billie vs athena

I’ve never tried either! It’s also so nice to be able to set up auto-refills for the razor heads because it’s one less thing to think about! Unfortunately, Billie doesn’t sell starter kits without a subscription, but if you just want to try the razor without a regular delivery of blades it’s fairly easy to place an order and cancel the subscription after the first package is delivered (we tested this successfully).

All products featured on Vogue are independently selected by our editors. For $10, you get a free handle, plus four cartridges.

The design is very elevated — the colors look like they came out of a trendy nail polish salon — and the shave gel was pretty nice: Foamy and cushion-y, but not too much so. ads and placing them in my basket and then deleting them I used the same shaving lotion for both legs to make sure it was fair. I hate that you’ve had problems with the Billie like that! We put in another year and tens of thousands more miles of travel to test the best travel gear—and we stand by last year’s choices alongside a few new picks. All of those skin products have moisturizing oils to prevent bumps, razor burn and ingrown hairs on your face and neck.

LOL. We also found the razor’s handle uncomfortably curvy and almost bulbous, with huge indents that seemed designed for thumbs, not for the index fingers we normally use to guide a razor.

Side note: I tried the Joy razor (the Walmart version of the Flamingo) back when we were living in Ohio and I wasn’t impressed at all with it. The Billie is the only beautiful razor we tested. We also dismissed razors with vibrating handles, which tend to cost more, since there’s scant evidence that they improve the shaving experience. Three spaced-out blades prevent excess hair from clogging the head, as often happens with razors with more blades, and subtle aloe strips help lubricate your strokes without creating a snail trail in your pits. I’m so glad it worked great for you! I found I was able to shave my legs very quickly, likely due to the large razor head and the smooth and seamless shave. I’m allergic to all except aveeno and I don’t dare try any other brands. The only razor that actually costs $1 a month is the company’s twin-blade subscription, which requires $2 shipping and handling to ship you five cartridges a month.

Then replaced the blade and still again felt awful and rusted again. It started occurring so much I suspended my subscription and bought the Flamingo. Product recommendations, celebrity beauty secrets, and how-tos, delivered to your inbox. All are under $10 per month for replacement blades and for the one-time cost for the handle. I’ve always loved Venus razors too!

However, some testers noted the Billie’s lubricant, while less gunky, felt slimier than the Swirl’s—one tester compared it to a snail trail. I have the walmart joy razor and like it. The pivoting head gives the Swirl increased flexibility to shave problem areas but can make the razor feel unwieldy. Refills -- which also include four cartridges -- cost $10 too. Testers liked the closeness of the shave, particularly for bikini lines, but none said they would continue using the Mach3 as their only body razor.

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000 is the best powered tool for grooming pubic hair. Did you try switching cartridges on he Billie before giving up? That’s amazing!! In comparison, the Venus Swirl squeezes five thinner blades into a similarly sized head, which theoretically leads to a closer shave but practically means the blades clog fast with hair that may require careful fingers to remove.

The Phillips electric shaver is perfect for getting a close shave.

I hate to admit this at the age of 25, but this was my first time using a legit non-Bic disposable razor and it did not disappoint.

Made from quality Swedish steel, Flamingo’s razor has a flexible blade and handle that makes tackling hard to reach areas, such as the bikini line, a more accessible experience. Despite the significant ribbing, the Original doesn’t feel too bulky, a complaint some testers had with the wider, cherubic handle of the budget Dorco Shai. The Dollar Shave brand started as just a razor subscription brand and has now expanded into several lines of men's grooming products, including skincare, hair care, fragrance, deodorant, shaving and oral care. Thanks, Wenn! It also takes more time to shave the same area, making it a fine choice for a face but ill-equipped to handle the vast expanse of a body. If you're still buying all of your razors at the drugstore, you're probably missing out. I have the flamingo razor. They’re a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option than disposable models where you throw out the entire razor—head, handle, and all—when they blunt. I also noticed the blades rusted very quickly.

I bought the Billie and really liked how smooth it made my legs feel and that there was no irritation. Why are men’s razors so different? For $9, you can get the Truman, which has a rubber coating throughout and comes in orange, navy and green. Half of our testing panel named the Original as a favorite model, and unlike several others we tested, the Original is hard to hate. So nice when you’re in a pinch! On the search for something different. Photographed by Ryan Williams.

As with any Venus, the Original’s body is compatible with any other Venus head and many heads from Gillette’s facial razors, making it exceptionally versatile. Both Matt and I agreed, it was the Billie leg.

Well, a lot has changed since our nascent shaving experiences, which may or may not have involved some combination of disposable twin blades, knee bent over the toilet, and plenty of pesky cuts. I love hearing other’s opinions on these things! The Billie $9 starter kit includes a handle, a magnetic holder, and two five-blade cartridges. So, is Billie or Flamingo better? Good to know the flamingo I can find in stores in a pinch! I think the most excited about is how cheap it is. Whether you’re looking to shave your legs, bikini line, underarms, or face, these are the tools to shop now. That’s amazing!! To learn more about body razor design, we interviewed designers and representatives from several prominent razor companies, including Caitlin Orszulak, a scientist for the Gillette Venus research and development team; Rachel Sciacca, a marketing manager at Dorco; and Georgina Gooley, the co-founder of Billie. Always on the hunt for products to make my life easier (and more affordable), I decided to try two razor subscription services. Not worth the $1 savings from the Flamingo or Billie.

So, I’ve gone back to using the same Gillette brand that my husband uses. I’ve never had worse razor burn in my life. But if you truly do replace your heads every month, the Billie is the least expensive of our picks to use over time. My first shave with the Joy Razor did lead to a bit of bloodbath as I cut my knee pretty badly.


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