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AIG shares fell as much as 1.5%, but recovered somewhat to finish the day at $52.10, down 0.9%. I still have a lot of stuff back in the office at 175 Water. I agree with Post ID: @1gbgs+125WogIv. My partner works there. Stuff like being yelled at in front of your manager for something false. You hire the highest paid ceo in your industry (BD). read more, Would you kindly share here. Yet the Execs will get their huge pay packages. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our. BH lease may not be renewed. The Securities and Exchange Commission has opened an investigation into Valic, a subsidiary of the insurance behemoth —  Since WC adjusters were riffed, the question is what is going to happen to the services that support the Workers Compensation business. We just went through another round of layoffs in IT, many of the people that were impacted were star employees so no consideration to keep the best and the brightest. But 403(b) plans already allow investment to grow on a tax-deferred basis. Lately, the spotlight has been intensifying on practices in the 403(b) market, which are qualified retirement plans for teachers. Low key buzz is Accensure taking over AIG at year end. I have been working at AIG full-time for more than 3 years. Valic declined to comment on the SEC investigation and its business in general, but issued a statement noting its policy to cooperate with regulatory inquiries. MMS will be shrinking again in the 4thquarter.

Messages relating to layoffs at AIG (American Intl Group Inc.) are presented below the company info. 2018: $19M
I heard HDI will also transition to a Vendor. —  “I think, quite frankly, there are going to be a lot more investigations to come,” says Isola, who specialized in working with teachers on retirement planning.

2021: Board salary, perks and travel. I would say anywhere from 2k to 3k people being laid off next year, more after that too....just a rumor though. Wow.

Share on Facebook; Worked at AIG in finance 2007 to 2012.


This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. Accenture’s Cusano to lead AIG’s business, technology operations - 2019 Anything I should do to prepare for this? Layoffs are a fact when working at AIG more so than other places. People should be moving out of the state anyway. I mentioned behavior to bosses that could be classified as bullying in hindsight.

It's basically a nepotic dystopia. just got a left field invite from upper management, very cryptic and blind cc'ed all participants. Most of the company will be working remotely from home. Anything else stated by stuffed shirts is BS. With the bonuses Senior Management received, the employees should get another $500 grant. His best buddy from work was laid off too! They want to make this company very lean Except for Senior Management, of course. I was told it was nothing. Once in the thread, click "Follow" to highlight all updates on the thread next time you visit this site, There is no confidence on any level is this company. Isola adds that he is fighting against tradition when counseling teachers to avoid buying annuities in their retirement plans. The less you know the more you get ahead. AIG should have gone the same path as Bear Stearns. Any updates on office reopening? I bet most of the people barely got 100%. My husband was laid off in 2018. The industry has been dogged for decades by sharp criticism of aggressive sales practices that can result in investors buying and getting locked into expensive, complex products that they don’t understand or need.

But the board allows this. WHAT LAYOFFS WILL TAKE PLACE IN SEPTEMBER? —  —  The federal law provides some protection and standards for disclosure and transparency for retirement savers. Thoughts on AIG announcing their plans to separate the line of business?

One thing I have noticed in my tenure is a preoccupation with reorgs and Game of Thrones management power struggles than actually running the business and supporting areas like IT. While the broad annuity market has a history of consumer-unfriendly sales practices, potential problems are heightened in the 403(b) market because the plans aren’t covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, or Erisa.

We will be buying business process outsourcing service from Accenture - everytime someone at ACN moves a piece of paper we get billed - granted... Dme Workman compensation all terminated. 1 Yr: -53.47%, AIG employees are getting slammed on both ends first by the executives who hire their buddies at outrageous comp. Or, everyone in BH getting riffed, no matter the dept? It was a heart breaker! —  They keep bringing in new consultants just to tell them to lay a ton of people off so they can inhh gg late their bonuses waaay beyond what they deserve. If you handle claims, beware, the new direction is to have most of the new business go to TPA's. What concerns me is that key positions like CIO are occupied by blokes who arent just ignorant but are actually stupid.

Cons. Sorry to be so honest, but someone has to be! Accenture... Accenture unloads $1.6 billion in pension liabilities to AIG, MassMutual - 2017 Accenture’s Cusano to lead AIG’s business, technology operations - 2019 Accenture is chosen to take over AIG resources in … Are you saying they're not renewing the lease and everyone work from home? —  Its criminal. All overseas. I heard (some) leadership teams were asked to sign NDAs, while the rest of us are left in the dark. Plans for transition to remote work? Offshoring IT and Finance functions will continue. Why would you do that?” Isola asks, referring to a tax-free municipal bond. Accenture is chosen to take over AIG resources in Europe and Kansas - 2020 anyone else? ... These retirement plans were originally created in 1958 and were vehicles specifically for annuities.

It would be like putting a municipal bond in your 401(k). Annuities are tax-deferred products.

This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. It's been sent out to a Vendor.

To Post ID: @3Nsrr+125WogIv no it's not overseas. Hopefully AIG goes into...

BD’s comp: read more, Pros. I tried calling a contact there and she is gone, I might be leaving AIG next month. Would make sense with the new person coming on. aig stock at 29.30 (very sad) More lay offs on the way! How do I get that stuff back? We that remain are not trusting anything that is done or... Announced an hour ago that major operations in bulgaria, india, malaysia, kansas and philipins will be absorbed by accenture! Time for BD and PZ to ride off into the sunset with their loot! $19M) RIF or RE-ORG? —  read more, Post any updates in this thread! Not only is this the worst leadership, but they are by far paid the most with more senior leadership than we have ever known and more created positions than we have ever witnessed. AIG is now at $31.

Yes another group bites the dust! did anyone join the layoff club this week.

Any level 24 and up leaders here who’d like to comment? Unless the top line grows dramatically, More adjusters were laid off yesterday and today in WC, Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our. American General Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of New York City-based insurance giant American International Group, is cutting its Brentwood workforce. Automation will make more people redundant. PZ hires all of his exec friends from around the country to fix AIG. They fail horribly. Were there more layoffs in MMS? He hires another guy (PZ) to actually run the company. Qualified plans at colleges and universities are covered under Erisa, as are 401(k) plans, allowing savers to bring about class-action law suits against plan providers.

Post any information about potential or actual AIG Layoffs 2020? Layoffs are a fact when working at AIG more so than other places.

And the... to determine if agents were properly disclosing costs and fee structures, and whether they were given financial incentives to sell annuities over lower-cost mutual funds, according to a Wall Street Journal report. When you say Berkeley Heights going away, what do you mean? Berkeley Heights will go away. Adjuster lay offs were in CA that I know of but maybe other states as well, what parts of the country are the lay offs. read more, Think of this logically. 1 Mo: -5.45%

The annuities business, which has been struggling to polish its image in recent years, is getting an unwanted spotlight for questionable sales practices by a major provider of annuities to teachers.


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