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Their evidence, obtained from the cockpit voice recorder and other information outlines in more detail how co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, 28, brought down the Airbus. Many of the passengers were adolescents. But all is not as it seems. Cops who searched his apartment in Dusseldorf found a variety of psychiatric medicines, the paper reported. Andreas Lubitz was a German airline pilot who deliberately crashed his plane, killing all 150 passengers on board, including himself. German murder-suicide pilot Andreas Lubitz was an insecure control freak to the schoolteacher fiancée who broke his heart, even trying to tell her what to wear and who to talk to, according to a report. Maybe its you that is the problem. Tom Brady loses it, slams helmet repeatedly, Biden gets first victory of election day, winning all votes in small NH town, Bill Belichick: Patriots 'sold out' and now we are doomed, Robert F. 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All Rights Reserved, 'Suicide by plane' has killed 393 people in just 4 years, Germanwings pilot's dad says he has evidence to clear his son, Suicidal Germanwings pilot was promoted despite failing key test: FBI, Germanwings investigators urge new rules for pilot health issues, Germanwings victims' families still waiting for apology, Killer co-pilot was an ‘insecure control freak’: ex-girlfriend, would wake up in the middle of the night screaming, Joe Biden heads to mass with family on Election Day, The candidate who crumbled in cookie poll that called last 3 elections, Gambler bets $5 million in biggest-ever political wager, US participation in Paris climate deal expires at midnight, Trump thanks family at final rally before historic Election Day, Michaels takes 50 percent off Christmas trees for holiday sale, The best Wi-Fi extenders for boosting your internet connection range, Best Buy's 27 biggest early Black Friday deals of 2020, Thanksgiving meal kits and delivery services for an easy holiday feast, Master Microsoft Excel with this 90-hour training that’s on sale for just $70, Cocktail queen sneaks drinks out of bars in her top, Robert F. Smith's yearlong, $59 million Chelsea penthouse build nears finish line. Yes, you should plan on traveling to see family for Thanksgiving, Former Marine from A&E's '60 Days In' kills himself after online post, Video shows the moment 8-year-old was shot while trick-or-treating, Dog walks 62 miles for 2 weeks to get back home, Salt Life co-founder charged after teen found shot at Florida hotel. “He tried to order her what to wear, what men she could speak to, even the length of her skirts,” one friend said. Andreas Lubitz. Not surprising, but yeah... disturbing. Lubitz was being treated by “several neurologists and psychiatrists,” according to the German paper Welt am Sonntag. The pilot’s father was distraught over his son’s culpability, said Bernard Bartolini, the mayor of Prads-Haute-Bléone, a town near the crash site. Andreas Lubitz - Incel Wik . Relatives stand to honor the victims of the Germanwings crash in front of the mountains near the crash site. Your Ad Choices On Saturday, dramatic black box recordings emerged revealing the captain’s desperate struggle to stop the berserk madman. Police in Germany and France say Lubitz’s mental health is the main focus of their probe of Tuesday’s crash. A French Gendarmerie rescue helicopter flies past the debris from the Germanwings crash. Thus, one would expect their experiences to differ. Lubitz was also secretly suffering from career-threatening vision problems, having lost 30 percent of his eyesight, according to a report in the Paris newspaper Le Figaro. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hopefully all these incel killings get to a point where society will fear autists/incels and give us $2000/month and subsidized prostitution to placate us from killing normalslurs. Cookies help us deliver our Services. “Look at that frame, he’s about 60kg soaking wet,” Jigar added. Lubitz’s parents traveled to France to mourn his death — only to discover to their horror that their son was responsible for the disaster. The way I heard it he was suffering from severe depression, his long term girlfriend dumped him and his doctors told him he shouldn't fly but he did anyways. Before the plane crash, Lubitz had recently broken up with his girlfriend who was fairly attractive and who was 4 years younger than him, despite Lubitz balding and having a beta looking face. 34,268, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved Most notably, the case of the German Wings Pilot Andreas Lubitz exemplifies how poor communication can backfire. Holy Moses. This sent me down a rabbit hole I'm potentially regretting going down. Searchers on the Alpine crash site have uncovered some of Lubitz’s remains among the hundreds of body parts scattered across the rocky slopes. These are the same people who egged on Elliot Rodger and then heralded him as a hero after he died. Cookies help us deliver our services. Internet incels celebrate Andreas Lubitz, the alleged killer co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525, as a “legitimate SLAYER” and an “incel hero” legit couldn't finish reading this. But I feel even worse for the people living around such ticking bombs. “This is a man whose life is shattered.”. . Can't imagine why these guys can't get laid. “Open the goddamn door!” the captain shouted. Terms of Use You might have heard that /r/MensRights is a moderate MRA hub. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, writes postmodern cultural marxist sophistry rational discourse. They’re just advocating for the rights of men, right? Do these guys have 6 inch thick wrists from all the stupid things they type on the internet or something? Andreas Lubitz was a German airline pilot who deliberately crashed his plane, killing all 150 passengers on board, including himself. We are here to expose the hatred and bring it to light. Germanwings crash: Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz's final email reveals his 'depression' and 'fear of going blind' The Germanwings Airbus A320 crashed on 24 March 2015 killing all 149 people on board


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