737 landing speed no flaps
Here you can easily see the flaps on the 737-800. Less than maximum reverse thrust increases brake energy requirements and may result in excessive brake temperatures. Establish final approximately 10 NM from the runway. Copyright © 2020 | MH Magazine WordPress Theme by MH Themes landing weight for a -900 (not an ER) is about 66,000 kg. But managed to land. Thank you. Thank you but I have been flying - REAL flying - since 1952 and I do not appreciate sanctimonious cleverness from ill-mannered airline wannabees. I'm pretty sure that's on the pre-landing checklist. This community is for discussion among pilots, students, instructors and aviation professionals. AVSIM Online - Simming's Premier Resource! I like how pretty much anyone with time in the -200 has done a no flap. The plane landed safely and no passenger injuries have been reported. I arm them ready and they go to the first notch next to the throttle.. but when I land they pop up for about one second then back down again! Assuming that they would also retract them a little sooner after takeoff too. One question: Why do you not taxi with flaps during adverse weather conditions? When you reach 60 kts, start manual braking. Good place to learn about this and other NG flying techniques is Timothy Metzinger's PMDG 737-NG Advanced Tutorial. Too much fuel can be the reason, so you just have a look and let us know, and for speed brakes, as il88pp mentioned, press Shift+/ to arm it. Flare only​ enough to achieve an acceptable reduction in the rate of descent. Please note that you will need to. Share the result with us! The average landing speed for a Boeing 737-800 with flaps deployed is about 145 knots, but this can be higher depending on the plane’s weight. Damage to flaps/gear if max speed exceed. My speedbrakes never seem to work well.. While there will be an investigation into the SpiceJet incident from this week, we do know there was a problem with the flaps. Flaps 10 - 19° 50 years ago a B-52 lost its tail over New Mexico. It makes me want to fly the 737 again. Said he came in at about 174kts or something. Expert in linguistics, Cold War discourse, Cold War history and policy and media communications. In that incident, the aircraft overshot the runway and fell into a valley. The number of flaps deployed can also vary due to crosswinds and wind shear. This issue could have meant the flaps failed to deploy at their required level, forcing the plane to land at a higher speed to prevent a stall during the approach. "Sully" Sullenberger: the hero of US Air Flight 1549. Before reading this topic, I’d recommend reading through this tutorial on the 737-800/900, then coming back here for a more in depth explanation on flaps. Great tutorial, Matt! When landing without flaps, the … (reverse thrust is more effective at high speeds). Overall it's not great but with a big runway it's easy enough. Flaps 5 - 170KTS Flaps 2 - 11° This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. https://theaviationist.com/2014/01/30/b-737-no-flap-landing Immediate initiation​ of reverse thrust at main gear touchdown (reverse thrust is more effective at high speeds) and full reverse thrust allows the autobrake system to reduce brake pressure to the minimum level. [Photo] The effect of Florida’s freezing rain on U.S. Air Force AC-130U gunship. I hope you learned something new from this tutorial! Flaps Up - 210KTS Flaps are found on the trailing edges of the wing and are used to control speeds during takeoff and … You wouldn’t really go down to 120 knots in the 737-800/900, would you? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. In terms of pitch angle I'd say its around 10-15 degrees nose up.. I have one thing though. We will find out more details about this incident in the coming months after a DGCA investigation. Thanks for reading this, and hopefully we can all become better pilots together! **Note:**​ Use of the autopilot during approach phase is acceptable. If this is your first visit, welcome! His background in political science and economics gives him unique insight into issues surrounding international travel and governmental regulations. The plane landed safely in Varanasi, albeit at a higher speed of 170 knots. The 737-800 is a short to medium haul aircraft made by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The aircraft seems quite stable but I wonder how far this tallies with the authorised speed.Jim. The approach speed for large commercial aircraft like the B737 will vary depending on weight. Founder of AVSIM Online. Pretty sure the landing speed for the 737-800/900 is 148-153 knots, therefore eliminating flaps 30 and 40, correct? I can't find it in any of the manuals. I could use this for when the next time I fly the 738 or 739. This is a tutorial on how to correctly use flaps on the Boeing 737-800/900 aircraft. How does speed make reversers any more effective? It’s a little brief and doesn’t really explain some of non-typical scenarios well, but it’s a start for what you’re asking. Max. Frankly I have strong doubts about your piloting experience but you could have been REAL flying as a passenger since 1952!. As you can see, each flap settings have varying angles which produce varying amounts of lift. A sign of old age?I probably answered half a dozen of your - sometimes very naïve - questions before this one and really appreciale how grateful - and gracious - you are.Anyway it's probably not bad to be called an "airline wanabee" by someone who calls Tim Metzinger an amateur.Good luck with your flying , but please don't ask for help on a forum if you can't mind your manners.And by the way : READ THE F.... MANUALBruno, Hello,When you installed the PMDG, there are also 11 pdf files installed.The info you are looking for is (win7)C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\PMDG\737TNG\--> 03_LANDING_PERFORMANCE_737_678900_V14Normally a 737 lands at flaps 30 or flaps 40 during autoland (2 engines operational)1 engine out: flaps 15For the Vref calculated by the FMC:--> 08_FMC_737_678900_V14By my knowledge, flaps 2, 10 and 25 are rarely used.Best Regards,Bert Van Bulck. Chesley B. Boeing recommends that the approach speed for 737-800 be 142 knots. When I descend using the glideslope and A/P the nose is up, almost in a flare position which means when I disengage the A/P the plane isn't in the right position to float onto the runway and I have to correct it just in time otherwise I either hit the runway too fast or have a tail strike due to the planes angle. I’m guessing it just depends on your weight, correct? Aviation photojournalist. It's all in the manuals or tutorials...Rgds,Bruno. Every landing is different. The recent episode of the US Air Flight 1549 down in the New York City’s Hudson River 5 minutes after departure from La Guardia airport underlined a few things about Aviation Safety and, more generally […], On Feb. 25, a Turkish Airlines B737-800, “TC-JGE”, flying as TK1951 from Istanbul to Amsterdam with 127 passengers and 7 crew members, crashed shortly before landing on RWY 18R at Amsterdam’s Schiphol International airport right […], Until yesterday, if I was asked who was my favorite superhero, I would have answered without any doubt Spider Man. This high speed is likely due to the issue with the flaps, which may have prevented the aircraft from reaching the ideal landing speed.


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