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Min-seo is portrayed as a foul-mouthed, brazen and extremely violent teenager who resorts to violence in order to get her way, claiming that violence is the answer to everything. So don't give up.

", "If your worst fear is disappointing your parents, that means your parents effed up. You deserve a oscar-. will playing this game infect me with the gay? Ending Today at 8:34PM GMT 16h 30m. I hate you more than the stringy things on bananas. You did such a good work <333. For Halloween, Diya and Min match, with Diya was Red Riding Hood and Min was the Big Bad Wolf.

Development log. Min was jealous of Noelle because of how close During the story, Min doesn’t know about alternative pronouns like they/ze/ey yet, so she currently only uses she/her.

IT'S YOU!!!!!!!! ", "I hate you. Noelle made a really objective and clinical PowerPoint with the key moments in bullet points, and made note of things most people wouldn’t include, such as Min’s major mistakes.

Thank you for making such a wonderful, and painfully relatable VN. Min is skilled at flipping butterfly knives. Seriously though, being asian and being bi is HARD. i'd die for diya. When watching a horror movie, Min is the least scared ― she tends to think she could beat other people and monsters in a fight so she’s rarely scared in general. if you pay $5 USD or more.

She considers herself "hardcore", saying that she could kill a bear with her own hands. K im finally confirming im so fucking gay. The message for the story is so well thought out and the ending made me happy-cry so badly. In the future, she still mostly uses she/her but will also be fine with they/them. Min-seo is the daughter and eldest child of Min-seo's parents. She hates tomatoes by themselves, but is fine with them in pasta sauce, etc. Sem duvida alguma foi um dos melhores jogos que joguei, foi prazeroso jogar este jogo, diálogos muito bem feitos, desenhos incríveis e sem questionamento algum, marcante. ...WHICH SHOT A KNIFE!! At their wedding, Min and Diya got WAY too into kissing during the ceremony and Noelle clears her throat loudly to remind them there are children watching. It sounds like a really miserable process, but they’re okay in the end. Oh my god this was the one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had! Min’s family is Christian so she went to church regularly as a kid, but she has complicated feelings about it due to her church’s homophobia, etc. Min likes spicy food and always chooses the hottest option. <3. and form a romantic relationship. When she IS momentarily scared by jump scares she denies it afterwards. ", "You think you're so smart, huh?!

it's also reassuring to see similar fucked up things my immigrant parents have said and done to me being shown as cruel and painful, makes my trauma feel valid. Min-seo is described to have mediocre posture and slouches sometimes. £3.10 postage. It’s not mentioned why she has a bandaid as a teenager and may be explained more in. Min’s brain actually can’t fully process that she’s way shorter than Diya. As an bi Asian-American girl, I'm really glad to have this game as representation that the mainstream media doesn't really have. I'll work hard so I can take you! Can Relate to Noelle's suffering??? £10.00. Min appeared to have invited Diya to a baseball game with Jun and their father.

She wears a black and white t-shirt underneath with white text that says "what the fuck is wrong with you" in all caps, black ripped jeans, and black combat boots that she likes to wear partially unzipped because she thinks it looks cool.

Min dares Akarsha to lick a mailbox, and so Akarsha does it. She ended up with Diyamin, which she thought sounded like diamond. DIYA!!!!!!!!!!!!! But then again, "If you want to be a butterfly, you have to be butterfly soup first." The game will be the sequel to Butterfly Soup and a direct continuation of the cast’s high school shenanigans. Our wiki currently has 23 pages with 2,790 edits made by our 3 active users.You can help the wiki out by logging in or creating an account to be able to have unrestricted editing access to your favourite articles, your user page, community member achievements and more! You could be a model. The only instrument Min knows how to play is the kkwaenggwari.

Min-seo is short in height and has an androgynous appearance, with short black hair and black eyes that end in an upward slant. Min and Diya live together when they are at college. O-OVERTAKE! She likes fried foods and curry.

In the future, Min is actually out of town when the fire in her and Diya's apartment happens. ... Diya x Min Jun x Dragon boy harold Arkasha x Noelle Chyrssa x Liz Weeb x weeb w h o i s e v e n E s t e r? This was followed by shock from Noelle, to which Min was quick to take it back.

I put off playing this game for so long and I'm so, so glad to finally have played it! Click download now to get access to the following files: This made me look at life from a whole other level. lul the lesbians bashing dragon boy for love is gold. £4.00. I could not believe this amazing piece of writing could be done by one person. this game makes me feel really good to be gay as hell. When Diya asks Min to teach her to say "Hi" in Korean, she teaches her to say "I love you" instead. "It's okay if you're not what your parents want you to be." Min-seo and Hayden are childhood friends.

thank you, OMGGG PLEASEE MAKE A PART TWO THIS GAME WAS SOOO GOOODDDD OMGGGGGGG. I was so glad in the end that Diya got her Pom!! I'm way, way worse. this game was so cute and good and amazing thank you for feeding me, AHHHH ITS SO BEAUTIFUL, IT MADE ME LAUGH AND CRY, but i feel hella stupid since i dont understand anything sports related i'm a human slug (i dont know what that means, it kinda made sense in my head) and uh does it have multiple endings? Min thinks she's invincible and that the proven bad effects of smoking wouldn't happen to her. The reason for this is because Diya referred to Noelle as her best friend, to the great displeasure of Min. BOBORA Coat Toddler Jacket Outwear Baby Girl Butterfly Pattern Winter Clothes.

Thank you for making a story that I'll be thinking about for the rest of my life! she was to Diya. Jacket size 10, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson. Min-seo is usually aggressive and hostile towards anyone she meets. It doesn't matter whether you're a boy or a girl." She also doesn’t cover her mouth when she coughs/sneezes. Their attraction for each other continues from where they left off five years ago. High quality Butterfly Soup gifts and merchandise. I looked it up on Yahoo Answers. ", "Did that bee just try to sting you?! i started bawling at the end, i guess i didn't know how much i needed to hear those things. Really wish this was on the app store that would be amazing,I've been wanting to play but can't sadly I have an Android and have no computers, THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST WHY DIDNT I KNOW ABOUT THIS BEFORE UGHH, I JUST FINISHED THIS GAME AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH THANK YOU.

Noelle states that it doesn't make sense as a couple’s costume because the wolf wants to eat Red Riding Hood. Min-seo's parents wouldn't approve of Min-seo joining the Baseball Club, with Min needing to forge her parents' signature instead because of her parents' strict gender roles.[3]. I love it so much. In the future, Min and Diya do not have children, and if they did, they would probably make their toddler children hang by a curtain rod while taking a picture. It's really cute, full of heart, and touches on some very important topics that're relevant in our time. I usually find myself needing to take breaks from a lot of VNs cause I find the dialogue clunky or boring, but I was never bored in this (I played it all in one go)! A visual novel about gay asian girls playing baseball and falling in love. At the end of the day, they do, albeit begrudgingly, care about each other. Basically Perfect Game, 10000/10, I FULLY recommend playing it.

£3.30 postage. As with Akarsha they would have to take a plane if they wanted to see her. https://brianna-lei.tumblr.com/post/165821767019/butterfly-soup-asks-batch-8, https://brianna-lei.tumblr.com/post/169291192839/butterfly-soup-asks-20, https://brianna-lei.tumblr.com/post/165753625584/anonymous-butterfly-soup-asks-batch-6, https://brianna-lei.tumblr.com/post/165643187249/anonymous-butterfly-soup-asks-batch-5, https://brianna-lei.tumblr.com/post/165996723949/butterfly-soup-asks-batch-10, https://brianna-lei.tumblr.com/post/166099484839/butterfly-soup-asks-11, https://brianna-lei.tumblr.com/post/166166079834/butterfly-soup-asks-12, https://brianna-lei.tumblr.com/post/166487755089/butterfly-soup-asks-15, https://brianna-lei.tumblr.com/post/166727493239/butterfly-soup-asks-16, https://brianna-lei.tumblr.com/post/167577525429/butterfly-soup-asks-18, https://brianna-lei.tumblr.com/post/165452837449/anon-butterfly-soup-asks-below-the-cut, https://brianna-lei.tumblr.com/post/165486207974/earlier-someone-asked-what-songs-min-likes-so, https://me-patra.tumblr.com/post/165809269963/brianna-lei-they-look-pretty-similar-the-only, https://butterflysoup.fandom.com/wiki/Min-seo?oldid=2789, "Hey, gamers.

", "I promised I'd come back, didn't I? "This is America! 0 bids. Reply.

00. They eventually become great friends. Diya and Min-seo are childhood friends. Both tend to be more associated with males rather than females. Im literally crying rn???? butterflysoup butterfly soup min-seo diya butterfly soup diyamin min butterfly soup i wanted to add akarsha and noelle but I ran out of time ;^; this game means alot to me and I highly recommend it my art fanart artist on tumblr flowers doodles also no one needs to know but im really proud of diyas shoe these dudes deserve the world The sequel is said to further explore issues of cultural and sexual identity, as well as touching upon new topics surrounding gender and race. This is such a cool game!!!!! The story line, the characters, the art style, the dogs—everything. She fell off and broke her arm. I’ve just finished it and I cried. I'm never letting go of you again!! You NEED this visual novel.


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