archero best weapon

Our Archero Tier List features all the tier list of Weapon, Abilities, Hero, Pet, and Equipment currently available in the game. Brightspear is a cool looking spear that fire laser type projectile, and the laser will almost always hit the enemies. Ofc id dont have the right value , but it seems to me that DPS is higher then other weapons. Other than that, there is no other downfall. Over 1 year, and more than a total of 35,000 voters. just made my bow that strong today.

Like the spirits listed above, leveling up Archero rings won’t make much of a difference, so you’re better off saving your coins for other upgrades.

It has an included knock back ability that will keep monsters off of you.

This will never be a small number.

If you prefer slow attacks that deal massive damage, try the Death Scythe. Both lockets and bracelets are worth leveling up whenever possible. -10% damage reduction but only for projectiles, -10% crash damage reduction is the least useful.

You can also check every detailed guides and rankings of them. Not only can its attacks penetrate walls, the projectiles are nearly guaranteed to hit with a near-instant travel time. Tornado, Scythe, Bow, Saw Blade.

Gale Force is a crossbow infused with the power of the wind, shooting out charged arrows. Projectile damage is reduced when HP is lower than 20%.

Stalker Staff: 100% Damage & also 115% …

It is basic weapon that you start with.

Best Weapon in Archero – Tier List (Update 2.30) We have 6 different weapons in Archero and every one has pretty unique benefits (and disadvantages), but I can already tell you that some are for sure better than others. We know and believe, the fact that accumulated data doesn’t lie.

Farthest level I have completed is 5-42. I am currently at 7-5 and dagger is best for me atm. Archero cheats, hacks, tips, and glitches: How to get ahead; Download Archero.

As mentioned above, all weapons are viable, and the best choice for you will depend on …

Not sure if the trade is equal to higher damage, but a valuable consideration. You can see full image by click the button. Since last June 2019, we have ranked all Weapon, Abilities, Hero, Pet, and Equipment (Gear) in Archero. My highest items are only Blue (rare) so far. TOP Tier – Rage, Extra Life, Multishot, Front Arrow+1, Ricochet(Not with Tornado), SSS Tier – Wingman, Dwarf, Dodge Master, Agility, Slow Projectile, Invincibility Star, SS Tier – Crit Master (Major), Attack Plus, Crit Plus, Speed Plus, Attack Boost (Major), Attack Speed Boost (Major), Crit Aura, Bloodthirst, S Tier – Giant, Smart, Spirit – Blaze, Spirit – Bolt, Spirit – Freeze, Shield Guard, Through The Wall, Headshot, Diagonal Arrows, Strong Heart, Water Walker, A Tier – Piercing Shot(Not with Tornado), Bouncy Wall(Not with Tornado), HP Boost, HP Plus, Speed Aura, Freeze, Dark Touch, Bolt, Blaze, Poison Touch, Holy Touch, Spirit – Poisoned Touch, B Tier – Fury, Grace, Summon One-Eyed Bat, Shadow Clone, Frost Star, Blazing Star, Bolt Star, Toxic Star, Frost Strike, Fire Strike, Bolt Strike, Toxic Strike, C Tier – Rear Arrow + 1, Side Arrows + 1, Frost Meteor, Blazing Meteor, Bolt Meteor, Toxic Meteor, D Tier – Ice Circle, Fire Circle, Bolt Circle, Poison Circle, Obsidian Circle, Ice Sword, Fire Sword, Bolt Sword, Poison Sword, E Tier – Chilling Blast, Death Nova, Death Bomb, F Tier – Spirit Multi-shot, Spirit Front Arrow.

Formerly the best weapon in Archero. The frozen bracelet provides great crowd control at higher rarities, and for raw damage the thunder bracelet is your best bet.

The first major Archero equipment choice is your weapon. Each of them can be upgraded with gold and a scroll, as well as by fusing them to increase their rarity.


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