api 610 pump base plate
Other factors are similar to VS6. Before discussing the types of centrifugal pumps, I will show you how a pump, in general, is classified to understand the whole concept of these types of pumps easily. BB2 series . <> <> This design is used to increase NPSH in some cases by installing a pump underground. Corresponding surfaces shall be in the same plane within 150 um/m (0.002 in/ft) of … $�.�e`��2H���$�#� ��d endobj <> API 610, OH2 Type. Under rotary type, you can further classify pumps into a fixed volume pump such as gear and lobe and centrifugal pump. The motor is directly mounted on the pump. An evaluation chart and baseplate checklist are also included. endobj API 610 Baseplate And Nozzle Loading Criteria. <> 17 0 obj 4 0 obj Shortcomings found in sub-sections 2.4, 3.3.1, and Appendix C of the 6th Edition are discussed as is the corresponding modified text found in the proposed 7th Edition of API 610 Standard. Technical articles. The impeller is attached at the end of the shaft. <>stream When you need, very high head at discharge, the multistage design is used. 37 0 obj Adequate clearance shall be provided between the casing drain connection and the baseplate so that drain piping the same size as the connection can be installed without the use of a street (male-female) elbow. Types of Centrifugal Pump based on API 610 Pump Types. Impeller transfers the power to fluid, and casing helps to convert the same liquid head. If there is no flow at suction, it will seriously damage pump internals. Pump column over which pump assembly is mounted, used as discharge from the pump. Common materials offered are carbon steel, 304SS, 316SS, Alloy 20, and Zanite composite. 16 0 obj <> endobj Again, this will create less than ideal situations for operation and maintenance due to increased power and maintenance requirements. Below schematic diagram of the centrifugal pump explains step by step working of the pump. Refer to the chart given below; Different Types of centrifugal pumps are used in industries based on the requirement. It has categorized the pump based on the construction. k�ɬd=�U��z�(4���y�B%Y�4��Tx�P��7T#����&W�5�bV~�褦x��u�a6��V��Mn(E�9����a�~KU��\�3��x_�U7��w���������R���o?������O����TH_z��4n/�O����쇍��6]r��h��h�����tO��*/�i�T8���A���s����.�� �vsmU�(|��o���U���A� mz~ 0 'z� endobj <> API 610, OH3 Type. <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]>>/Parent 21 0 R/Annots[]/MediaBox[0 0 595.32 841.92]/Contents[242 0 R]/Type/Page>> The chart given below lists the classification of pump base on API 610… Centrifugal pump is a piece of rotary equipment that converts kinetic energy into the pressure head of the liquid. <> <> The most centrifugal pump comes under this category. In simple language, you can say that it is a machine, which used to transport fluid from one place to another. Pumps are also used to transport liquid at a long distance through cross country pipelines. VS6 pump has a double casing. This type of pump is centerline supported. It is a multistage, double casing, radially split design that uses flexible coupling. Other hydraulics on request . During VDR we get this item from vendor and then compare it with estimated amount. <> The image below shows a typical pump. API 610 BASEPLATE DESIGN AND STIFFNESS TEST ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA For the pumps to be supplied in petroleum or petrochemical industries, the API 610 standard provides details of the allowable forces and moments to be applied on pump nozzle based upon the nozzle opening size & orientation. You can see that there is no leg support at the bearing end as compared to OH1 type in the image below. <> This pump is useful when handling a large amount of fluid with very little pressure head. It is also known as can pump due to this design.


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