catalina 30 companionway cover
Great quality, Installation was a snap with great customer service. Has cutouts on port side for instruments. In summary, a great product that I would recommend to Hunter owners. Rags just don't cut it. For the small gaps they recommended "Backer Rod". has the parts and accessories you need for your Catalina sailboat. Picture This. I have found their knowledge/experience to be invaluable and would not hesitate to recommend. Various articles covering frequently asked questions, informative bits of information, and even a spot of humor. Especially as a live-aboard. The doors, with all the features sailors have been asking for. It was necessary to make some minor changes to my original mounting but John and his staff walked me through the process. #E8037. We loved them. Whether you choose solid teak, Starboard Plastic, or 1/2″ acrylic with stainless steel teak trim, your companionway doors from Cruising Concepts are designed to give you years of enjoyment. Everywhere I go someone asks where I got my doors. However, there are lots of gaps and slots for cold air to get through, particularly near the top where the companionway hatch meets the door. When we bought our Hunter 310 we knew we needed to upgrade the hatch boards to a functional door. Thanks to great instructions, I had the doors installed in less than an hour. We have looked at this problem ever since we bought our 1988 Mark II. Installation Notes . One Design Covers Since 1972! Otherwise your winter moisture issues will increase. We love our new doors. Manufacturing They offer easier access than hatch boards and shed light into the … Manufacturer of Catalina 30 sailboat covers and 200+ other one design boat covers and accessories since 1972. Navy Blue Sunbrella (Ships from WA) View product detail & photo (opens new window) 831667: $179.95: $150.00 (cost 0.00) (retail 179.95) Starboard Plastic Companionway Doors – Plastic Companionway Doors. Ladder All. After 5 minutes I can assure you I'll never own another sailboat that I don't install these doors on. Video: How to do a Hatch Upgrade Retrofit on your boat, Video: How to measure Companionway Doors for your boat, Video: Cruising Concepts Cockpit Table and Cup / Binocular Holder Installation, Video: How to replace a Window on your boat, Video: How to upgrade to a Beckson Port on your boat, How to upgrade to a Beckson Port on your boat, Cruising Concepts Cockpit Table and Cup / Binocular Holder Installation, How to do a Hatch Upgrade Retrofit on your boat, How to measure companionway doors for your boat, Catalina Recessed Boat Window Installation, Catalina 30 34 36 42 Configuration Check (1987 – 1992), IP Island Packet Cockpit Table Teak Adapter Installation Instructions, Cockpit Tables Pedestal Throttle Shift Lever Casing Inf0:  Yacht Specialties Whitworth Catalina Hunter and Others, Catalina 30 Interior Table Installation Instructions, Benetau Companionway Door Measurement Instructions, Interior Tables for Boats Configuration Diagrams. I got all the inserts and glad that I did. Installation was easy and the DVD was very clear. These were the doors my wife wanted as an anniversary present 5 years ago. CLEARANCE ITEM: Companionway cover for a Hunter 260 (1998 - ). Don't get it too tight. Checkout out the peer forum where you can read about others' boating experiences, post your questions, and even contribute your knowledge. Never varnish again. It is a waterproof foam sort of product. If we install an AC system in the boat (central) we will have to seal that slot, soooooo, we have looked at those new companionway doors to solve the problem, BUT they are pricey. When locked you can't raise the doors so they can't be removed while the companionway cover is closed. Two things made the decision much easier: Install these, and you simply will not go back to your companionway doors (at least on the Chesapeake Bay). CRUISING CONCEPTS EXCELS IN PROVIDING TOP QUALITY COMPANIONWAY DOORS! We are finding that the boom length on the Catalina 30's is varying from boat to boat. Still have an issue when we are at the boat so I think I'll try the weather stripping. $192.90. While cruising, I am constantly reminded that those doors have been the best value and most useful addition I have installed on my boat. Sail Cover They are fabulous. I'd considered teak doors, but these are maintenance-free; a big consideration. It was cheap and did not install right. In 2006, we purchased the Companionway Doors for our Catalina 310. For the 44 x 38 screen, the taper begins at 26 inches. I was concerned that the all white Zarcor doors would not look right. (can you tell I'm female and have no idea what I'm talking about??) I made a similar setup for our previous boat, an O'Day 23. All our friends love them. That is, I found myself actually going down below briefly to close the door just so I could open it again. Great product. Just some other ideas. Everyone that sees them is impressed. Catalina Direct is the largest supplier of Catalina Yacht parts in the country. Zarcor has changed this by replacing those pesky hatch boards with their award winning Companionway Doors. The doors look great and it's a pleasure not having bugs in the cabin at night. Island Packeting. These doors are awesome. Maybe 0.5" or so high, an inch wide. Look good and are the best. Become and affiliate of The Sailors' Tailor and make some They are pricey, but I can't imagine doing without them after three seasons of use. Lew Love. they no longer make them! Catalina 30 Canvas & Covers Electrical Engine Hatches & Ports Hull / Deck Interior Lifelines & Stanchions Rigging Sails Catalina 310 Canvas & Covers Electrical ... Companionway Cover Custom Color C-250 . Doors are very practical up here in the North West waters. What a great addition the Zarcor doors have been for my Hunter 410. Sale. Here's how. To top that installation is simple and fast and customer service is outstanding. Maintenance & Repair; Tools, Lubes, Sealant.


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