andrea barnes explorer
Watching all these scientists speak so convincingly about the flatness of the Earth, I actually found myself wanting to believe them! It respectfully leads "school children" through the process of thinking about it. If they could commit to holding an unbiased view for even 5 minutes, they might have their minds blown, their eyes opened, and their belief systems shattered (in a good way). I will say that the Earth is indeed flat though. "You've got this point where the camera takes over from the sketch pad as the best scientific record, and it happened on this expedition," Wilson said. The whole Andrea Barnes story and the flat-Earthers willingness to buy into and believe it is absolute proof that somewhere the windows aren't getting licked clean by specialtons any more, because THEY'VE ALL TAKEN TO YOUTUBE TO PREACH (and I mean PREACH, since they are ALL BIBLE-BASHING CRETINS) THEIR NONSENSE TO ANYONE WHO IS STUPID ENOUGH TO LISTEN TO THEM. It's a huge project that I will eventually get to. Yes. It took me awhile to grasp what might be going on here. The FE'ers apparent continued dizziness can only be explained by the Earth's continuous rotation. Lol. I wish them the best of luck in their life and spirit journey. And I "rely" on Eratosthenes and EVERY SCIENTIST SINCE HIM, NOT N.A.S.A.. And do you know who Yuri Gagarin is? You show yourself in your words. I have to go to work. So please, do tell me WHAT THE FUCK THAT HAS TO DO WITH N.A.S.A.? Other names that Andrea uses includes Andrea S Barnes and Andrea Sue Barnes. 12 April 1961 should maybe point you in the right direction. Vendee Globe Race - Replicate in a cruise ship & determine distance. It is meant as a thought exercise for school children who clearly know the earth is round. I found your page about this as I remember watching this documentary in my youth. I do question whether the film was really accidentally exposed though. I've always questioned: why the sky/oceans blue? Anyone contact director barrie yet? it is sad to think she died searching for an "edge" in Antarctica. They're using "education in media" as a front for their hoax. In fact, here's a link for you: you COULD JUST GOOGLE/BING/YAHOO her. My question about Andrea's trip would have been; How did she take pictures in total darkness? Of the 100 or so photographs published in "The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott," (Little, Brown and Co., 2011), out in the United States this week, many have never been shown publicly, and might have never have been, were it not for a conversation over a cocktail in a London barroom, according to the book's author, David M. Wilson. I think he's confused because you two share a common species but yet can see the world so differently: one living in a fantasy, the other not. Why would I remember it all these years if the flat earth theory had been completely debunked in my globe indoctrinated youth? Feel free to send a conversational message but remember to be succinct and mindful of the other person’s time. The non space thing is just more theory garbage. games online klik di sinicheat games online The movie is about Leo Ferrari's Canadian Flat Earth Society. Lol, Angela there is absolutely NOTHING you can show me that I haven't already seen as proof for a stationary pizza. The earth is flat but Einstein's theory of relativity is valid. I have been feverishly researching and debunking the globular theory of the Earth being a sphere for 6 months now. It's not directly related to my project of the perimeter mileage tour-- but it's so fascinating that I have to include it as part of our education on finding the true perimeter distance. Their ONLY un-real contrived exercise event claimed is the Andrea Barnes story. I purchased that video three years ago and uploaded it to Google. Route - speculative from Rothera to Novo...Skaya. Also, a basic science education through calculus based physics, some familiarity with general relativity (not necessarily a thorough understanding), and a willingness to earnestly apply your God-given reason are prerequisites to understanding this. Because that's more important that seeing what she saw at this point. Both Leo Ferrari and George Vanderkuur, two of the flat Earthers in that documentary, were in fact real doctors. Too funny! Thank you for your blog. They've gone too far in creating a "critical thinking exercise" for school children-- and I now suspect that there is some very very twisted thinking going on at Bullfrog-- to the extent that the Andrea Barnes story might be real after all-- since it's SO realisitc-- and that someone is using "education of children in critical thinking" as a cover for this real story. Even Eric Dubay called out Leo Zagami (interviewed) early on as a gatekeeper front of the Flat Earth Society pushing shilly ideas amongst the greater established facts.I think its a mindfuck for students, a mocking of the masses and somewhat of a test to check who is thinking. Thank you for bringing this documentary back to my attention in my pursuit to understand the flat earth theory.-Anonymous in Alberta. not south of 60, unclaimed area is not unclaimed - it's American, Vendee Globe - 2016 must convince us Earth is a globe and not flat. She tried again in 1938 with a bigger group, again bad weather halted the expedition. I … Just go to any good FE video on Youtube and you will get 10 more to back up the other using Ad Hominums and character assault never showing any facts because they have not. NOT EVEN ONE LITTLE BIT, IT'S ALL JUST THE RANTINGS OF EXTREME CONSERVATIVES/REPUBLICANS/OTT GOD-BOTHERERS AND NUTTERS. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1969 Vinyl release of 1969 MENC All-Northwestern Chorus - Orchestra - Band on Discogs. lol... shows their level of critical thinking :) which is the exact point of the film. If that's what the notation says, I'll do an entire blog post on it. The MAIN thing I look at here is how to verify the circumference of the world at the high SOUTH latitudes. I suggested earlier that Math would end up like Andrea if he did so... and that's why I propose being a "keyboard explorer of the perimeter" to prove antarctica a rim, not an island. He has not created a series, for example, for children on how to detect fraud in film. But, my earth does seem flat, especially over the seas. So consider the conversation over. "Haven't you seen the live feed from the International FAKE station?" How did we get to the moon with "pong" computers? . Quote from: Frankie, Yahoo Answers. I am Security+ and PMP certified and I have a Masters in Cybersecurity. She did something like what Math Boylen is proposing with ropes and pegs, going across the ice to prove there is NO wall or edge-- only ongoing distance beyond the south pole. Quito - Ecuador - a New reference point for determining distances between longitude lines. you are correct, it would have to be massive. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NONE - try Googling the International Space Station, and please do tell me what the pictures are of - And how can you go about proving that someone NEVER EXISTED? 2 Grand Central Tower 140 E. 45th St. Suite 19A New York, NY 10017. Can you please officially tell me if she was real or fabricated for the benefit of my apparent hundreds of readers? It would be easy to fake the story of this woman, but hard to kill the memory in so many if such a remarkable woman existed, so if there is no other evidence we may have to let her go as a true thinking hero but it doesnt mean the earth is a sphere spiralling around the sun. FE'ers don't do experiments. Any help on this would be appreciated. The official inspection tours, you would think, would be sanctioned for access and travel in any way they please-- yet this circumnavigation by air or water has not occurred. We do not sell advertising and will not market to you. He HAS contributed and created other series of light entertainment however. Thank you Rick for this enlightening moment in time! I've never heard that it would be dark all the time. A tent, with a dark flag fluttering above it, stood at the spot. Not that I know of. Any Moron who viewed the live feed and noticed there are no stars in their verson of space and can tell the pictures of Earth on the net and the picture on the feed bear no resemblance at all. In other words, the story was TOO good! It's a thought exercise that demonstrates elements other documentaries use to appear more believable. [ See some of the photos here.]. I say MIGHT simply because there are some ignorant, puppet/slaves like Rich-tard who don't have the mental capacity to look beyond what they have been force fed their whole lives. I too made it to the bottom of this blog, so I too am informed of the mockumentary. Feel free to send a conversational message but remember to be succinct and mindful of the other person’s time. I currently work in the Special Education Department in the life skills room. Some people without this background have raised petty and irrelevant objections. I think it's supposed to be dark for 6 months and daylight for 6 months as the sun at or near the poles doesn't set or rise completely. many people who've looked into flat earth know, there is a very convincing model of how the sun and moon work on the flat earth...yet you see this good old Ricky's comment saying what ever about "blah blah blah sun's out so it's a spher" God he makes me laugh...but he's a troll, I'm sure he's one of the paid ones cuz no one could really be that ignorant hahafinally...he kept saying "google it you retard" the fact he gets his info from GOOGLE proves that he is "insert insult here" LMAOisn't it funny how bullfrog took credit and made up that story eh?


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