9mm vs 10mm

The kinetic energy that is carried by a bullet is transferred to the surrounding tissue of the target. Every person has a different preference on weight, size, power, and recoil. So, that would top a 115-grain projectile out somewhere just under 1500 fps and under 500 ft-lbs of energy, which is closing in on .357 Magnum as well. Those rounds are listed below. I think 9mm in a 1911 frame is a waste.

12-18 inches is the penetration standard that’s been used by the FBI for years and any duty ammo that has a good track record in actual shootings typically will meet that standard. More and more gun owners are moving to reloading their own ammo to save on cost. For the 10mm rounds, you do need extra penetration for some applications such as hunting. The last thing on your mind should be your weapon’s recoil, but it can affect your shot in dire situations. Here are the optimal uses for 9mm: Whether you choose to shoot 9mm, 10mm or both… Armscor has high-quality ammunition for any scenario. Sign Me Up . With that said I will stick to a 1911 in .45 acp . Back in those days, spanking a bad person with a bigger bullet was the preferred medicine when one relied on a semi-auto for their personal protection. Thats what all the other guns are for: 9mm 2019 Alien Gear Holsters. In other words, compact...but not super compact. It outperforms both the 9mm and 45 ACP. A good comparison for the 9mm would be.40 s&w (10x21)and for the 10mm would be.38 super (9.75x23). The reason is that increased velocity causes a hollow point to spread faster after impact and to spread further. Well, first of all, the target might not be a human. 10mm or 9mm? Additional weight and recoil make target acquisition take a bit longer.

Think again; there is considerable difference between the two. We don’t recommend the 9mm as a hunting cartridge. What we are looking at here is the recoil energy produced from firing each specific round.

If you go with a large, high speed round you will notice the recoil. For self-defense purposes, having a force of 250+ ft.lbs from 25 yards and in is more than enough to cause enough damage to stop an intruder in their tracks. The comparison between the 9mm vs the 10mm is a tough one for us.

As we stated earlier, there are also a lot more people looking to buy 9mm ammo. We also want to point out that you can play around with cartridge loads, including how hot the load is and the bullet type. Everything I've seen is that the 9mm is very comfortable to shoot in a 1911 plus you typically get 2 more rds capacity than the 45. It has a bit more recoil than other 9mm rounds, but it’s nothing you cannot acclimate yourself to after a few hours on the range. Before making a purchase, weigh your priorities and options to find the perfect fit for your needs.

It's barely effective on deer, it's too much for small game (a rabbit or grouse will just explode and that's disgusting) and while it has been used to deal with bears including grizzlies...you wouldn't want to bet the house on it. Using this, it doesn’t matter what the target is; we can still make accurate comparisons between rounds. Because of the faster velocity, 10mm is going to give you better long-distance shooting. This trend makes sense as we already know that the 10mm Auto cartridges can pack a substantially larger amount of powder charge than the 9mm and is needed to fire the heavier pullets at a speed where the round would be effective in self-defense and hunting situations. And though we have talked briefly about penetration and the pros and cons to a deep penetrating defense-round, we will compare some sectional density data between the two. The smallest 10mm pistols you're going to find...well, there are two that come to mind.

It makes a strong argument for the 9mm vs 10mm.

Simply put, the larger the driver the better the bass.

I know muscle memory works well with lots of folks, so a 9mm is a more natural approach, but a 1911 should be a.45 or 10mm. As mentioned above, 10mm has less drop at distance, and can be loaded a whole heck of a lot hotter.
This goes for both home defense and conceal and carry. Watched my two 9mm rounds skip off a hogs front forehead plate shooting him from straight on. Again, it REALLY comes down to whichever you shoot and like better. This kinetic energy damages and destroys tissue, organs, and nerves as it passes through. The increase velocities of the 10mm Auto rounds also affect the bullet’s penetration. As to which is best, that's quite subjective. My point here is that you should be aware of such things when you go to pick a favorable prepper weapon, one for every day carry, self-defense, or home protection. Practicality isn't EVERYTHING, after all.

10mm also qualifies for Major Power Factor status in competitive shooting events (IPSC, USPSA, NRA Action Pistol, IDPA) that measure and otherwise give a darn about PF. You might take down your target with one shot, but possibly injure or kill somebody standing behind that target or even in another room. Despite the differences in the 9mm vs 10mm, both are quality options. Some stay in the city and worry about crime, while others spend time in the wilderness and are more concerned with predators. Today, I want to dig into those results a little bit and I also want to tackle the broader question of whether or not 10mm is a good choice for self-defense. We're going to discuss 10mm vs 9mm because the caliber wars just won't die down. On paper, one would think the muzzle recoil between a common 9mm and a 10mm Auto would not be significant. So, pushing a 40 caliber bullet to higher velocities sometimes results in better terminal ballistics, but that is entirely dependent on the bullet design. It is very clear from this graph that the 10mm Auto rounds carry a much higher amount of kinetic energy from the muzzle out to 50 yards. We covered it before in examining 10mm vs .40. A 10mm projectile at 100 yards will, depending on same, drop anywhere from 1.1 inches to not at all. One of the biggest discussion points when evaluating the 10mm vs 9mm or any other comparison of two handgun rounds is power. Since then, the gap has closed completely; today's 9mm JHP performs as well in the real world as JHP rounds of larger calibers when - and this is the key - placed accurately. The gun is fairly large which makes it hard to conceal and less comfortable. Talking about velocity is important when discussing two handgun cartridges that are going to be used for self-defense purposes. And receive our newsletter with the best articles covering guides, guns & gear. He resides in the great Inland Northwest, with his wife and child. For the latter, it’s all about practice on the range. Unless you’re looking to stock up on some of the high grade hunting ammunition options for the 10mm, there is not a huge difference in price between the better 9mm and 10mm rounds. It all depends on where you put the bullet, and whom you put it into as psychological shock, more often than not, is what stops most humans in a gunfight. You simply could not find it in stores. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. As a result, real-world studies have found stoppage rates are pretty much the same across all handgun rounds from 9mm to .44 Magnum. I don't own any in 9mm (at least not yet. Are there instances where the 10mm proved too much for certain agencies such as the short time in service for the FBI, sure, but that does not mean that is a round that no one of could become accustomed to handling with confidence. 1911s are some of America's favorites. One of the most powerful 9mm loads for comparison, a Norma load using a 123 grain FMJ bullet, creates a muzzle velocity of 1280 fps with a muzzle energy of 449 ft. lbs. Hollow points with higher sectional densities still might not penetrate as much as a FMJ with a low sectional density.

One of the major disadvantages of this caliber is that there aren’t many 10mm pistols to choose from. For taking large game or punching through cover, it’s the amount of energy that is needed to be confident in stopping a charge. Watch the video below, or scroll down to read the full transcript.
With two decades of chasing all manner of upland game, hooved mammals, strutting gobblers, and any small game that can fit in his Dutch oven, he hopes to offer new ideas and viewpoints on hunting and firearm concepts and traditions.

Does 10mm vs 9mm have any sort of practical ramifications? In the cost debate between the 9mm vs the 10mm, the 9mm has a slight edge.

As previously discussed, that's a down-loaded formula for 10mm; the original factory load developed by Norma ammunition was a 180-grain projectile at more like 1200 fps and 600 ft-lbs of energy or more. This brought the FBI back to the 9mm, .45 caliber, and sparked the design of the .40 Smith and Wesson. That's 10mm at full power, which - also as previously noted - is actually more powerful in terms of energy and velocity than a .357 Magnum. Chances are you will only get one shot off anyways. Best Concealed Carry Insurance [2020 + Comparison Chart]. If that’s the only thing we’re looking at, it’s a solid choice. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. While there is nothing wrong with this method, it sometimes gets blown out of proportion, especially when you are trying to compare it to an armored or heavily clothed target, or an animal with a thick hide and skin. As a personal protection round, 9mm is just as effective in the real world, cheaper to shoot ($10 a box vs $20+ a box) and easier on the shooter. We can tell right off the bat that the 10mm Auto rounds have a higher muzzle velocity than the 9mm rounds. You can see the full results and details on the post at Lucky Gunner Labs. .357 Sig: What’s the Point of this Cartridge? We will look at the energy that is carried by the bullets, which transfers to the target and causes damage. THE BEST GUN DEALS AND HANDPICKED GEAR RECOMMENDATIONS, Subscribe to our Newsletter and we send you the best deals right into your inbox. Taking all that into consideration, here are optimal 10mm uses: Let’s be honest, no one likes recoil. The FBI lite load drastically reduced recoil and helped with performance. Let’s just take a look at the specifications of these two cartridges and see how they compare and contrast. Let’s take a closer look at these gel test results and compare them to some of our previous tests. Own all three versions, plus .22TCM...and I had one in .40 (Para P16). It’s also important to remember that other factors come into how much recoil is felt when firing both of these rounds.

They have faster muzzle velocity, muzzle energy and a faster velocity. For everyday protection from violent human attackers, the super high velocity loads are just not necessary and might even be a liability in an urban environment.

As to which is best, that's quite subjective. This single stack, John Browning creation is one of the most popular handguns ever but what's the best 1911 caliber? 10mm has been used to stop animals as large as bears.


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