amaimon demon form

Zombie Form

Amaimon, the King of Earth (地の王 Chi no Ō), who has shown affiliation with Demons whose bodies possess plant and/or mineral attributes, or who have the attributes of land animals.

[16], As he takes on the group one by one, he tells them not to laugh at him.

When attacked by Ashura-kai forces, the demon forcibly asserts control and kills the attackers, including Yaso-Magatsuhi. He appears as a wolf with a snake's tail who can breathe fire, or as a man with dog's teeth who is situated inside of a raven, or as a raven-headed man.

Amaymon is one of the four demon kings associated with the cardinal directions, along with Egyn (north), Oriens (east), and Paimon (west). Il est très ludique et ne prend pas au sérieux ses adversaires dans la bataille, ce qui suggère que Amaimo… The grouping Cardinal Demon Kings includes this demon. Dark-LawDark-Chaos

The infection grants Walter inhuman strength and regeneration, spawning mouths, hands, arms, and tentacles from amputated limbs or just upon Walter's body.

As Rin dashes towards him, he counter attacks destroying a large part of the roller coaster and sending Rin crashing towards the ground. Nice to meet you.

[11], After everyone returns to the campsite after a successful task, Amaimon then makes his presence known.
Renzo comments that it looks like broccoli and then Amaimon goes on the attack against the group.

"Who...? Later on, with the demon's "help", Walter escapes Mikado Castle and descends through Naraku, killing and eating the Minotaur in the process. If the protagonist completes the Womb of Grief but chooses not to help Alex change the future, Alex empowers herself with the Third Fruit and attacks him alongside Shaytan and Amon. Amaimon also hates losing, as after he lost to Rin, during the hearing against Mephisto (in anime only), to ensure his victory against the former, Amaimon assumed his Demon form.

", The King of Earth (地の王 Chi no Ō);[1]Ambrosius Faust (アンブロジウス•ファウスト Anburojiusu Fausuto)[2], 174 cm (5'9") (168 cm without the “horn”), Satan (Father)Astaroth (Brother)Azazel (Brother)Beelzebub (Brother)Egyn (Brother)Iblis (Sister)Lucifer (Brother)Mephisto Pheles (Brother)Rin Okumura (Half-Brother)Yukio Okumura (Half-Brother), Amaimon (アマイモン Amaimon) is the seventh strongest of the Eight Demon Kings; he holds the title King of Earth (地の王 Chi no Ō).[4]. Race(s)

According to beliefs in demonology, Amaymon is a Prince of Hell / Principal King.

Amaimon arrives atop a skyscraper that is under construction and apologizes to Mephisto for being late.

As he seemingly moves in to hurt Shiemi, Rin dashes at him and hits him on the head with Kurikara in it's scabbard telling him not to screw around. He holds the title, "King of Earth", and thus holds dominion over demons relating to it, such as goblins and greenmen. Syota Yamamoto (Strange Journey Redux) Amaimon is ecstatic and then immediately turns his attention to Rin and goes on the attack.[17]. Amon has the power DarkWall. After the events of the Aomori arc, Mephisto released Amaimon from captivity.

Collin de Plancy took the artistic liberty of compressing Amon's two forms into one with the head of a dog-teethe… He wears a jacket that has cross bones as buttons.

Rin then screams for him to stop and eventually unsheathes his sword, revealing his true form. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

He is very playful and doesn't take his opponents seriously in battle, which suggests that Amaimon is either highly arrogant, or hideously skilled in combat. The spell Goetia summoning ritual invokes this demon. Amaymon

Amaimon is also the Prince of Hell in Demonology. [15], Amaimon then asks Rin about how important Shiemi is to him. When he is in his Demon form and at full power, he has longer ears, two horns on his head, an alligator-like tail, and musc… Some Grimoires claim Amaymon is the only demon who has power over Asmodai.

First Appearance Amaimon déteste aussi perdre, par exemple après avoir perdu face à Rin, lors de l'audience contre Mephisto (dans l'anime seulement). From The Book of Oberon, Dan Harms edition: Amaymon raigneth in the south, & all sprites in the south part of the world to him are obedient, his power is to give true answer of all things, & he giveth familiarity, dignity, & riches, & by Gods permission he hath power to consecrate books etc, he appeareth in favor of an old man having a long beard, & long hair hanging over his eyes, crowned with a bright crown, & rideth upon a rampaging lyon, & in his right hand he beareth a dart, before him commeth dancers & all manner of minstrels, he bringeth with him spirits innumerable of whom 12 of the most noblest are these that followeth but of all spirits in the world beware of him for he is very perilous. Megami Tensei II

Ah, yes.

The power of his body had been taken by Mammon.

[8] After Rin becomes distracted and saves Shiemi, regaining control over his flames, Amaimon kicks him off and asks him if he is already done and then says how boring he is. Amaimon tells Rin that he is one of the demon kings and that he is kind of like an older brother of his. Rin then dashes towards him.

Amaimon becomes angry and picks him up by his throat and tells him he does not like being ignored. He wears a jacket that has cross bones as buttons.

The grimoire The Lesser Key of Solomon mentions this demon.

[9] He is then later seen in Mephistos office and comments that it's sad that Shura does not trust him, after she delivers her report about Rin.

This demon is associated with the direction South. It's also causing him to see people as demons, such as the three Amaimons in Chapter 2, or hallucinating the demon's mouth and arms under Hugo's robes. Rōmaji


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