisia, where the sand got into everything including the film stock.


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