defense grid gold medal guide
We'll begin with that. Then just deploy all your towers however you like and fast forward to the end. The achievements are really straightforward, basically requiring you to gold medal each of the campaign medals (this will get you 7/8 of the achievements). Build 20 towers of any type in one mission. When you reach Wave 19 on "Focal Point" you will be able to use the orbital laser. You will need to gold medal all Campaign and Campaign Challenge modes, and a total of 35 gold medals over the whole DLC. We're making 8 towers. If you're struggling, just build some Cannons and upgrade them. Wave 22: Be prepared to use Zacara's power. Remember to always ensure that the aliens are taking the longest possible routes so you have more time to kill them. It sounds basic, and it is, but it will really help you understand the game and allow you to play better. When an alien reaches your core housing, they will take one of your cores. Wave 16: Build a Gun to Level 3 near the left core housing. Build 20 towers of any type in one mission. Bonus Damage Vs Fastest (R) - Deal bonus damage to the fastest aliens (). © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Upgrade the Temporal to Level 3. You'll be able to select this character on the next mission. The You Monster DLC consists of an eight level campaign. Build 100 Cannon towers in any missions. You should unlock this in Mission 1 (or the second mission you play). During this step you will complete the amount of missions needed for your "Master Strategist" achievement and if your missing the miscellaneous achievements "Tower Expert" and "Nail Biter." These videos are not my own, so full credit for these go to the original creators/uploaders. Flawless Victory: Earn at least one gold medal. Wave 9: This can be tricky. Build 100 Laser towers in any missions. Meaning you just unlock them in time like kill 100 aliens and beating the story. Start: Start off with a single Concussion. Win a mission with at least 5,000 resources remaining. An excellent playlist of gold medals on all maps and modes can be found here. There are some with very high tower counts. There are a total of 42 missions in total, and for this you need to complete any 35 of them. Earn a gold medal on all story missions in the You Monster campaign. Get a little money from interest before you build the Concussion. Build and fully upgrade each tower type in one mission. Earn a silver medal (or better) on all missions in the Story mode. Kill an alien boss creature. It was a … Wave 21: Upgrade the Gun to Level 3. Don't forget to Overcharge with the Boost tower as well. If you want to build more towers, Cannons are a good bet to fill in the gaps. The 40 remaining Chapter 2 Gold Medals - Much like Chapter 1, a lot of these missions are shorter. Win a Gold medal on mission 19 without using the Command Shuttle.


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