cobra rad 380

The Cobra Rad 500G, for example, is another middle ground detector that offers higher-end features for a lower price than other models. The money you skimped on will pale in comparison to the price of your speeding ticket.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Cobra RAD 380 Laser Radar Detector – Long Range Detection, LaserEye Front and Rear Detection, IVT Filtering, Updateable Software, Adjustable Sensitivity, Digital Signal Processing, Black at Select which categories you are interested in: Advanced Radar Detector with App Connectivity, Enhanced 2X detection range of competitors, 2nd Generation IVT™ Filter Eliminates Unwanted Alerts, Updatable software to improve performance, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) provides rapid warnings, Advanced Bluetooth connectivity to access the Drive Smarter® community and real time driver alert and threat database via the Cobra iRadar® app, Radar Detector with Enhanced Detection Range, Greater detection range than comparable products.

Earlier warnings provide greater protection against all radar and laser guns in use on the road. Get only relevant news and offers!

Short of these restrictions, the best radar detectors can save you from expensive speeding tickets.

In flat, open conditions the range is at least 2 miles.

So when we found a rock-solid detector for a hair under $100, we were stunned.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

Tax will be calculated at checkout. Omnidirectional coverage is provided by front and rear antennae, powerful intelligent filtering keeps you free from false alarms, and high-speed digital signal processing (DSP) alerts you to threats faster, giving you more time to ease back on the pedal and cruise thru the trap unscathed.
Please note: Due to high call volumes, our phone lines may close earlier than posted times in order to accommodate those already waiting in queue. The Best Heads-Up Displays Keep Your Eyes On The Road, © Copyright 2020 Spy Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Media Corporation. Adjust sensitivity and filtering modes to control how many notifications you receive. Sales: Before long your regular commute will be virtually free of those annoying false alarms. It has the longest detection range on the market, which means maximum warning time and protection. Customer Service: Radar detectors are illegal in Virginia and Washington, D.C. But that’s a minor inconvenience at best for a unit that performs as well as the R3.

Radar detectors are illegal only in Virginia, Washington DC, and most parts of Canada.

It also includes the K-band verifier which sorts out false hits from automatic door openers.

The R3, like most of today’s high-end detectors, has an updatable database, but this one must be connected to a PC via the included mini-USB cord. Enhanced 2X detection range of competitors. Faster processing for all incoming signals rapidly provides accurate alerts. Find a better advertised price online for any current Cobra product and we’ll match it within 30 days of purchase. You can still safely shop with us 24/7 - Our response to COVID-19. New low-noise amplifier tech helps detect weaker signals and also traps local oscillator output, making the Gen2 nearly undetectable. Yes, it’s an expensive product, but if it saves you from just one speeding ticket, then it’s already paid for itself. First Responders, Teachers and Students are also eligible to receive a 5% discount, Discounts for Military, First Responders, Teachers and Students throughSee Terms. The amount of tax charged on your order is contingent on your state.

Monday - Thursday 9am - 4:00pm EST

Key Product Features. It comes preloaded with red-light camera and speed camera locations — two of the hardest types of traps to evade — and continuously updates its database and firmware. One hundred million alerts shared and received each year from our community of Cobra drivers on the iRadar app.

800-543-1608  Option 3 Escort Passport 9500iX. The Premium Mount offers the best all-around mounting solution for the RAD 380 radar detector across a wide range of windshields. (Who knew, right?).

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) provides rapid warnings.

Please note that road conditions (hills and curves) can affect the range. 800-543-1608  Option 3 From repairing televisions in a small garage to a world leader in consumer electronics—our 50 years of innovation allows us to deliver the technology you need for a modern driving experience. Escort, another big hitter in the radar-detector field, takes the …

So it was big news indeed when Valentine, at long last, unveiled the successor to the venerable V1. If there’s a fuzzbuster on the market which closely approximates a cloaking device, it’s the Uniden R7. Get only relevant news and offers!

The RAD 380 radar detector is the easiest way to drive smarter and safer. is proud to offer discounts for members of the Military community, First Responders, Teachers and Students. It even has an integrated GPS which learns and remembers false alerts, everything from those unmanned speed signs to automatic door openers in stores.

No questions asked. See More Info on the Cobra iRadar Community.

Automatically mutes audio for sustained alerts. Select which categories you are interested in: The RAD 380 radar detector is the easiest way to drive smarter and safer. Items sold on and shipped throughout the US may be subject to tax.

But even if the Dual Pro 360 was not armed with this awesome crowdsourcing tool, it would be a killer device.

It also has 360-degree Eagle Eye detection to thwart a comprehensive list of bands and varieties of speed-busting waves: laser, X- and K-bands, Ka wideband, and POP mode radar guns, along with false-detection K- and Ka-band filters. To help you stay out of traffic court, here are six stellar picks to help you run from the gun, thwart the speed traps, and keep your lead foot from crushing your driving record, your checkbook, and your insurance rate: When it comes to the best radar detectors for civilian use, Uniden is the name to know. To be frank, most of them suck. If you are not a commercial driver, and you are not in Virginia or Washington DC or Canada, then it is perfectly legal to use a radar detector. Sales: Cobra RAD 480i & Cobra RAD 380. Advanced Radar Detector with App Connectivity.

On the lowest end of the Cobra's price scale, the Cobra RAD 250 offers a great OLED display with voice alerts and long-range detection capabilities. So you’ve heard those stories about there being less police on the highways during the COVID-19 pandemic, or how the police on the highways are less likely to pull you over because of social distancing? The Escort gives you omnidirectional coverage from both radar and laser speed guns, and delivers the threat information on a bright and easy to read alphanumeric screen. Many radar … Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm EST


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