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First of all, they’ve given a name to the place people go to issue death threats to others. I also didn’t think he’s still be making up Deflategate lies, but he is. I hope this doesn't sound rude because I really don't know and am curious but.. How does someone feel something not right and it's stage 1 but something like this where it's stage 4 right off the bat. Chris Mortensen was diagnosed with throat cancer without any reliable information of him smoking or not. FWIW, my ex had this exact same diagnosis about 6 years ago, beat it, and is completely recovered. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. And then not only not correcting the record, but leaving them out there to fool the gullible long after the truth was known. “More than a week ago, I was diagnosed with a Stage IV throat cancer,” Mortensen said in a statement on Friday. So welcome to the club, Mort. Chris Mortensen bio: ... From 1983-90 Mortensen filed investigative reports and covered the Braves (1983-85), Falcons (1985-86) and the NFL (1987-89) for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. And contradicts everything he’s said until now. IVC = distant metastases, i.e., spread to areas outside of the Head & Neck (most commonly lungs), i.e., what you're thinking of. For those who might be unfamiliar, Stage 4 is the worst of the 4 stages and means metastasis to other parts of the body. Mortensen and his wife rented a house there for the 2015 season, and he eventually sent her back home to Arkansas after some death threats he received. But the biggest, most blatant lie of all is that business of how his report didn’t lead to … everything. Sources:, FACT CHECK: Kwik Trip Launches “Kwik Strip” Gentlemen’s Clubs, FACT CHECK: Burisma Admitted to Paying Bribe to Joe Biden. Poor guy. I would have been fine with [a correction].’’, The correction wouldn’t have mattered much to the six-state region that loved the Patriots. Mortensen released a … HPV-related Head and Neck cancers often present with small primary tumors + large lymph nodes (i.e., often present as Stage IVA disease). Peter King on SI has a long profile of Chris Mortensen. Stage IV is not necessarily terminal. Once he blew off an interview on WEEI at the last minute without explanation. Hell, two years ago I was having surgery to repair a torn meniscus and some guy commented on my own Facebook page that he hopes I drop dead on the operating table. @jerrythornton1. The good news is that these tumors are FAR more responsive to treatment (chemoradiation) then HPV negative cancers (which are often caused by tobacco/alcohol). Understandably, most of it has to do with the extreme treatment he’s been undergoing for throat cancer. At others, he hid behind that last refuge of a social media scoudrel, the “I don’t know much about how Twitter works” excuse. Nobody should get into the habit or get addicted to smoking, because it is not healthy at all. If you don't like David Bowie's music or acting, you wouldn't go into a thread talking about how much you hate his music. In fact, the staging system is under revision to reflect that fact that HPV+ Stage IVA-B cancers have a favorable prognosis. Unless Mort is a big time drinker/smoker, most of these cancers are driven by HPV. For throat cancer, however, it isn't necessarily as bad as other cancers. The most common Head & Neck cancers (oropharynx) often present with an enlarged lymph node in the neck (lump in the neck). I learned from The Sopranos that there is not Stage 5. For this reason, he took a break from his on-air work at the cable network. No matter how "treatable" or "non life threatening" a cancer is, you can NEVER underestimate the savage beast that is cancer. Correct my story, please. Indeed it is a good news that Mortensen is cancer free and we hope he remains in good health and comes to work real soon. Nobody should have to deal with this. no one deserves that shit. If someone has told you they’re going to kill you or simply that they’re rooting for your cancer to win, you’re entitled to feel any feelings you want, with the exception of feeling special. Eventually, King asks Mortensen about the infamous Tweet: “Do you regret not having an issued a correction on that original Tweet?” I asked. Press J to jump to the feed. “Very Cavallari” Star Introduces Her New Man, By: Ashmeet Bagga - Published: September 1, 2016 at 11:52 am. ShitAnd barely a year after Stuart Scott died of cancer. My mother was diagnosed with Stage 1 cervical cancer just over two years ago and it flipped my life upside down. This isn't the place to grind your personal axe, whatever it may be. And that’s not so great. All rights reserved. That's the topic of this thread. And, unfortunately, vice versa. We are sure all the viewers miss his style of reporting on the games. At different times he stood by the 2.0 psi figures. Always a gentleman. ESPN sits on the southern edge of Patriots country, in central Connecticut. Recently, Chris has announced that he is virtually cancer free after eight long months of treatment. Yeah the prognosis is terrible at this stage. I had non Hodgkin's lymphoma and it was stage 4 due to the size of the tumor; it hadn't spread anywhere else. I could not possibly imagine a Stage 4 diagnoses. Mortensen’s claim that he wanted to take the Tweet down is a flat out lie. He said he got a tweet recently—he assumes from a Patriots backer—that said, “You haven’t died yet?” It made him laugh, he said, because it’s the kind of sharp barb he might throw at a friend. We are sure all the viewers miss his style of reporting on the games. There won’t be universal agreement on that, the same way there wasn’t agreement on the non-deletion of the tweet. Everyone, including the doctors thought he would beat it within the year. This is a subreddit for the NFL community. "More than a week ago, I was diagnosed with a Stage IV throat cancer," Mortensen said in a statement Friday. Another lie. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Naploetana - Chestnut Hill. You never know about someone’s prognosis. But get well soon. Pretty good odds considering it's stage 4. There is some good news for American journalist, Chris Mortensen as he has disclosed that finally after eight long months of treatment and chemotherapy, he is cancer free. At minimum, Mortensen was a useful idiot, putting out false reports. “I got some that concerned me.’’ But, Mortensen said: “I think it is absolutely ludicrous to suggest reporting like that led to the NFL hiring Ted Wells and spending $8 million on [investigating Deflategate].”. Always professional. "My focus shifted significantly to gathering information about the specifics of this cancer. RIP Johnny Sac. Just awful. NFL reporter Chris Mortensen has been diagnosed with stage IV throat cancer and will be temporarily stepping away from his job at ESPN. We all know somebody, right? This isn't the time or the place. I also have the love and prayers of my wife Micki, my family, my friends, colleagues and, most of all, my faith that serve as sources of tremendous strength. For those of you who are wondering or searching for “chris mortensen smoker,” and “chris mortensen smoking,” then you should know that there are no official statement or records of Chris Mortensen smoking. Unless Mort is a big time drinker/smoker, most of these cancers are driven by HPV. But things seem to be looking good for Mortensen. The first rock rolling down the hill that created the Ted Wells avalanche. “Consequently, with the support and encouragement from ESPN president John Skipper and many others at ESPN, I am temporarily stepping away from my normal NFL coverage duties to better engage this opportunity to fight the good fight that is projected to affect almost 1.7 million Americans with new cases in 2016.”, He also said, “I have many inspirational examples of men, women and children who have faced this very fight. Is Devin Singletary Related to Mike Singletary? I have a peace about this and look forward to the battle.”. Nobody should get into the habit or get addicted to smoking, because it is not healthy at all. Before you post, ask yourself if your comment is about dealing with illness, about the impact on the NFL, or if it's about you. And that’s not so great. My jaw dropped when I saw it was Stage 4. fuck thats scary as hell to reflect on as that's the same stage my father was in when he was diagnosed 7 years ago. If you want to know more information about Chris Mortensen, then don’t forget to click this link. Second, I’m glad Mortensen is doing well enough at least to point out that everything he says here is 100 percent, Grade A, USDA prime bullshit.


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