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Nothing is for nothing. Most of us have times when we wonder if we really matter—to the world or even to God. Because God likes watching things grow.” In other words, we are not meant to be store-bought tomatoes. Reformed Mission in an Age of World Christianity, Northern Alberta CRC Responds to Massive Flooding, Michigan Church Draws Large After-School Crowd, Council of Delegates Discusses Racism and Restructure, Audiobook Review: Everything Beautiful in Its Time, by Jenna Bush Hager. As I bite into a sandwich bejeweled with ruby-red tomato slices, I sigh happily and reflect that I will miss tomato season in the dead of February, when the grocery store offerings will be wan and lustreless in comparison. YouTube; Beth Moore's new gift devotional, Made to Flourish, is now available! The metaphor spirals throughout the Bible, Old Testament and New, from Genesis to Psalms to Isaiah to John 15 and Jesus’ teaching on the vine and the branches. Don’t miss this week’s must-read articles: Sign up below to get our weekly and special Banner Updates: Copyright © 2005-2020, Christian Reformed Church in North America. What makes a branch sag with shiny, purple clusters, and what makes it wither and blow away? | Includes bibliographical references. When Jesus began His ministry on earth, He took this idea to a whole new level, revealing that He Himself is the Vine. This book was my first Beth Moore book. Nothing is for nothing. Beth founded Living Proof Ministries in 1994 with the purpose of encouraging women to know and love Jesus through the study of Scripture. In Chasing Vines, author Beth Moore gives us a new hope, revealing the abundant secrets of a fruitful, Kingdom-building, God-pleasing life. Description: Carol Stream : Tyndale House Publishers, 2020. The metaphor of God as Gardener plays out through Scripture as He tends His people with care, skill, and intention. What are the best growing conditions for growing grapes? He uses all of it to help us flourish and be fruitful. Come and meet Beth in the vineyard—tracing the images of the vinedresser, vine, branch, and fruit through Scripture—and see how everything changes when you let your Maker show you why you matter. Moore totally pulled it off, in part because the Bible is laden with the vine analogy. Living Proof Ministries is dedicated to encouraging people to come to know and love Jesus Christ through the study of Scripture. Life isn’t always fun, but in Christ it can always be fruitful. Beth recently celebrated twenty years of Living Proof Live conferences. Not the place we've been planted--or even the painful pruning. Title: Chasing vines : finding your way to an immensely fruitful life / Beth Moore. I closed the last pages of this book alight with new insights, having laughed way more often than I would have thought in a devotional book, and having cried, too. Nothing is for nothing. Join Beth Moore in Chasing Vines on her transforming quest of vine-chasing, where she shows us how nothing in our lives is wasted. She can be seen teaching Bible studies on the television program Living Proof with Beth Moore, aired on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Made to Flourish is perfect for you or for friends.


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