cuyana bags review

The interior pocket does have a zip closure which is roomy enough to fit keys, a wallet (I’m using this one from Charlotte Olympia) and an iPhone 8 Plus, so at the bare minimum, your essentials will be safe. They also both make excellent stocking stuffers or affordable ways to treat a friend a special occasion or during the holiday season! While the bag is significantly more structured than Cuyana’s original leather tote, the leather is quite relaxed, so it will flop down onto itself when empty. I’m honestly more drawn to the mini circle bag, which is most likely what I’ll order when it returns in stock in burgundy or blush! It still looks brand new IMO! I’d be very wary of putting light-coloured leather items in there as you will experience some colour transfer. I have so much content we shot while traveling you guys, get ready for so much good stuff.

I’d love to hear about it in the comments! How is the medium carryall tote holding up? Learn how your comment data is processed. The Mini Saddlebag was one of the first pieces I ever tried from Cuyana. copyright © Blondes & Bagels | designed by kelsey | developed by.

Since it’s convertible, the 3-in-1 Mini Bag comes with two straps: one to wear around your waist or just under your shoulder, and one to wear it as a crossbody. Think fewer, but better. I’ll probably be grabbing one for each of my totes, and for the convertible bag, too. Period. The neutral-toned print will go perfectly with either of my totes, and it looks slightly wider than the standard carryall tote strap which will be perfect for days when my bag is filled to the brim! When all of those things have been in the tote, I can typically fit a t-shirt, scarf, and maybe a few other small items in there as well.Colors: Caramel, Black, StonePrice: $215 (+$15 to monogram, optional). Because I own two carryall totes, I thought it would be fun to order the crossbody leather strap in snakeskin.

I dare you to play “I Spy: the Carryall Tote Edition!”) I can honestly say that Cuyana is one of my absolute top brands to recommend to young professional women. I'm not a full time blogger and work a full time 8-5 office job. The only pro it had for me was that they were beautiful bags, but the cons of 1. no security, 2. heavy when filled, 3. bottomless pit unless you invest in the insert, which makes it even heavier, and 4. it was just too big for my frame.

Sizing: Mini // Small // ClassicColors: Black, Blush/Ecru, Caramel // Blush, Burgundy, Clay, Passionfruit // Black/Red, Blush/Ecru, Carmel/Red, Forest, Navy/Stone, Red/Red, Stone/RedPrice: $110-125 (+$15 to monogram, optional), Finally, every bag needs a little piece of flair, right?
Care: For light cleaning, wipe with damp cloth.

I can just barely squeeze my 13″ MacBook Pro inside with my DSLR with some jockeying around, which is why when Cuyana offered to send me a piece of my choice this holiday season, I requested the Medium Carryall Tote (more on that next!).
Cuyana Classic Structured Leather Tote Bag, Winter Outfit #1: Oversized knit sweater with skinny …, Ok – now that I’ve sold you on the brand, let’s jump into my Cuyana reviews and absolute favorite products!


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