connemara pony weight
It is a huge gathering from home and abroad, attended by our International Societies, overseas breeders and friends.

At the age of 22 years he cleared a 7″ 2 jump. Hard, sound and level feet are a must, The Connemara Pony should have strong, muscular hindquarters with some length.

The pony was valued for it’s versatile abilities, good temperement and hardy disposition. Not a single website I visited about the Irish Connemara Pony listed its average weight! The Connemara pony stud book was published in 1923 to make it official. I really would love a horse I am 12 years old and I can do walk, trot, and canter all by myself but I am not sure what will be the best horse I just got my confidence back and I have been riding for a 2 years then I stopped and now I have been riding a year I can do jumps but not big ones I ma learning that now but the horse I am riding I ma getting to big for it and I would like a kind and loving horse which is NOT mad or too fast good for children and helps get my confidence back on a kind horse. 9) The Annual International Connemara pony show is held in Clifden Co. Galway Ireland each year.

Other breeds have since been introduced into the breed but not anywhere on this scale. They have a gentle disposition, love human affection,  are inquisitive are very easy to handle. Ponies outside the standard height at maturity and Blue eyed creams are permitted entry in Class 2 of the Connemara Pony Studbook.

Some believe that the Connemara developed from Scandinavian ponies that the Vikings first brought to Ireland. 5) They are the larger of the pony breeds. We are not catering for total beginner riders, which means that we know that you know how ride in a way that makes it easy for our horses or ponies to carry you.

[1] The society runs an annual pony show and has been doing so since its founding. Their is a wide variety on show with up to 20 different class show casing, mares, foals, stallions, young stock and riding ponies. The Connemara’s head should be well set on to the neck.

No broken coloured markings. A weight tape can be used to measure a horse's body weight by measuring around the horse's girth area. Anonymous. Movement should be free, easy and true, without undue knee action, The pony’s movement should be active and ground covering, Soundness, sure-footed with good jumping ability, Your Connemara Pony should be suitable for either a child or adult rider. You'd have to contact one of the Connemara Pony Associations and see if anyone there might know.

The breed makes excellent show ponies. The harsh climate and rocky terrain has allowed the Connemara pony to adapt and survive, it is for this reason they are known to be hardy.

The Connemara Pony Breeders Society was established in 1923 and set out to ensure the "preservation and improvement of the Connemara Pony" as the native breed of Ireland. The show attracts many tourists from overseas which make up 60% of the attendance. They are extremely intelligent and very trainable. The Connemara pony is a safe and sensible breed, which makes them a  fantastic mount for both children and adults alike. They won the silver individual medal and was one of only two clear rounds at the Olympics games, clearing a puissance wall of 6″10.

Today the breed can be seen in many country across the globe such as Ireland, UK, Sweden, Finland, Norwary, Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, Italy, South Africa, Switzerland, New Zealand, America, Canada, Australia, Austria.

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Too much crossbreeding began to dilute the pony bloodlines, so the Connemara Pony Breeders' Society, worked to preserve the breed type.


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