best spar varnish for exterior door
I've also read a marine spar varnish may be better in terms of UV blocking. I’ll take the advice as soon as the weather warms. I thinned the varnish and put on six coats. I’m considering purchasing an Earlex but my question is when do you use or when should one use an HLVP vs another method like wipe on or brush? I would like to darken them up just a bit to match the floor downstairs. We accidentally used interior varnish and not sure how well its going to hold up in the seattle rain. But I’m concerned, as it took me many hours to get this done. or can they? When this happens will I have to strip the door to bare wood again or just sand the top coat and reseal with a new coat of varnish? A tip , use min spirits mixed with naptha for your thinner blend, this is to thin and be a delivery solvent for coating. Three coats of full-strength varnish over a pre-sealed surface will give you a substantial build of finish. Deft Interior Exterior Water-Based Polyurethane Finish Gloss, Quart. I used a few Varathane products in the past and I was never completely happy with them. What’s more about this product is that it contains low levels of VOC, which makes it a perfect companion to the environment. The application method is really up to you. I’d try both and decide what your own preference is depending on the project at hand. Give the oil at least a couple of weeks to cure up. With an even coating, they sell much better at the craft shows. It’s too soft for interior applications. If I owned a wooden boat I would use nothing else. So if it were my door, I would strip it once again, sand it smooth, and give it several days to settle just in case there is residual oils in the surface. The wood you use in the construction of your exterior structures is expensive to buy and even to build. Would this help? Well it sounds like you definitely have some trapped moisture in that finish. Hey there. The ones I get are rather expensive (from Festool), so you might be better off just buying the highest grit paper you can find. I live in S. California, so the sun is pretty hot and consistant. Once again, Many many thanks, Good morning. :) This bar is intended to reside outside, but mostly covered under a porch roof. My front doors have a 4 year old water base polyurethane finish and I am interested in applying your wipe on oil spar varnish concoction over the existing finish. As I sand with 320 or 400 grit, it doesn’t help the appearance. This post is what I needed, and I’m going to try diluting my spar urethane to 50% and wiping it on. You’ll avoid major compatibility issues this way. (Door does not have much of an overhang and gets morning sun every day in a warm & humid Dallas climate.) Now I can’t speak from experience on this one, but it certainly might be worth a shot and should be fully compatible with your acrylic paints. if we sand the finish down to get rid of the bubbles, can we apply the Behlens rock hard table top varnish over the remaining urethane or would it be best to try your 50/50 mix. How should I proceed? Thanks. And when it comes to exterior finishes, with such a wide variety of climates, it’s hard to give blanket advice that covers all scenarios. I don’t think that is needed in more cases. While some folks have luck with products like Helmsman Spar Varnish, I get quite a few emails from people who are not happy at all with the durability. I use various widths depending on how big the pieces are. As Justin can attest to, its not a death sentence for your wood items to be finished with Helmsman. I found lots of descriptions of the haze on-line but not many solutions, so I appreciate your suggestions. Finally, what finish do you recommend for these items? The front and back porches where the doors open to are deep and provide excellent protection from rain, snow, and sun. If you have a choice, I would recommend going with the Epifanes instead of the Helmsman. I don’t understand. Not sure if this conversation is really still going on, but if so…. Thanks so much…. I ordered a stock of California claro walnut and will be finishing it when it arrives in the mail. Love what you have done in this thread over the past few years. Oil-based varnishes have a natural amber color to them. Sorry I forgot to tell you it’s an Alder Wood Door with a mahogany stain finish. Is this worth worrying about? I then applied a coat of Hellsman over the finish. (I’ll make it the last thing I ask them!) I applied general purpose epoxy as a topcoat over minwax stain. Also, oil-based finishes tend to amber over time. I see no point in adding clear paint over spar varnish, since I am not sure adhesion would be long lasting. Can I dilute with mineral spirits, apply with a rag and make this work? No air bubbles and dried perfect and took so little time and effort. If it were me, I would probably just buy a can of Epifanes and read/follow the instructions. The fact that they’ve been washed so many times means they are pretty much lint free. Resins are the hardeners. I just purchased a torrefied fir exterior door for my house. I would at least start by thinning 50% with naptha and see how it goes. You can usually only order it online. Home owners can do this themselves. Hey Rich. Then when you apply your final coat, it is glass smooth and flat. I would just hit it with your exterior stain and then topcoat with a high quality marine varnish. In reading the comments above, I am wondering if the spar varnish I bought is the right thing. I don’t really think you’ll have many problems in this scenario. The bubbles are like blisters and you can lift them off the door. Wood Whisperer hello my friend, Just have a quick question for you. There are so many poly formulas in the market, and not all will offer adequate protection to your structure.


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