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But her legacy lives on. * Licensing is being done by phone or mail only. Wine, Whiskers & Wags: Part Deux More online auction fun, and this time FAAS is sharing proceeds with the Sonoma County Humane Society!When & Where: 9AM-9PM Saturday, December 5, 2020. 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His fur was scraggly and thin, he had a huge pot belly from worms, This definitely disproves the theory that Binx can move through fences with supernatural finesse, but it also makes us question his willingness to be held. Grieving the loss of a fur child? Love This Pet 2. Peterbald. Call 510-337-8565 to ask about any of the wonderful pets we have available. Who ever would have thought that ugly little scrap of kitty could turn into such a gorgeous swan? Props provided. Originally aired live April 1, it features FAAS medical director Dr. Marie-Anne Woolley and is now available as a recording and PDF slides. Binx. The producers thought the results were just too scary for kids, so they toned them down to make him appear to be a sweeter-looking cat. The original cat version of Binx was intended to be a scary feline, but he was toned down for the movie. URL to come! We have the story of Binx (formerly Hampster), very much the “ugly duckling” of rescue. Santa Paws Pet Photos: Outdoors!Photos of your fur kids you will treasure! Meetings are free and led by Suzanne Hayne, a licensed therapist and FAAS volunteer and adopter. Please park and have your trunk open for safe distancing. The other voices are also inconsistent, with some people of the time sounding on the British side (Winnie Sanderson) while others (Mary Sanderson, Elijah, and just about everyone else) do not. Love This Name 132. 4. The movie never explains why he can't talk to his family, though. If the curse is lifted, wouldn't his human form lie there instead, or simply disappear? * Please follow FAAS on Facebook and at for updates, such as the need for additional foster families. How on Earth would Binx know the personal details about Billy Butcherson's affair with Winnie Sanderson's sister, Sarah, or how she cursed him as a result? A one-stop shop for all things video games. Fans of Hocus Pocus may already know that Thackery Binx is technically played by two actors. 6. ... Top 10 Breeds. His body, though lean and lithe, should not allow him trespass through narrow gates, yet he's able to make it look easy. It could have been a local legend when Thackery was growing up, but we never find out how he knows. That's why if you look closely, you can definitely see different cat faces featured throughout the film, giving it an even more inconsistent look. Name. Atlas. 2. Good With Kids? As superstitious as people were in the time period, he had to have known about salt, which would have cost him seconds and helped him rescue Emily. There were never any rules stipulated that the curse casters' demise would end it, yet we're left to assume that's how it works. Hi, I'm Binx and I'm ready to find a family! As we enter the next phase of our community's response to COVID-19, here are a few important things you should know: * Both FAAS South Shore and our main shelter at 1590 Fortmann Way are closed to the general public until further notice. Finally, we've received an outpouring of love from people wanting to support FAAS during these uncertain times and to make sure we stay strong when the COVID-19 crisis passes and we can return to normal operations. To all the great humans who make our work possible: Since putting out a call for help, Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) has been able to send more than 70 of our dogs, cats and rabbits home with foster families -- effectively clearing the shelter! Each cat had its own duty in the movie, performing a single task or movement needed for the scene. His fur was scraggly and thin, he had a huge pot belly from worms, his eyes were all infected and he had this weird undershot jaw that just didn’t add to the overall aesthetic appearance (see photo on left). Meet Binx, an American Shorthair Cat for adoption, at Southern Counties Rescue Inc. in Mission Viejo, CA on Petfinder. Love This Name 132. All proceeds benefit FAAS. He had been abandoned at a shelter in Indiana, probably the runt of a breeding project, and was not expected to live. Binx. Angel. Sara likes to write about her favorite fandoms, ranging from Marvel and Saga to Doctor Who and Jim Henson. Bing Clawsby. He was adopted by one of our “frequent flyer” adopter families who has become one of our foster homes and biggest supporters! : Yes. Fortunately, due to the initial efforts of the shelter staff who got food into him right away and then to the big heart of one of our volunteers who transported him up to one of our foster homes, Binx proceeded to defy expectations and thrive anyway! It seems ridiculously excessive to use a total of nine cats to play the single character, but that's exactly what happened. Alameda, CA 94501510-337-8565 This tiny creature, barely more than 6 ounces when he arrived at this rescue, was one of the most pathetic kittens we had ever seen. Loves to snuggle with his siblings but comes running to be held and snuggled . He is still young just starting to get playful but purrs right away when picked up . Blackjack. Love This Name 135. The film originally filmed Murray's voice but Marsden was substituted in for a more authentic-sounding period accent. : Yes. It might be because the family is superstitious of black cats already, and Thackery now fears his own relatives and what they might do to him, even knowing he's cursed. During the pandemic, our Pet Food Pantry is open to Alameda residents twice a month. Perhaps it's written in the cottage, but then Alison, an expert who says she knows all about them, should know the story, too. Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter's webinar, "How To Take Care of Your Pet During COVID-19," answers your questions about pets and the pandemic. If you would like to help families in need feed their pets, we welcome dry and wet dog and cat food and kitty litter shipped directly from online retailers to FAAS, 1590 Fortmann Way, Alameda, CA 94501. Animal … Visits per family are limited to once a month. 1. The first two, Adoptable Pets and The Perceptive Pigeon, are available now on our website. Related Names. We'll be adding more soon! Map,…/make-a-donation.html. That long without socialization is bound to make him wary of touch and it would take longer than one night for him to warm up to being held by humans, even if he's actually a human. The visual effects company that created the character, Rhythm and Hues, originally gave him sharp fangs and a much spookier look that would fit in well with a Halloween movie. Thank you, Tonya Perme Photography! From the bottom of our exhausted but grateful hearts, thank you for helping FAAS care for the pets of Alameda -- and the people who love them. Personality: Playful, funny, shy. Binx, and by extension SPCR, is mentioned in the National Geographic Kids book, 125 Pet Rescues. Binx is a beautiful seal mink pretty green eyed male . (Thank you, Alameda Support Foundation!) While Binx has certainly been alone long enough to crave connection, he's got to be a feral cat by now without any human involvement in his life. * If your pet becomes lost, please call us during business hours at 510-337-8565 or email us at [email protected] with your pet's name, type, breed, age, size including weight, microchip number, and any other pertinent information. Otherwise, he's a normal cat. Please let us know where your pet was last seen and, if possible, please insert a photo into your e-mail. * We are taking appointments for "virtual adoptions" -- accomplished mostly over the phone and email, culminating with a distance-appropriate in-person adoption in our parking lot. This makes it difficult to believe that he wouldn't understand the perils of approaching a bunch of witches on his own, especially when he makes it clear that he needs the entire village summoned to deal with them when his sister is conjured by Sarah Sanderson. They’re also one of the calmest cat breeds with their laid-back personality and low energy levels. MAIN SHELTER1590 Fortmann Way Given his happy ending, which reunited him with his sister, Emily, Binx likely wouldn't be coming back. It's pretty inconsistent in the movie, especially since real cats were also used to portray Binx, which makes the puppet-y moments extra glaring. Love This Pet 4. It reunites lost pets with their owners, finds new homes for the homeless, and attempts to prevent animal cruelty through education and community programs. This incredible success story warms our hearts during a time when we all need encouragement, and we thank everyone in our community for making this miracle possible. As much puppetry and animation were used in the movie, one might think that a cat was only used for a few shots here and there. Next Zoom Meeting: 6-7 p.m., Monday, October 19, 2020. Age: ... Good With Cats? Speaking of curses broken, it's never explained just why Binx can now be free. Thackery is wise enough to ask his friend Elijah to find his father and the elders, but he's unprepared when he attempts to rescue Emily alone. That could be a good thing, given that there are several things about our beloved Binx that just don't make a lot of sense. Learn more. There are some clear moments in Hocus Pocus where Binx the cat definitely doesn't look like a cat, but more akin to the animatronic version of Salem the cat in the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV series. Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) shelters and cares for the lost and abandoned companion animals of Alameda, California. Long-term volunteer and supporter Shelly Gable passed away on October 9, surrounded by family and friends. This tiny creature, barely more than 6 ounces when he arrived at this rescue, was one of the most pathetic kittens we had ever seen. $35 donation includes a 4" X 6" print. Given the strides of modern technology, if Binx or any other kind of creature is featured in the sequel to the film, he'll surely look more polished and integrated with any real creatures, if any, used in the movie. RELATED: 10 Best Brother And Sister Duos In Film & TV History. 7. Thanks to the generosity of Shelly and her family, FAAS not only will be able to continue its life-saving canine behavior training program, but it is beginning to build a way to serve Alameda's neediest pets.


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