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Aramex could approach industry leaders in express delivery and logistics as a neutral partner. Everything is okay except salary in some project’s staves on the basis of their responsibility.”, Ground courier: One of the great leading courier company aramex, “I am planning to build a long term carrier with a progressive reputed and professionally managed organization to utilize my expertise to the optimum level on order to facilitate career growth”, Team leader – sales: Used to be great place to work, “I left Aramex as I felt a lot of colleagues around me were treated unfairly as they were dumped a lot of work.

The company can adequately manage your stock while minimizing waste, creating better utilization of space, selecting the right equipment and more. Over the next two decades, the start-up took full advantage of Airborne’s experience, technology, and global reach to learn and grow.

He completed his Dentistry degree in Baguio City, where he was born. We would call clients and say, “We are Airborne Express,” or “We are Emery”—whatever company we were representing. These include Post Net South Africa in 2014, Australia’s Mail Call Couriers in 2015 along with Fastway Limited in 2016. It is also on Dubai Financial Market and traded as […] Apart from these, the logistics services of Aramex include a wide range of innovative and logistics and transportation technology. The times they are a-changing, as the old song goes, and these include ways of finding a job and getting hired. Having arrived in Dubai almost four years ago, she aspired to join the... For today's OFW feature, we interviewed Kim, a 31-year-old Filipino expat in Dubai.

Search for Aramex and on its profile page, click for job section where you can see the job listing available.

The time taken by Aramex for delivering a product to its destination depends on the distance between the pick-up point and the destination of the courier.

Arab American Express aimed to become the first courier company in the Middle East.
Furthermore, Aramex has established itself as a sustainable courier on the path to growth. After Airborne’s investment, we tried to raise additional capital for expansion, thinking that we could attract regional investors interested in our growth story. At the time, out of a modest office in Amman, Jordan, we had launched several other small offices in the Middle East, hoping to become the first courier company based in that region. On this page, you will be able to search for keywords and locations.
Aramex started offering Express, freight and domestic shipping in the year 1994, all under one roof. Startup MGZN © 2020. Aramex is an international and logistics shipping center which is used mostly in delivering mails and some packages, especially in Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates. Exclusive events, in-depth workshops, insightful content, and informative news. Here's why is this innovation so interesting to their business model: We already established above that Aramex takes a proactive approach to investing in upgrading their technology and innovation, sales and marketing and operation optimization for improved customer experience. Fadi Ghandour is the founder and CEO of Aramex International and was a founding partner of, the world’s largest Arab online community. In his 2018 letter, Bashar Obeid lays out clearly the strategic objectives for the company: There is no denying that the tremendous changes in technology that we are witnessing have changed whom we compete with and how we differentiate ourselves.

Where is the headquarter of Aramex logistics company? Try reaching this link, hope it helps:, thank you so much for sharing this art work, © 2020 Build Successful Startups. The real-time visibility also helps businesses keep a check on their selling inventory.

On top of the search features, you can also sign up using your email so you can receive latest community updates from the company.

Aramex can deliver your products on the same day depending on the time and required distance to be traveled. Shiprocket, a product of Bigfoot Retail Solution Pvt. Please subscribe to the Dubai OFW YouTube Channel for updates and tips! Aramex focuses on its core values of speed, reliability and quality to grow its business.

Aramex has its own career website where you can go to if you want to apply in the company. That gave Aramex the credibility to approach other leading couriers; by 1987 FedEx was also a client.

Harvard Business Publishing is an affiliate of Harvard Business School. “I love this job and i love this work and i never had a problem regarding my salary in this company. Furthermore, Aramex has established itself as a sustainable courier on the path to growth. So we were finally going to take our place in the sun. Aramex thus acquired its single largest account to date, because FedEx had more packages going into the Middle East than all its competitors combined, giving us a healthy monthly infusion of cash. We had a somewhat justified reputation for being a late payer. But by 1994, with relative peace in the region, our business had reached $38 million in revenue and we could see enormous growth potential. The team got a boost when a senior Airborne employee in Europe, who had considerable global operations experience and intimate knowledge of the technology needed for tracking and tracing systems, decided to resign. Our operations were tiny (we hadn’t yet exceeded $1 million in revenue), I was personally playing a range of roles from chief salesman to occasional delivery guy, and the cash flow was uncomfortably tight. The company found by Jordanian Fadi Ghandour and Bill Kingson in 1982. Nowadays, scam recruiters are becoming rampant. If you are looking for job openings from this company, we have shared information below on how you can apply and check available work opportunities for your guidance. The alliance with Airborne was forced to an end as it was being acquired by DHL. Our market capitalization is now $900 million. Generating almost 2.3 Billion AED in 2018, International Express is the activity that generates the largest revenue at almost 45% of total revenue. Instead of getting a 50% owner, we would get a master class on how to grow our own business.

Hesham Al-Khalifa: Decades of Experience as the Definitive Cutting-Edge Model of Our Time.

Thus, Airborne Express would have turn to another company, sometimes a rival, to fulfill customers’ needs. Our strategy was to be cautious and stealthy. Aramex is a multinational logistics, courier and package delivery company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). How many pin codes are covered by Aramex in India for courier delivery? Aramex gained clients like Emory, and Fed Ex and began building up its reputation and profits.

This practice helps Aramex cater successfully to the last mile delivery needs of the people.

Aramex was able to serve larger companies and used technological advances like email and package tracking to provide premier services to customers. Aramex customer care is available at more than 370 locations in India. In Egypt that license would cost $80,000 a year—a hefty amount for a start-up. Once you click the “search jobs” button, you will see results that match the positions you search for. Finally, Aramex has built a thriving ecosystem of partners that can prosper and grow together. My partner, Bill Kingson, and I were hoping to persuade the Seattle-based Airborne Express to buy 50% of Aramex for $100,000.

The Export Express business is tiered into Priority Express and Value express depending on the time sensitivity required for the package to arrive at its destination. Website: By 2000 we had recruited a good IT team that was busy creating the system internally and with outside vendors. Aramex is a global express, mail delivery and logistics services business based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). KINGSON--William, "Bill" World record setting pilot, martial artist, and international businessman, passed away on Monday, April 28th. It is the first Arab-based company to be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. After partnering with Airborne Express, Aramex not only began gathering revenue from its new account, but also it began garnering priceless business insight from one of the courier leaders in the industry. We seized every opportunity to learn what clients required and differentiated ourselves by offering customized services. Prepare to eat with your hands!

By 1996 it did—at least a part of us. Our goal then was simply an office address, a couple of cars, and a phone; we outsourced customs clearance to agents and found other small courier companies to deliver whatever packages we had. Looking for a job in the UAE but don’t know where to start? In 1997, it became one of the early companies of the era to be listed under NASDAQ. If authentic Japanese cooking is what you’re after, then pay a visit to Kimura-Ya, a restaurant that will make you feel like you’re right... A restaurant soon to open in Sharjah managed by two Filipinas is making a difference in the community as they employ people who lost... What do you usually pair with your morning coffee? Other facility management services include co-packaging, bundling, fashion services, on-site services, developing stand-alone applications etc.

Ce groupe basé à Dubaï a vu le jour grâce à Fadi Ghandour et Bill Kingson et propose à ce jour des services de qualité pour transporter tous les colis de particuliers comme de professionnels. I realized that the prime competitors in the logistics and courier business feared one another more than they would fear us.


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