brave frontier tier list
The queen of BC gen has finally come to an end. So our recommendation is that you employ common therapists for them and save the healers for battles against individual leaders. DISCLAIMER: This tier list WILL be biased because I based these on my own experiences , but I am completely open to any changes. However his lower DEF buff compared to the standard 140% we have been seeing from Elimo and Kanon holds him back from God Tier. Note: Shaded Units are currently unreleased in the Global Server. Tier 1: Very good. ES helps with his survivability and gives a decent damage boost to boot. Other then that, he is fairly mediocre. This is because Michele is amazing on the defensive side, but is extremely vulnerable when attacked. Consequently, having the Brave Frontier tier list that we bring to you will be a more than valuable tool once you can understand and harness its full power. A section that we will describe later during the development of the Brave Frontier tier list . Basically it is a guide where we have compiled the most important characteristics and statistics of each of the characters. It is not very useful, but it can help against the bosses of several companies, and many bosses are vulnerable to weakness. Brave Frontier tier list . Brave Frontier Tier List [2020 Update] 4 days ago The good news is that there's still a running meta for Brave Frontier, as with So here is the most up-to-date Brave Frontier unit tier list for 2020. His UBB is also very strong, giving a high chance of inflicting the 4 most powerful status ailments along with a stronger ATK down effect. Giant damage boost against Light/Dark enemies and an important unit for mid-runs in FH. Was she limited, because I remember pulling her once or twice? Great for locking down body parts in Raids and also has a place in Medal Rush. Brave Frontier Comprehensive Tier List (Updated 8/4/2019). Once we have completed our tour of the basics that will help us understand and navigate the Brave Frontier tier list that we have developed. Typically used to support or enable top tier squads. Is actually not a bad status/healer unit overall but her poor DC, and inability to cure and status null on the same turn keeps her away from being top tier. Try to avoid using them unless your out of options. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In this character his BB will not eliminate or prevent diseases since he is an AOE that has been hit 11 times, with a 45% chance of weakening the enemy. Right now we will talk about another extremely strong offensive ability. Severely outclassed by other units, and one can argue that there are many better 6* out there to use instead. In this sense, we have determined the strategic potential of each character based on the game round in which they can be most effective. However, we do keep some final recommendations that we will present to you in this last segment. Due to Elimo, Kanon has lost some of his prevalence that he once had. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. They have exceptionally, High Quality Situational: Powerful gimmicks. However he is a bit clunky to use, since you have to constantly switch between your BB and SBB to get the best out of both worlds. They are a good complement to your S group characters. These characters are not capable of winning the battles in the arena. His high damage on both BB and SBB, means he can freely switch up between focusing and AoE whenever he wants and makes him an ideal unit for Raids. Also, her SBB can heal you immensely and at the end of each round she recovers more health than her BB. There are more than 400 heroes present in the Brave Frontier, you have to pick them up and make your best team. More so if you want to get rid of the boss quickly while maintaining the caliber of the BB line. Therefore, it was lowered one level. Doesn’t really bring any slot efficiency but the damage boost is reliable and only other unit to have it on their SBB currently is Dion. There are more than 500 missions in the Brave Frontier game. That is why we recommend creating a priority list that thanks to this Brave Frontier tier list could be an easier task. Brave Frontier Global 7* Tier List. In order for your ranking to count, you need to be logged in and publish the list to the site (not simply downloading the tier list image). but they aren’t as common as Light/Dark which Kira covers, which drops down his ranking a bit. It may be the last level of evaluation so we could consider it the worst. A great mitigator, offering a burst fill and DEF buff all in one. However, in this case it is not recommended to have many powerful healers when you have to face the more general bosses. Provides a slightly better LS then Colt which is the main reason you would be using him. A great Mono-light lead, brings in a hybrid SBB, giving both an ATK and DEF buff which makes him a great F2P unit if you are missing either. Once we have known the rating of each character based on the role that is best given to them in the game. (she can't be evolved Omni+1) and is Sasha a good unit (same probleme)? The best Mono-Light BB spam lead just like her 6* form. DEF ignore on his BB makes him good for metal parade runs as well. Увімкніть JavaScript і оновіть сторінку. Her paralysis is handy for some Raids and Trials however, so she might find more use. From our perspective, Brave Frontier is an ideal game to cover a few hours of leisure since it is a classic combat title in turn-based rounds where we will have to configure a team of heroes that allow us to overcome each adversary. After knowing this extensive and well-nourished guide on Brave Frontier tier list we could think that we have been able to address everything related to the basics of the game. However, this is only useful for heads of various corps. Only use is a Mono-Fire lead. In addition, it will provide you with a series of powerful AoEs that have no waste. - The 6 Starters, I will be next to you - Deemo and The Girl, Source:, A great mitigator, offering a burst fill and DEF buff all in one. However, her powerful AOEs attacks make her one of the most powerful and highly projected pieces in the game. In this way, we have developed the following qualification. Or I am just wrong--I can totally be wrong! The top heroes in group B are Rinon and Avani. However Diana is still a very good slot efficient BC gen unit, and can save up a lot of slots which makes her ideal in Trials.


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