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– bird brain In a nutshell is the walnut in its shell. We all use some form of online grammar and spell checking nowadays. 27. Playing your cards close to your chest 11) Silver spoon in the mouth 5) Hit the nail on the head 1)Play one’s card close to the chest…. He holds his cards close to his chest A piece of cake One for the pedants, like me! Hey, can you help me out with the ones you’ve already found? Tied up in knots 25. There are 27 figures of speech in the following picture, guess them? Maybe you can do better than me and find all twenty-seven figures of speech. What about “walking on eggshells” and “the big cheese”, We had “cat by its tail” and “stiff upper lip”. Bug in the ear. Put your best foot forward Wear your heart on your sleeve Time Flies Cherry on the cake4. 18) red herring Silver platter and silver spoon in the mouth was not the privilege I was exposed to, what really kept me in tune and allowed me to acquire the common sense needed was to make sure I don’t wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve … has the cat got your tongue you say, definitely not, I just know just where and when not to share, to me my experiences has made my discerning skills a piece of cake and no red herring placed in front of me could ever get me tongue tied. 3. Hard nut to crack. Stone the crow To tie the knot All of your eggs in one basket Spill the beans 15. Dont put all your eggs in one basket The *Ace up my sleave* is not a *red herring* nor is *she living in his shadow*. Heart on your sleeve Bald as a cute ball Cat by the tail 21. Don’t spill the beans. Pull up your socks. Big cheese16. Ella posted a screen cap of the 49 solutions the other woman sent her. Bird Brain. big cheese 29. Follow your nose17. 3) Eggs in one basket, Cherry on the cake. 23) tie our fingers in knots, Who’s is the (28) Big cheese now? Cherry on top8. Here is a fun challenge for you to test your knowledge of idiomatic and figurative speech. Don’t spill the beans Getting Cold feet I can’t figure out what the object above the letter A in the title “A Figure Of Speech,” is. – shoe on the wrong foot Make ends meet 25) Rags to riches 27. Guess how many ball are there in the following picture? Our taste buds are tingling! Are they correct? More holes than Swiss cheese Stiff upper lip 28) Wearing one’s heart on a sleeve In a nutshell2. There could be up to 49 figure of speech expressions captured within in her cartoon. Putting all your eggs in one basket It’s a piece of cake. To have something coming out of your ears Tweet on Twitter. Cherry on top/ Cherry on the cake My niece found that but google will give its meaning clearly. Bald as a coot. 24) shoe on the other foot 26. shoe on the other foot 3. don’t keep your eggs in 1 basket A piece of cake Always pay close attention when you are editing and proofreading your text. It’s a red herring 18. Guess them’s the breaks. Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. 23 as many holes in Swiss cheese 10. A can of worms14. To avoid this verification in future, please. Catch the cat by its tail 22) tie a string around your finger, A magician is driving down the road. The joker in the pack Let's take a trip down memory lane. This man IS a “figure of speech… !… He probably still needs to tie the knot, but now he has cold feet!That ear worm is killing me, he will have to pull up his socks, and that’s all from me… a nutshell . Born with a silver spoon in your mouth Tied up in knots. 21. put your best foot forward Horseshoe arches, or keyhole arches, are particularly characteristic of what kind of architecture? In a nutshell Growing out of ones ears Bird brain 15 Self-Publishing Problems And How To Avoid Them, What Is Metadata And Why It Is Important For Books,,, How To Find KDP Keywords For Kindle Books. Earworm/ Bug in your ear Which Indian cricketer is known as "Brown Bradman"? Cold feet Stomach in knots 15. wormed his way out 14) tie the knot Number 19 and 20 I am not certain of. Stick your neck out19. Born with a silver spoon 13) wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve This is where a consonant sound is repeated. 8)spill the beans Kick the bucket 4. Heart on your sleeve This man puts his best foot forward, but clearly the clothes don’t make man! Hit the nail on the head 8. There is something fishy 1. 23. Bird’s eye view 16. Need an ark to save two of every animal? Play your cards close to your chest Kick the bucket I have always been advised to put a bug in the ear some I’m aware of who is spilling the beans. It deliberately makes a situation significant. 11. Under once shadow Riding his coattails 22. Itchy feet, 9) kick the bucket, Ace up my sleeve Idioms are another type of figurative speech. More holes than swiss cheese 6. Cold feet26. 9. Kicked the bucket Left in tatters All eggs in one basket 15) More holes than a Swiss cheese The game of Roulette was created by which mathematician, physicist, and Catholic philosopher in the 17th century? He got cold feet 20. Anyways I wasn’t born with *a silver spoon in my mouth* I just *cracked the egg to make the omelette* It’s really not a *hard nut to crack* but you just need to *pull up your socks*, get the *joker in the pack* not *have your heart up your sleeve* and in no time you will find *the cherry on top* and soon you will find the two figures of speech that *wormed out of my head* because this narrative has *more holes than a Swiss cheese*, Since there is a 12 of hearts – Playing with a stacked deck. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket, because you have to crack some to make scrambled eggs. In her post, Ella lists all 27 figure of speech answers. Silver spoon in the mouth The shadow of the woman threw me still not sure its correct. End of your rope Not one to give up so easily, I told myself, “(20) pull your socks up and think; no one is going to give you the answers (21) on a silver platter.” Perhaps, if I (22) hold the cat by the tail, I’ll spot the missing clues: I have to do this quickly though before (23) I kick the bucket”. Hold a cat by the tail In a Nutshell 13. Kick the bucket24. 25) skinny as a rail or tall as a beanpole Cherry on the icing, I think scared of your own shadow is more apt, 1. born with a silver spoon in the mouth Bug in the ear Best foot forward Red herring 10) all your eggs in one basket, 20. 21. Tongue-tied 2) shadow dancing, Tongue tied Ride on Coattails 3. Privacy: Your email address will only be used for sending these notifications. 19)Silver platter Spill the beans Kick the bucket Nail on the head Ace up your sleeve More holes than swiss cheese 3)Putting all your eggs in a basket… Ear worm This is fun. Piece of Cake 14. tie the knot Learn how your comment data is processed. and Cast a shadow over isn’t actually in the pic ?? 27. 9) Ace up the sleeves There is more than one for some such as red herring and fish out of water. Some may say *i have a loose screw in my head * to which I say *screw you* and don’t *put all your eggs in one bucket*. On a Silver platter, I think the cat idiom should be “Not enough room to swing a cat in”, From top to bottom and left to right, I think these are the best answers:-. 18. To Walk on Eggshells 5. Tied up in knots 2. – piece of cake 6. screw loose 22. A fish out of water In a nutshell 28. Which 17th century author is known particularly for establishing the modern fairy tale, e.g. But what is a figure of speech? Tie the knot I thought I had the cat by the tail, but before you know it the bird sings and I’m just some joker dealt a bad hand. Joker in the pack. I am sure you know all this. Have cold feet Now it’s up to you. However, the clues are not easy and there are quite a few (24) red herrings; I’m tired,and my logic seems to to have (25) more holes than a block of Swiss cheese. 19) having cold feet, 25. born with a silver spoon in mouth 24. Or With cherries on top. Walk over egg shells Cat got your tongue? 4. I don’t mean (27) to crow, but, take that you naysayers, “I finished it. 6. 17. A screw loose Carrying my heart on my sleeve 25. If you take the 49 that the one person found that Ella said were all viable (although a few I think were really stretching it) plus the 6 that the person missed that Ella had in her original post that’s 55 possible solutions. Spill the beans In which war was the napalm incendiary bomb first used? ), Red herring = distraction or false trail – something that is misleading, 1 Birdbrain 2 that one flew over my head 3 a little thin on top 4 your story has more holes than Swiss cheese 5 what’s wrong you look a little blue 6 spill the beans 7 he has high standards 8 revenge is a dish best served cold 9 piece of cake 10 from rags to riches 11 wearing your heart on your sleeve 12 Timeflies 13 shady character 14 nail on the head 15 in one ear and out the other 16 now the shoe is on the other foot 17 You’ve got him wrapped around your finger 18 dead man walking 19 you opened a can of worms 20 thought I had the cat by it’s tail 21 Hanging on by a thread 22 flying by the tail of his seat 23 walking on eggshells 24 he’s got something up his sleeve 25 something’s fishy 26 aces up their sleeve 27 Play your cards close to your chest 28 always guard your heart 29 lead with your best foot forward 30 flying by the seat of his chair 31 that’s the cats meow 32 Not now I’m juggling ten things at once 33 always walk before you run 34 only time will tell 35 I lost track of time 36 born with a silver spoon in their mouth 37 he’s too big for his britches 38 it was handed to him on a silver platter 39 high tail it out of here 40 don’t trip in a nutshell 41 ghosted 42 Runnin on fumes 43 what a nightmare that was 44 now look what you’ve done, you made a mess of everything 45 now I have steam coming out my ears 46 a wise man once said nothing at all 47 deaf in one ear and can’t hear out the other 48 thinks the sun comes up just to hear him crow 49 he has peanuts for brains 50 don’t be so thin skinned 51 what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 52 pain in the ass 53 why your nothing but skin and bones 54 I can see straight through you 55 cats got your tongue.


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