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Once the exclusive domain of bourbon clubs and choice bars, now any whiskey lover with the desire and some determination can buy a barrel of bourbon. However, this is not too surprising given that the bourbon was bottled at 103 proof. Until next time,the Costco Connoisseur#GoingToAllTheCostcos, P.S. I was intrigued. Follow me on Instagram: @theCostcoConnoisseurFollow me on Twitter: @CostcoConoiseurLike my page on Facebook:, (That makes the Costco price 59% LESS than the retail price!) Home » Drinks Wire » Kirkland Premium Small Batch Bourbon, Aged 7 Years Review. the bourbon had a clean, medium intense aromas of corn, caramel, vanilla, yeast, cloves and allspice. Can you bring this syrup to the Denver Costco on Quincy, would like to buy at the price shown in a 1 case lot for gift giving .. I really want to try it in a glazed salmon recipe and in a fancy cocktail! I wasn’t going to bring this review to you, our cherished readers, without doing a little research. Before we go further, I want to put out that we like Jim Beam and their products so for us, that was in no way a minus for the Kirkland bourbon (in fact, I used to like Jim Beam and Coke so much that we purchased by the handle at one point). Your email address will not be published. BONUS: I’m doing a giveaway on my Instagram! The 750ml (25 oz) bottles, item #1110739, are just $14.79 at Costco! The cake mixture is infused with bourbon extract and topped with walnuts and a chocolate/caramel drizzle. I generally shop at the Robinson Township location. Is this deal available at Costco in Nashville, TN 37209? This site is intended for those of legal drinking age. Given the level of bourbon consumption that occurs at my house, I was only able to find a bottle of Basil Hayden and had to lean on recall for Knob Creek (which was easy given the hubby had one at the Comedy Club last night) and Jim Beam Black (I will admit, it’s been awhile). Don’t think this incredible maple syrup is just for pancakes & waffles – it’s heavenly in oatmeal or yogurt, and you can even use it to sweeten your coffee or tea! Enter Our Giveaway for A Blanton's Barrel Head. Congrats to Les J. of Nashville as our inaugural winner! Sue Scott June 26, 2018 8:50 am Reply. You might be thinking, really, Costco is making bourbon now? The bourbon samples are taken directly from the barrel. This is my first shot at trying a Costco branded bourbon, though I have tried their insanely priced whiskeys and found them to be OK. Low and behold, most of the reviewers out there felt the same as our tasting trio. Your email address will not be published. I didn’t think it was Knob Creek (and neither did the hubby). The Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake from Costco is a combination of a yellow cake and chocolate cake mixed together in a layered/marbled fashion (it looks like either one depending on the piece you get). And I love Costco and purchase and consume many Kirkland brands, including their champagne, which isn’t bad. Drink of the Week © 2020 I purchased some today in Arizona and it had the dreaded asterisk just like in this picture. The bourbon is bottled at 45% ABV, so just a little stronger than most liquors, but not too high for a bourbon. Crown Maple Syrup – NY Bourbon Barrel Aged. My husband and brother-in-law drink bourbon like it was 1818 (it’s almost a water substitute at my place, like it was in 1818 when Americans consumed on average 5 gallons of hard spirits, in addition to 1 gallon of wine and 34 gallons of beer and hard cider (stats from 1790). The brother-in-law commented, it tastes like bourbon but lacks the fiery complexity that I like in my bourbons. For more inspiration, check out all the exciting recipes on their website. I live in Anchorage Alaska , we have 2 Costco stores but none carry it as of now … Thanks, This stuff is awesome, I’m really sad to see that most Costco locations aren’t refilling their stock in this item. This unique aging process creates a rich wine with sweet aromas and flavors of … Again, the alcohol overpowered the other flavors and the subtle marriage of sweet, spice and fire was missing. What To Do With a Barrel of Bourbon. Kirkland Premium Small Batch Bourbon, Aged 7 Years Review. I am looking for Crown Bourbon Aged Maple Syrup in Costco’s in the Pittsburgh, PA area.


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