ashley blackstone leaving wciv
Alyse is the only one that is pretty enough to get any serious interest. Us      @2020 // ====================================== Someone with body odor may have a medical condition they can't help. Can we have your autograph, ya bald prick? Clear your browser cache. Something else that isn't a secret is that Dave, her husband will leave before her too. I am 11:31, you can reply with whatever rude, smart-alecky comment that you want, but you are a cowardly individual. "Shaun King, is that you bro?You mad bro? Who cares what local tv media read or do not read. Quotation[5] = "'FTVLive was the first site to break the Jay Leno story' - KNX Radio"; 66 talking about this. Have you seen what is on the internet? I realize many people who make hate-filled or perverted posts are cowards, but a good rule of thumb is not using language that would get you censored on television. Does Sarah Storm happen to wear a curly wig when out in public? I never watch them or listen to them either except severe weather coverage and even thats a joke most times. Quotation[6] = "'The site that everyone that works in TV News turns to...' - NPR "; People are horribly rude when they're undercover. The world is not going to change for you. I just come here to read the comments. This is the adult blog, you see worse on tv everyday and the movies you rent on the weekends. Twitter   |   // Set up the quotations to be shown, below. Lol... Life is like a box of chocolates... and I hope yours has poison in it... lol. // To add more quotations, continue with the People with depth deem it unneccessary and are more intelligent in their conversations. It's called shock value, to get your attention. Facebook   Quotation [15] = " 'FTVLive Reported the Story First'- NY Times" waaaaaah! Quotation[4] = "'FTVLive a TV news website that is often on the money...' - LA Times"; A bit off-topic, but does anyone know why the page will load and go directly to the bottom? Say whatever you wish, tell whatever joke you wish, but deep down, you know that i am right. someone asked her if she was planning on leaving. KTHV made the announcement Tuesday afternoon Blackstone has accepted an anchor/reporting position in South Carolina. You can be honest without using profane language or making perverted comments. A few weeks ago when some of us gathered in a corner to chat, peoples contracts came up. Who cares about Neil Winterlatte, Sommerlatte,Cappuccino or whatever his name is. I'm sorry but i cannot join in with the congratulations due to Ms. Blackstone. Someone said a dirty word? Glad I got you pricks stirred up. Wish I had a dollar for every dirty word I have ever heard or seen. Blackstone has been with Channel 11 for the last nine years. You're a dipshit and the only who cares. Yet you just did the same thing. // Free for all; but please leave in this header. I don't think I have seen a single comment that was not true when people post about them. You know that you take time out of your day specifically to hurt other people. Of course he can. The world is not going to change for you. Being so ugly ALWAYS catches up with a person. It was also more than your comment. her for all she has given to Central Arkansas and THV11". Holy Hell, all I made was a joking comment about Tom's morning boner, and the white knights flip shit! Find another blog, loser. The bevy of bleached blonde hotties at KATV has thinned substantially since ol horn dog Pard left the building. This byline is mine, but I want my name removed. Quotation [17] = " 'An insider newsy website' - Hoda Kotb" They also would hear worse on tv and movies. Everyone at ABC News 4 wants to congratulate our very own Ashley Blackstone ABC News 4 and Daren Stoltzfus on getting married! "A idiot. Brutally honest maybe but most comments that are considered rude are pretty much spot on when it comes to the so called "talent" in the LR market. Always. I doubt it happens but Laura Monteverdi might fill that spot nicely. It seems a bit rude to the people who have to come on the blog. Charleston is my home. The grammar Nazi is back. Her last day at the station is Sept. 25th. (function() {if(window.ImageLoader) { window.ImageLoader.bootstrap({}, document); }})();Squarespace.afterBodyLoad(Y); but on a bit better terms than the saleswoman. Congratulations on all your achievements. People like you are never satisfied & always demand more from others.Or to be frank, I don't give a shit about what people think .


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