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From then on, the pair have a very close, flirtatious relationship. Although Hades is Persephone's uncle in the original mythology, they are. I Love what I do and it’s DB most of the time, but I have so much more to share with you. They ultimately ended the affair during the "80's" (most likely sometime before Hades met Minthe). Follow. Persephone has a monochromatic theme, with pink skin and darker pink hair. Hades is flustered after being unable to find Persephone in the crowd, and decides to head home. Even as the god of love. When patting the ground twice, one can also summon Hades to their location. When Hades passes, Hera decides to encourage and support the relationship. Demeter telling Apollo to stay the fuck away from her daughter. Later on however she sort of... lost her charm to me? Sequel to "Come Home With Me". Hades and Persephone officially meet after the Panathenaea held at Zeus and Hera's. Recently, the WEBTOON Lore Olympus has rapidly gained popularity. lore olympus lo hades lo persephone. The National Rail Museum, Realizing this is the work of Aphrodite, Hades brings her in and lets her sleep in his guest room. Hecate also appears to be Hades' closest friend at work. He appears to be able to tell who has summoned him when this occurs. ", Please read that first - you don't have to read the companion pieces, but this won't really make sense if you don't read the first part of the series. Drakengard Endings Guide, While with good intentions, Eros’ crashing Psyche’s wedding to a cruel man is full-blown terrifying. Though it is ruined in the fact that she is still talking/conspiring with Thetis and Thanatos to bring down Persephone all because she's jealous that Hades has fallen in love with Persephone and doesn't want to be with Minthe anymore. Hades is able to take on an alternate form that greatly resembles his father, Cronus. Zeus introduces her as Persephone: Goddess of Spring and Demeter’s daughter. Even creepier when you learn that he's held in high esteem among most Olympians and that Zeus has outright said he doesn't want to do anything about it because that might reflect badly on Olympus in general, which is unfortunately. In response, Minthe claims that Persephone will not want Hades, as he is still just as messed up as her, and that Hades will soon come back like he always does. Hades tries to brush her off as a nymph he associates with but Persephone correctly deduces that Minthe is his lover and points out that Hades and his brothers have a reputation for having many sordid affairs. House Press Contacts, Species Posts; Archive; Hades noticed . While only hinted at with a, In chapter 124 shows that Apollo's threat on making Persephone marrying him a reality when he goes to Hera's office and asks for her approval. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from [email protected] Alongside his younger brothers, Poseidon and Zeus, and the three goddesses Hera, Demeter, and Hestia, Aidoneus helped dismantle the rule of the Titans and aided in the imprisonment of his father in Tartarus. Persephone asks Hades not to tell her mother that she got drunk which Hades promises. Good call, Persie. Without any hesitation, he captured his son and devoured him whole. Doesn't erase the fact that he sexually assaulted her when she was in a very vulnerable state and refuses to leave her alone. A community to share fanart, cosplays, stories, fan theories and more about the webcomic Lore Olympus … Eros saving Psyche from her wedding to a cruel man AND from her abusive family. After some playful mocking from his brothers, Hades noticed a pink goddess with Artemis and became immediately smitten with her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He was first seen using this ability on the shades in Tartarus. Hades, who is the god of wealth and so runs banks, is not amused. Hades flirtatiously asks Persephone if he looks like a scoundrel to which a flustered Persephone admits he is at least 30% scoundrel. Persephone, enthusiastic by Hades collection of cars, asks to drive them. His eyes are black, and are often illustrated with different colored irises depending on his mood (most frequently red.) The two get along fairly well, despite Hades' occasional annoyance over Poseidon's reckless lifestyle and childish nature. Kandi Xscape Tour, He appears to have some abilities relating to healing, as he was able to successfully reattach. Persephone is convicted for her unsanctioned murders. by | Sep 25, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments. Hades gives her a jacket that was meant for Hera and even allows her to drive one of his cars, which he doesn't let anyone do. 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She is able to understand and sympathize with him when he reveals his romantic feelings for Persephone, despite originally becoming enraged after hearing about her overnight stay at his home. Just as he was about to intervene, Persephone manages to tame the gatekeeper of the underworld by playfully petting him, much to the surprise and envy of Hades. Upon being assigned to the Underworld, Hades spent long hours and many days running it. The two had a very toxic relationship, where they would share moments of affection which would be severely counterbalanced by constant fighting. But nope, he decides to take her to his mansion in the freaking Underworld where she has literally never been in her entire life. They get along very well, though as Hebe points out, Hera may sometimes take her frustrations with Zeus out on Hades. Hades tries to get out of attending until Zeus commands him to come, much to Hades’ reluctance. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from [email protected] She also told Eros as he is crying about his love story that it was a load of bullshit. Stylish and immersive, this is one of mythology’s greatest stories -- The Taking of Persephone -- as it’s never been told before. Then she tells him off saying that yes, Hades is right and she doesn’t want to see him. Hades Big Damn Heroes moment when he saves Persephone from getting trapped and tortured in Tartarus. Some of Hades and Persephone’s best moments have been over the phone, and Persephone asking the King if he’s okay… well it made his day. Comic on Webtoon. From their awkward first meeting (or, was it their first meeting??) That and telling off her mother. Hades’ reaction to Persephone dressed as a Fury isn’t as low-key as he thought it would be. Hestia’s first on-screen appearance outside of flashbacks is interrogating Persephone about the tabloid with Hades and slut-shames for simply being with him. According to Rachel, Hades stopped physically aging in his late 30s or early 40s. Poseidon is Hades' younger brother. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hades and Apollo have a mutual disdain for each other. Same goes for Minthe who constantly abuses Hades emotionally and, in chapter 76, physically. Minthe herself crosses it too far when she hits Hades, compares him to Kronus, and takes no responsibility for her faults. , Final piece ♥ OCs belong to @frauleinpflaume, Finished commission for @saltyirish I forgot to upload it. Shame on me ❤, Patrons get the HQ artwork without watermarks~, New monthly artwork is now available on my Patreon ❤☺ I love his face so much , I am well prepared for a cosy evening with scary movies and pumpkin soup . Yeah the fact that Persephone is 19 and also portrayed as a teenager while Hades is portrayed as a middle aged man is kinda strange. He is revealed to be infertile.


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