bruni vélez periodista

His father, Germán Vélez Forestier, was a radio announcer and part-time singer (he was Mon Rivera's singing partner at the beginning of Mon's career in El Duo Huasteca). View the profiles of people named Bruni Velez Vasquez. Telemundo first introduced Telenoticias (TV News) in 1954 and in 1977, Telenoticias en Accion in a new format with him as main anchor along with Ramon Enrique Torres, Bruni Vélez and Junior Abrams. [4], In December 2007, Wilkins held a press conference in Puerto Rico to announce his retirement from music after 40 years of career. In the movie, he sang the song "Margarita", which he composed and which is also included in his Paraiso Perdido album. He was twice named by Billboard and ASCAP as the singer and composer of the year.

That same year he also won another Gold Record Award for the recording of Wilkins-Leyenda, which consists of a set of four CDs with 70 songs. Later years and death. In the 1990s, he released several other successful albums such as Pole-Pole and held a concert in El Morro fortress in San Juan. El formato de blog creo que permitirá expresar nuestras vivencias personales. In 1988, Wilkins participated in the film Salsa, as a homeless person, starring Robby Rosa alongside the likes of Celia Cruz and Tito Puente. El video y la cancion fueron muy emotivos, en donde mostraron fotos y videos de Brunie Velez. Wilkins (born 1953) is a Puerto Rican pop music singer and composer.

"Margarita" became one of his greatest "hits" and he won Gold Record Awards in Puerto Rico, Latin America, the United States, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Egypt, South Africa and the Philippines. [1], In the 1980s, a dance craze called the "Lambada" (The Forbidden Dance) spread across the world. En el mes de agosto de 2006 Puerto Rico sufrió una pérdida irreparable. In 1995, he recorded El Amor Es Mas Fuerte (The Love is Stronger) which won a "Tu Musica Award" as best album of the year. Wilkins has won over 23 Gold Record and 10 Platinum Record Awards over the years. [1], In 1980, Wilkins released Respiraré (I Will Breathe) which was named best recording of the year by ASCAP.

He had a son, Gabriel, with his first wife, who died in 1994 of a brain tumor.

Wilkins' music has also been popular in (Germany) and Japan.

En el programa de Kobbo mandaron varios saludos Bruni Velez (creo que se menciono en dos ocasiones), a su esposo ex integrante del Conjunto Quisqueya, a su hermano Wilkins, y su familia. As a child, he enjoyed putting on a "show" for his loved ones, which included his sister Bruni Vélez, who would later become a newscaster and TV journalist in Puerto Rico.


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