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President: Hon. Type : The Association of African American California Judicial Officers, Inc. (AAACJO) is a members-only organization established in 2017 to address the professional interests of state and federal judicial officers presiding in the State of California. A Little Child Shall Lead Them chronicles the journey of Brandon Alexander, a baby born with a host of terminal maladies, and the spiritual metamorphosis of his mother, Lisa Alexander, in her quest to cure him. Perhaps the most talked-about potential nominee is current circuit court judge Sri Srinivasan. Carla Garrett, Administrative Law Judge III. Bobbi Tillmon, Los Angeles County Superior Court. All rights reserved. Srinivasan worked briefly at an international law firm, O'Melveny & Myers, and he even represented an Enron executive before the Supreme Court, but his private-sector resume is not as lengthy as his wife's. In that capacity, she presides over due process hearings and issues decisions in accordance with the legal principles set forth in federal and state law. The divergent views bring challenges in the midst of an already impossible situation, leaving the couple wondering how many casualties their son’s illness will claim. Secure e-File Transfer (SFT) system for all electronic document submissions With the unexpected death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia over the weekend, the bench of the highest court in the country remains pretty evenly divided along political lines. Treasurer: Hon. Carla L. Garrett is an Administrative Law Judge for the State of California. If Srinivasan actually does receive a seat on the Supreme Court bench, they'll already have the D.C. lifestyle down, but Srinivasan will be taking on one of the biggest jobs in the country. The membership includes Superior Court Judges and Commissioners, Appellate Court Justices, Administrative Law Judges and State Bar Court Judges. Huey P. Cotton, Los Angeles County Superior Court She provides legal counsel to large companies, small businesses, and individuals … Hearing Decisions by Administrative Law Judge September 19, 2020 A total of 1,008 special education due process disputes were heard by California’s Office of Administrative Hearings in 2008 through 2019. Paperback, Type : Carla L. Garrett Administrative Law Judge of the State of California Greater Los Angeles Area 118 connections Copyright © 2018 Xulon Press is owned by Salem Media Group. Carla Garrett, Administrative Law Judge Los Angeles County, Treasurer: Hon. Kelvin D. Filer, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Immediate Past President: Hon. Srinivasan's wife Carla Garrett has achieved plenty of success, Garrett currently runs her own legal practice. Srinivasan has spent most of his legal career in the public sector, clerking for various courts and judges. Soon, they could have even more to balance. The birth of a child brings new and wonderful things…but not always. In fact, he served as a clerk to Supreme Court Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor early in his career, which probably makes him a natural fit for the court's bench now that he's even more experienced. Committees have been established to focus on these goals, enabling AAACJO to effectively and positively impact the legal and general community. Laura Walton, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Vice President: Hon. Carla lives in Los Angeles with her children, a stone’s throw from the people who mean the most to her…her parents, her sisters, and the rest of her amazing family. Garrett currently runs her own legal practice, Carla J. Garrett, PLC. The mission of AAACJO is to: (i) improve the administration of justice; (ii) consider matters concerning the judiciary and specific issues and concerns impacting the African American community; (iii) support the Code of Judicial Ethics; (iv) promote the interchange of ideas and encouraging cooperation among members; (v) promote diversity amongst the bar and the judiciary; (vi) communicate, educate, and network among African American judicial officers, other members of the judiciary, bar associations and the general community; and (vii) Mentor and provide application support of judicial candidates. All rights reserved. Prior, as Deputy Trial Counsel for the State Bar of California, she spent more than a decade prosecuting attorneys for professional misconduct. Hardcover. Although they've taken different paths in the legal field, Srinivasan and Garrett have managed to balance stellar careers while raising their children. Srinivasan, an Indian American, is married to Garrett, a lawyer and fellow Stanford Law School graduate. Garrett has not worked extensively in the public sector like her husband, but she has served the community in many ways beyond the corporate world. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Huey P. Cotton, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Member at Large: Hon. She has previously organized a Stanford alumni event called "Day of Service" in Arlington, Virginia, where she lives with Srinivasan and their two twin children, Maya and Vikram. Secretary: Hon., BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Healing - Prayer & Spiritual. Carmen Snuggs, Administrative Law Judge II Eileen Cohn, Administrative Law Judge II. In that capacity, she presides over due process hearings and issues decisions in accordance with the legal principles set forth in federal and state law. As Brandon battles to survive, she delves deeper and deeper into the spiritual realm, leaving her husband struggling to recognize who she is, or what she has become, against the backdrop of his own realist philosophies. Garrett currently runs her own legal practice, Carla J. Garrett, PLC. Carla is the mother of three, serving as their provider, protector, teacher, cheerleader, nurse, chauffer, advisor, advocate, admonisher, life coach, and as their number one fan. She provides legal counsel to large companies, small businesses, and individuals dealing with business matters. Although they began their legal experience at the same university, Srinivasan and Garrett have taken near opposite paths throughout their careers. She has also volunteered with a local group that provides meals to homeless people, and she has represented a low-income housing group in Washington through pro bono legal work. According to her biography on the firm's website, she was the first general counsel of a publicly traded technology company.


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