colnago v3 test

Shifting feels as effortless as you’d hope and the braking is extremely predictable, with a curious but not offensive soundtrack that puts me in mind of buzzing cicadas. This worked out well as a strategy but I should have specified narrower bars and a shorter stem because Colnago opted to fit a rather roomier cockpit than I’d have liked. It’s made with a lower grade carbon fibre which is expected to add about 80g, and will be available in a disc-only option. Scroll. V2-R successor is lighter and stiffer, and also rather similar to the competition. The newly developed disc fork has also slimmed down compared to the V-2R, now coming in at 340 g with the steerer tube cut down to a size 50 frame.

It was a gusty day and I did find myself wishing for a shallower front wheel as the wind tugged at me through sweeping bends on a fast descent. Seat post Colnago V3Rs, 20 mm offset The separate stem allows you to adjust the handlebar to your liking or to fit a different handlebar entirely. What is Colnago’s new race bike capable of? Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020.

The brake lines are routed through the stem and inside through the carbon fork. When Colnago created the initial designs for the all new V3Rs it focused on its’ experience with the V1-r and V2-r. Similarly, even in frosty conditions the V3Rs encouraged me to lean into corners on descents, and delivered sharp, accurate handling. The V3Rs still wouldn’t be my first choice for bouncing along washboard gravel, but it acquitted itself well — an encouraging start. You’ll be familiar with the latter from Colnago’s thoroughbred aero-bike, the Colnago Concept. What the bike lacks in distinctiveness is more than made up for by its outstanding ride quality. The V3Rs is a thoroughbred race bike with excellent climbing characteristics, and thanks to its generous tire clearance you’ll even be able to ride the classics like Paris-Roubaix or the Strade Bianche. As a comparison: the first generation monocoque V-1R frame came to a total of 835 g, and that was the rim-brake version. As we covered in the launch story, Colnago claims the new bike is stiffer, lighter and more comfortable, and it features refinements such as an updated seat clamp design and cleaner cable and hose routing. Nicola Vettorello / Colnago The convergence in modern road bike design has been a popular … At the same time, the complete package doesn’t differ radically from that offered by Colnago’s rivals and, of course, you’ll pay handsomely for the privilege of owning a frame bearing such a storied name. The Colnago V3Rs is the brand's latest road bike that balances between being a lightweight climber and aero race while also allowing 30mm tyres. To counteract this, the bottom bracket has been dropped by 2-3 mm, depending on the frame size.

The Aero Bora WTO wheelset is well suited to the aerodynamic concept of the V3Rs: aerodynamic optimisation and race level weight. Whether on fast descents, in climbing mode or on gravel roads, the V3Rs convinced us with its efficiency, precise handling and good all-road capabilities. Apart from the paint-job, you won’t see any difference with the naked eye. I found myself clicking down further and further through the cassette and watching the speed settle into the mid-40s, seemingly effortlessly. Colnago will also offer a more affordable “V3” version, too. Brakes Campagnolo Super Record 160/140 mm At 174cm tall and 53kg, he looks like he should be better at cycling than he actually is, and he's ok with that. It was the sort of pure speed I haven’t experienced for some time. The ample compliance at the rear combined with the wide and comfortable Pirelli P ZERO Velo tires proved to be a lot of fun. Price € 4,350 (disc frame kit), € 3,990 (caliper). Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts. This gives the V3Rs a clean look and also offers significant aerodynamic advantages. V3. The V3Rs has also inherited some of the best features from across Colnago’s portfolio, notably the C64’s headset design. All rights reserved. However, the front end does pass bigger hits on to the rider and you should be sure to have a firm grip on the handlebar. Campagnolo’s latest 12-speed cranks are pretty radical looking. That includes a longer fork, which has a remodelled crown to accept wide tyres, alongside a lower bottom bracket. Here are all available models at a glance. In terms of geometry, both models are identical. The bike is fast. Cyclist™ is a registered trade mark. Today the V3 represents the best of Colnago technology applied to a monocoque frame. You can unsubscribe at any time. Rather than simply expanding the tyre clearance without further consideration to the ride quality, Colnago has also adapted the geometry to suit 28mm tyres as a baseline. Words: Manuel Buck Photos: Manu Buck, Colnago. Super Record EPS 12-speed and Boras — the ultimate Colnago spec? Whether you’re sitting down or standing on the pedals – the V3Rs is efficient, agile and fast. The Rake spells mass infiltration of #menswear insta cyclists- next step is to host a pop up at Pitti Uomo. Expanding tyre clearances may seem like a minor design choice, but to me it says a lot. Both the V3Rs and the V3 are available in disc and rim brake versions and Colnago are selling them as framesets only. Fabricated, built and painted in the Far East, the V3Rs may lack the romance of the Italian-crafted C-Series, but that has its advantages.

The EPS charging port is neatly hidden in a bar end. A less exciting update is to the seatclamp, which does away with the fixed wedges used in the V2R and the C64, and instead uses a larger removeable wedge that increases the surface area of the clamp junction while reducing weight. Stronger winds tend to push the 60 mm deep rims around a bit, but thanks to the balanced and evenly distributed weight you’re easily able to keep everything under control. This uses an elastomer polymer to offer a small but detectable degree of compression and shock damping at the front. The rear derailleur is dripping with carbon.

Matthew Loveridge (formerly Allen) is an experienced mechanic and an expert on bike tech who appreciates practical, beautifully-engineered things. Wheels Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 disc carbon Quality carbon and fittings designed to offer an excellent level of performance and contain costs make V3 a perfectly balanced bike from every point of view. More compliance: both the newly developed frame with the dropped seat stays and the carbon-reinforced headset cups supposedly add a significant amount of compliance. The vibration damping of the frame is able to absorb smaller irregularities in the asphalt, making for a pleasant ride. On the weight front, Colnago says the frame uses a higher grade of carbon that offers increased stiffness at a lower weight.

Drivetrain Campagnolo Super Record EPS 2×12, 52–36T Colnago V3 RS. Moderator: robbosmans. If you want more comfort, the generous clearance of the frame will allow you to fit bigger volume tires. Colnago laid on test bikes with a truly luxurious spec. Albert Einstein once said the measure of intelligence is the ability to change. According to Colnago, its design team was targeting a frame weight of 790g for a ready-to-paint size 50s (that’s 50 slopin… When we developed V3 we thought of all those cyclists who want to get the most out of their investment. Read the new issue of GRAN FONDO Cycling Magazine now. Color Nero Arancio

And all this while being emblazoned with the logo of an historic Italian bike-building master.

Another thing I noticed was that Campagnolo’s shiny brake hoods become slippery when they’re lathered in sweat.

Tires Pirelli P ZERO Velo, 700 x 28C There are lots of classy little details like this logo above the seatstays. The V3Rs accelerates incredibly well from a standstill: thanks to the stiff bottom bracket, every little bit of power on the pedals is transferred directly into acceleration. The V3Rs’ cockpit and seatpost are Colnago’s own, the latter matching the seat tube’s truncated aerofoil cross-section, with a neat red highlight set in relief. Our ride began on some actual strade bianche, the white gravelled roads that criss-cross the Tuscan countryside. In all, the V3Rs is a delight on the road. Aerodynamic, light and rigid frame makes for a racy ride, impressive 30mm tyre clearance, fantastic comfort, Expensive, but in line with the major competition, Best road bikes: the best bikes on the market from £729 to over £10,000, Vuelta a Espana 2020: Route, start list, TV guide, Egan Bernal faces months on sidelines with spine issue, Prologo x Colnago Scratch 2 CPC PAS Tirox, Vision Metron Carbon 55 SL, Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance TLR 25mm tyres. The cables for the electronic drivetrain are also routed internally through the frame. It climbs very efficiently too, and together with its minimal weight, conquering long climbs is an absolute joy.

With a long list of new features and improvements, the V3Rs promises to be a do-it-all road bike: according to Colnago, you could even ride gravel roads and the Strade Bianche.

Pushing for 30mm clearance instead of the V2-r’s maximum of 28mm takes a fair bit of engineering and hassle, but the payoff is a bike that really takes advantage of the potential of disc brakes. If you’re after a race bike with off road capabilities, the Colnago V3Rs is the bike for you. Cassette Campagnolo Super Record 11–29T In fairness, that has become something of a cliché.

For added comfort, simply fit a set of 30 mm tires such as the Vittoria Corsa. All-new HUNT 42 LIMITLESS Gravel Disc wheels for 2021 – Aerodynamic optimisation... New Oakley models: we give you the scoop on all Oakley 2020 newcomers. Stem Colnago Sr9, 110 mm Post-ride lunch at the Ciacci Piccolomini vineyard: the finest Brunello paired with Tuscan specialities. New seat clamp: integrated seat clamps can be a real nuisance. A redesigned seat clamp does away with one of the V2-R’s distinctive quirks. Updated geometry: if you fit 30 mm tires, the bike’s centre of gravity moves upwards, which has a negative effect on the handling.

The Colnago V3Rs is the brand's latest road bike that balances between being a lightweight climber and aero race while also allowing 30mm tyres. For the cockpit, Colnago deliberately refrained from using a one-piece stem and handlebar combination. The cable inlets in the down tube of the frame will accommodate mechanical as well as electronic drivetrains.


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