5 building blocks of investigation
material is known only to the offender, who does not reveal it to others. Investigators should be familiar with the investigative strategies relating to victims and witnesses, as this enables them to exploit early opportunities to gather material by questioning the person reporting the crime. WHO Building Blocks_ 1. Once the review is completed, the supervisor returns the crime report to the investigator or forwards it to a crime support unit (CSU). Alternatively, your written reports could be used in court as evidence. Policy files are sequentially numbered, bound books. When deciding on the resources required, the investigator must consider the appropriate level of investigative response, the availability and cost of the required resources and whether their use is necessary and proportionate. These include liaising with CSIs and forensic service providers to ensure that the recovery, handling, storage and submission of all relevant exhibits is undertaken, and that the integrity of exhibits is preserved to avoid contamination. ACPO (2005) Major Incident Room Standardised Administrative Procedures (MIRSAP). Advice on recovery, handling and storage of exhibits can be obtained from crime scene investigators, crime scene managers or supervisors. pursuing significant information that requires further information. The course is based on the highly successful investigative methodology set out in his acclaimed book Conducting Administrative, Oversight and Ombudsman Investigations (see reviews of the book:  United States National Association of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement book review and  British and Irish Ombudsman Association book review, Ian Scott is a former Crown Attorney and Director of the Ontario Special Investigations Unit. Your professional standards are incredibly important, and you must be able to uphold these. ensuring that individuals take a longer break before continuing their duties, temporarily moving them to another role, and allowing them to speak to a colleague who has experienced a similar event, considering other longer-term options such as taking time off and/or seeking support from other sources and agencies. These can be undertaken in any investigation irrespective of the circumstances of the case, but usually take place in the early stages when information about the offence is likely to be vague. The police are role models in society. This usually includes identifying: In major or complex scenes where several crime scene investigators are required, a crime scene manager should play an active role in managing all aspects of the scene examination. The media should be encouraged to obtain the information they want as quickly as possible, and their equipment, eg, high powered lighting, must not be allowed to endanger others. security clear the EA as per force policy where they will be involved in a sensitive investigation, or where appropriate; agree terms of reference and a contract with the EA before they start work; provide the EA with the necessary material or information needed for them to perform their role What is reasonable in each case depends on the particular circumstances. They should also be aware of the legal and ethical considerations relating to the conduct of any investigative action. Investigators and senior officers should ensure that staff welfare needs are identified as soon as possible and that support is available to reduce the potential damage suffered by an individual. The clue being in the name – detective! Ensuring that interviews and interrogations are carried out with the utmost professionalism. Not only will you utilise your communication skills when dealing with members of the public, and with your own team, but you will also need to communicate with different members of the law enforcement team, and professionals from outside of the police – such as social workers or lawyers. Undue delay or failure to consider forensic issues at this stage may lead to valuable material being contaminated, overlooked or lost. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. However, they all go through similar stages, as shown in the process of investigation diagram. Reveal – if a prosecution takes place the relevant material will be scheduled for the prosecutor. A thorough examination of the scene is essential. This should be the immediate priority for any person who is sent to a crime scene. It is part of an investigator’s responsibility to articulate their resource requirement to managers. Managing expert advisers. So, with this in mind, it’s important that you are resilient. In these cases the investigator has to prioritise their investigative actions, some of which will be evident from the initial attendance to the victim or at the crime scene. These will vary depending on the crime type and whether it is a volume crime or a major investigation. They should be interdependent with the national intelligence model, to ensure that they support the deployment of appropriate resources to areas of identified priority at the correct time. Intelligence packages may include: Initial telephone contact between victims and witnesses with the police service should be regarded as the start of the investigative process. All areas of policing are susceptible to the risk of harm. Reactive investigations can start with: 1. reports from the general public 2. referral by other agencies 3. intelligence links to other crimes (linked series) 4. re-investigation as a result of new information 5. a consequence of other police actions.


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