basenji mix hypoallergenic
Size: Do not leave a Basenji unattended in even a fenced in yard, because they are notorious mischief makers. This photo shows the result of a typical grooming session — and there's plenty more to come! Their extreme prey drive, speed, and their unwillingness to change their course of action due simply to the fact you disagree with it, means that when these guys bolt – they’re gone, and they’re very hard to get back. Basenji owners will happily share with you numerous stories in which their dog figured out how to operate or manipulate man-made things to get their way. He also stands less than 2 feet tall, typically around 17 inches. He doesn’t bark! Minimal, they often groom themselves and rarely need to be bathed. [Image used with permission from], Allergic reactions to dogs affect 5-10% of the adult population and serve as a trigger in those who suffer from asthma and allergic rhinitis. Combining this with their low dander levels makes them an ideal candidate as a pet for people with dog allergies. Before bringing any dog home, be sure he is the right ft for your family. However, Basenji are also hypoallergenic – light shedders and notoriously clean, as they will usually take care of their own grooming needs. Both parents of the dog must recessively carry the gene. He is not an attention-seeking dog. While they are very cool dogs, they are also very difficult dogs. Buy your dog from a reputable breeder who has had the parent dogs DNA tested for Fanconi syndrome. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t make noise; he has a unique yodel sound that comes out. Very few surveys have been done to collect enough data in this regard, so there may be other health issues that are not listed here. When it rains, he won’t want to go outside, although, I have yet to meet a dog who likes the rain. This breed shares some traits with wild dogs. They produce much less dander than other dogs. If cuddling is your thing, get your Basenji as a puppy (from a good breeder) and cuddle them often from a young age. His larynx is shaped differently, causing his bark to be more like a yodel. The Basenji is a cat-like dog with an aloof, independent attitude and elegant poise. Get a DNA test done on your dog (if under 10 years of age) to test for Fanconi syndrome, or use Diastix urinalysis test strips to catch the syndrome early. I brushed her religiously when she began shedding every year in late winter. The Basenji does ok on his own for a bit while other breeds would get anxiety when you are gone for any length of time. For more information about Basenji health concerns, please click here or go to! For a quick summary of the Basenji skip to our Basenji dog breed summary further down the page. You might have heard him referred to as ‘the barkless dog’, and this is why. The Basenji dog is intelligent and friendly but sometimes Basenjis are mean and stubborn. Their ears require less attention than other breeds because they are upright rather than folded over, so they have plenty of access to fresh air which helps them avoid ear infections.


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