black cat squadrons
The last U-2 aircraft mission over mainland China took place on 16 March 1968. In the South Pacific on the night of 15 and 16 OCT, LTjg Haber of VP-24, LTjg Muchenthaler of VP-11, were search planes for LCDR Cobb of VP-11 and LTjg Rothenburg of VP-51 with torpodes. In addition to Lu Xiliang, another six former-members of the squadron eventually settled in the US, including Zhuang Renliang (莊人亮), Wang Taiyou (王太佑) in Los Angeles, Ye Changdi (葉常棣) in Texas, Hua Xijun (華錫鈞) in Maryland, and the deputy squadron commander Yang Shiju (楊世駒) in Las Vegas. Colonel Lu was born in Shanghai on December 27, 1923 and completed his training in the US. Many a downed pilot was picked up in what were sometimes very dangerous conditions..." WebSite: [16OCT2004], A BIT OF HISTORY: "...Former Black Cat Retires - Naval Aviation News - November-December 1991..." WebSite: [25OCT2004], A BIT OF HISTORY: "...The Black Cats - Page 10 to 11 - Naval Aviation News - October 1982..." WebSite: [16OCT2004], A BIT OF HISTORY: "...Black Cat Scores Heavily - Naval Aviation News - March 1945.." WebSite: [10NOV2004], A BIT OF HISTORY: "...Japs Played Host - Naval Aviation News - February 1945.." WebSite: [10NOV2004], A BIT OF HISTORY: "...Black Cats Come Home - Naval Aviation News - November 1944..." WebSite: [07NOV2004], A BIT OF HISTORY: "...Black Cats prowled after the Battle of Midway By Geoge Poulas VP-11 Squadron. The formal designation of the squadron was the 35th Squadron, operating under the cover of a high altitude weather research squadron. Circa 1940's..." WebSite: Google Image Search Contributed by John Szalay [email protected] [20JUN2010],,,,,, Other countries were also covered from time to time by the 35th Squadron, such as North Korea,[11] North Vietnam and Laos, but the main objective of the ROC 35th Squadron was to conduct reconnaissance missions assessing the PRC's nuclear capabilities. During the 2015 season the team only used the AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2. This U-2 carried a recorder and an interrogator in an attempt to contact the pods. 6 on 17 June 1967. The squadron is equipped with the U-2 Dragon Lady reconnaissance aircraft. However, with the coming of the Sino-Soviet split and the rapprochement between the US and the PRC, the ROC U-2 squadron stopped entering Chinese airspace, and instead only conducted electronic surveillance plus photo reconnaissance missions with new Long-Range Oblique Reconnaissance (LOROP) cameras on the U-2R while flying over international waters. Some of the missions, due to mission requirements and range, plus to add some element of surprise, had the 35th Squadron's U-2s flying from or recovered at other US air bases in Southeast Asia and Eastern Asia, such as K-8 (Kunsan) in South Korea, or Tikhli in Thailand.


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