beechcraft debonair for sale
In 1966, the option of a 285hp powerplant was added. OH Oct 1, 1993 The control wheel was redesigned, maximum gross weight increased 50 pounds, and various improvements to the heating/ventilation systems were made. By submitting this form, you will be requesting trade-in value at no obligation and Props: miss the chance to own this aircraft. Wing ... DRY LEASE IN DALLAS / 190 KNOTS!! Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at The A33 Debonair seats up to 3 passengers plus 1 pilot. OH Aug 2012... 1981 F-33, 3890 TT, 1570 SMOH (Western Skyways), "0" STOP, new Millennium cyls (14k), Garmin 480 WAAS, Garmin 327, Garmin 696 Weather, Charts hard wired. © 2020 AeroClassifieds - Part of Global Classifieds Ltd, All Rights Reserved. 1700 TBO Specifications subject to verification by purchaser, Aeroporto Cantonale di Locarno - 6596 Gordola1 (CH) Switzerland. HSI Engines: Noise Level: 77.4 dB(A), measured according ICAO Annex 16, Vol. It is a single-engine, piston aircraft configured as a cantilever low-wing aircraft with a conventional tail. Beech 35-C33 project aircraft for sale. The optional third window was the same design as that of the N35 and P35, and the small fillet forward of the vertical stabilizer was replaced by a graceful dorsal fin. Send my inquiry to all sellers of aircraft type, Opt in to receive our broadcasts and comply with GDPR. The 35-C33 was the first Debonair to approach the Bonanza in appearance and interior appointments, and customers bought 305 of the much-improved Beechcraft. Skyforce Moving Map The 33 Debonair seats up to 3 passengers plus 1 pilot. Total Time: 2,396 The C33 remained in production through 1967. Beech Bonanza 33 aircraft for sale. Chronometers not included in the price Since its introduction as the Beechcraft Debonair, approximately 3,100 Model 33s have been produced. All others retained the 225-hp engine. Nose Cowl and Inlet Filter Grill damaged, see photos, Single Piston Aircraft Listings | AeroClassifieds, Airplane time state Total Time 5967:52 hrs, Continental IO-470-K, manufactured in 1962 CTL offers you an extremely simple and fully-comprehensive... Airframe: ELT 121.5 KhZ The Model 33 Debonair flew for the first time in September 1959. VOR Indicator Lopresti moon beam landing and wing tip recognition lights. Dual Yokes, Large Baggage Door, JPI-700 Low time and Piece of mind of a Low Time Engine Loving Owner will co... Airframe: Click. 2 Altimeters Wing span: 32 ft 10 inLength: 25 ft 6 inHeight: 8 ft 3 in, Cabin Height: 4 ft 2 InCabin Width: 3 ft 6 inCabin Length: 6 ft 1 inBaggage door: 3 ft x 3 ft 1 in, Max TO weight: 2,900 lbEmpty Weight:  1,730 lbsMaximum Payload: 1255Fuel capacity: 50 gal, Manufacturer: Continental MotorsModel: IO-470-JHorsepower: 225 hpOverhaul (HT): 1500hr TBO, Digital Nav/Coms1-axis autopilotGS/DME/ADFADS-B In/Out. Only one D33 was made as an S35 modified as a military close-support prototype. Currently, only the F-33A remains in production. Upgraded with IO-550 Engine and Tip Tanks. 306 were built. Fuel Capacty: 114 USG 752 SMOH 285 HP View Details Email Seller Video Chat 1964 Beechcraft Debonair with freshly overhauled engine and new prop along with a fresh annual completed July 2020. Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0, Legal Info / Privacy Policy: Review Policy. Beech D33 Debonair . Century lll AP, GPSS roll. Paint and glass are in excellent condition. No Damage History Nose gear retracted after landing. It remained in production until 1964 with 426 built. Beautiful condition. Collins DME40 King KXP750A Transpoonder Beech 33 Debonair Aircraft For Sale with Aeromeccanica SA advertised for sale on the aviation market place to buy Beech 33 aircraft for sale Aircraft is well equipped with Garmin GNS-430W and ADS-B out. The next major upgrade to the Debonair occurred for the 1965-1967 model years when the 35-C33 inherited the Bonanza’s extended fuselage (19 inches). Production amounted to 154. $165,956. In 1962 the B33 followed with a different variant of the Continental IO-470, 225 hp, the K. It included a contoured fin leading edge, N35 fuel tank modifications and P35 T-shaped instrument panel. 1, Chapter 10 ARC Type 21A ADF Collins 51Z6 Marker Beacon The C33 Debonair seats up to 4 passengers plus 1 pilot. Cruise at almost 190 KTAS and approximately 16 GPH. will be contacted within 48 hours by a sales representative. An M35 Bonanza with conventional fin and tailplane, one 225 hp Continental IO-470-J. EGT, single gage, For sale in “as is, where is” condition Registered in Germany, France, Switzerland and in italy since January 2000, Options Long range fuel tanks Upgraded with IO-550 Engine and Tip Tanks. Model 33 Debonair seats up to 3 passengers and 1 pilot. Flight Timer Counter The Beech 33 Debonair was manufactured from 1960 until 1967, serial number CD1 through CD1118. Swiss Noise Class D TT: 3227:52 233 were built. Fuel injection pump and servo overhauled in May 2004 Blades damaged after ground strike, Last maintenance recorded, propeller overhaul at TT: 5967:52, dated 24.04.2010, 2 each King KX175B NAV-COM Only one D33 was made as an S35 modified as a military close-support prototype. Maximum Take Off Weight: 1383 kg Fly this low time, well maintained, and very upgraded Bonanza F33A in THE MOST AFFORDABLE FLYING IN CENTRAL TEXAS! Total Time: 2145 Propeller damage, engine shock loading inspection rquired 203 SPOH Private aircraft, Formerly operated by Lufthansa school The C33 remained in production through 1967. Hartzell 3 Blade Hot Prop 306 were built. In 1972, the G33 was introduced with a 260-hp Continental. 1695 Hours TTAFE The A33 came with extra rear side windows, improved interior trim, a hat shelf and a boost in gross weight, from 2900 to 3000 pounds – still less than the Bonanza-and the same Continental IO-470J, 225-HP engine. Century HSI, digital fuel flow computer. Bendix Magnetos overhauled in September 2008, 2A34C223-C overhauled in April 2010 Private Aircraft, Hangared, Previously registered in Germany as D-EKVE, Imported in Switzerland in April 2003 Despite aggressive pricing, the Debonair didn't take the market by storm. Ground Power Connector, Aircraft for sale as project in as is, whre is condition Search aircraft for sale for free! NDH Don't Please call for more information. Inside the cabin, the rear seats were mounted on adjustable tracks to match the front seats, and the rear seat backs were adjustable. Nose gear doors damaged During these years all model numbers ending in “A” featured the 285- hp Continental. The Debonair name was dropped in 1967 and the subsequent aircraft, now a part of the Bonanza family, were simply designated E33, F33 and G33.


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