7 little johnstons alex died
"Our kids, Trent, and myself have dealt with scrutiny, name calling, and discrimination our whole lives," Amber told Good Housekeeping. The episode saw Trent Johnston bring home a stray cat, which he found while at work. "My kids are not going to walk away from this or start behaving in a manner like, 'I'm on TV so I don't have to do this. Jonah spent a long time in an incubator before he could be brought home. ", There's no doubt that fame can have a warping effect, but the Johnstons resolved from the beginning not to let the show change their lifestyle. The latest episode of 7 Little Johnstons was a tearjerker — featuring the death of the family’s cat River. She currently is a Pop Culture writer for The Things, owner of the blog Ramblings, Rants, Reviews, and also contributes to the digital magazine The Honey POP. Both of her biological children, Jonah and Elizabeth, had to be delivered by C-section, according to the Mirror. With both of us feeling that and knowing that, we don't give up. TLC's true bread and butter, though, are its reality TV shows that follow unique families as they navigate everyday life. Amber made the tough decision to have tubal ligation surgery to ensure that she wouldn't get pregnant a third time. Amber and Trent stress the importance of having a thick skin to their kids. While the Johnstons could have furniture custom-made for their size, they prefer to use average-sized furniture. Trent and Amber find it extremely important to live within their means. Since they still wanted more children and knew that little people are often put up for adoption, they knew that they would be able to achieve their dream of having a big family while also helping children who were little people like them find a home. Their counters are also at an average height, and, if they can't reach something, they use stepping stools. The Johnstons have become household names thanks to their television show, but that doesn't mean that they don't still struggle sometimes to make ends meet. Amber is living proof of this because she is the only little person in her entire family. While it's true the TLC show is a job for the Johnston family its not wise to rely solely on TV money to support a household. Amber and Trent have a long history behind them, and they have stuck together through thick and thin. ", In an interview with Barbara Walters, the kids said that they are often bullied and stared at in public. "We don't let size get in the way." To support the family, both Trent and Amber have careers outside of reality television. Amber and Trent first met each other at a Little People of America convention. Elizabeth and Anna are definitely the artists of the family. Amber and Trent knew Alex was destined to be part of their family and thankfully a member of their church stepped in to help them cover the costs of the adoption. They want people to not just be able to relate to them, but to also change how they look at little people. If you've watched the show you'll notice that the kids often say end their yes and no responses with ma'am or sir when responding to their elders. The Johnstons are a family of little people who live in Georgia. After having their two biological children, Trent and Amber knew they wanted to adopt but they weren't ready quite yet. It all comes down to organization. "Amber and I do everything ourselves," said Trent. "We'll figure it out," said Amber. Growing up as the only person with achondroplasia in a family of five might sound a little bit isolating, but Amber said that she always had her family's support. ". News that families on reality TV shows usually make 10 percent of what the network budgets for an episode. "I grew up in an all-little-people family," said Trent. He was born in South Korea where the international adoption process requires the entire adoption fee to be paid upfront instead of in stages. That might sound like a lot of money... until you remember that the family has five kids to take care of. Danielle Bruncati is a writer and content creator from Southern California. The couple rarely asks anyone else for help, preferring to do everything on their own. A lot of fans have speculated that the couple may have hit a rough patch, and they're not quite wrong.


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