chanwoo bj alex birthday
You’ve always been so hardworking and devoted, that it inspired millions of people – and nothing will ever change it. Cause now he is a former member, this is the painful truth. Blood Type: A b.i, himself wanted to take drugs, it’s just that the girl know someone who sells drugs that b.i wanted. he is listed with the stage name of JU-NE but at 1st fans really knew him as Junhoe that is right . – He has a younger sister. I guess we should complain that to YG not here as this site only present what it was decided by YG….. I would love BJ Alex some keychains or pins for my Ita bag. Unfortunately, we have no say in this. 173 cm , @daniellesubias:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! On December 24, 2015, as a member of iKON, he was part of the group's first full length album Welcome Back's release. Join Now Create Post 》Ju-ne takes Jiu Jitsu classes, Also: Watch iKON Unreleased Video. It’s very real. Don’t worry, his profile will be kept, it won’t be deleted. – He was said to be an early bird that doesn’t skip breakfast. Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer If possible, do you think you could sell some merch. KProfiles, instead of putting “former member”, could you please put “forever member”? This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. He made his debut with the group in May 2014 on the TV show Mix and Match. that’s it. I’m sure they didn’t choose their new names, on the their showcase, Jinhwan (or Jay) said “Apparently, i’m Jay.”, I am thei new fans… I love them all especially BI n Jinhwan(jay)…i really admired them how they struggle…I love to watch their epi Mix and Match. wished it could all be rumors seriously cant accept the reality its too cruel. For the crazy iKON fans, I am not saying anything against B.I, Bobby, Ju-ne and Jinhwan, I just dont like that DK, Song and Chanwoo dont get much lines. iKON Official Light Stick Color: Orange-Red (it’s orange when off and red-ish when on), iKON Official Accounts: Birth Name: Kim Jin Hwan (김진환) . Feel free to comment below. He did not do it. There’s a lot of info, thanks a lot! Hanbin said that recently on Vlive Channel+, June and Chan know how to speak Japanese, and the rest know little Japanese, you should add in hanbin’s facts that he writes/composes all their songs and composed winner’s empty, contributed in epik high’s born hater, blackpink’s whistle and three of psy’s songs, bomb, last scene and auto reverse. Ok, he is still a member in our hearts, but according to YG and to what B.I himself said he is not a member anymore. leaving iKON. Weekly Idol. – They said he loves wine and drinking. He did not do anything to help Hanbin.


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