diy 16mm film scanner
DIY work means you really need to work, so if you think you can do it, go on and read the full text bellow, all you need to know is here. About: Hi I'm Angelo (TechBulder)! When I was researching about negative / slide scanners I realized it could be used to scan Super8 and 16mm films, because the scan quality was good and a flatbed scanner could scan many frames at a time. When I import the .obj files, they're not able to be edited to put in the Super8 sprockets. I recommend 4GB RAM for high dpi work. 17 – the scanner and software can extract all the image in the film frames, without cropping it 9: Mount the motor with 10-32 machine screws. Operating Instructions coming very soon (as of 2/23/2014). Cut a 12" piece of 2" t-slot aluminum and insert 2 t-slot nuts on the top track and 4 on the lower track (see photo). But when you're that close you need to make very small adjustments to your camera's position. 2: On the back of the circuit board, connect the white leads (ground) and grey leads (power) as well as a piece of wire leading to each side for connecting to our Arduino circuit later. Slide the camera mount assembly onto the 2" t-slot rail and tighten the bearing's brake arm to hold it in place. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The only suggestion - powering LEDs with USB appeals me more, everyone has a USB (every smartphone owner at least) and batteries should be replaced (adds up to an ownership cost :) ). If you think this unsharp mask / image tweaking method is difficult or time consuming, you can just apply low, medium or heavy unsharp mask in the EpsonScan software when scanning. 6 years ago Today's weekend project is about building a "Portable Smartphone Film Scanner" for less than $5. Also using unsharp mask in scanner software gives good quality and faster workflow to improve the image. Kinograph V0.1 - DIY Film Scanner/Telecine - Machine Assembly: !! To avoid this the CineToVidPro software also have options to convert 18fps Super8 to 25fps or to 24fps and convert 24fps to 25fps. If you are photo/video editing expert and want the best possible image the following tips are useful: The more dpi you scan the better the quality you will get, because the scans needs lots of unsharp mask filter, and unsharp mask works better with more dpi, more pixels. The acetate turned to mush. Do not tighten all the way. One a breadboard or a blank prototyping Arduino shield (pictured), wire the relay. Shapeways seems to be somewhat expensive at about $31-32 each. optional: step-up bits for drilling acrylic, 1" 80-20 T-Slot Aluminum -18 ft. total (3x 6ft. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Go to setting, tap on the "Color Effects" then select "Negative" 3rd.) I would suggest 14.5- 15cm for iPhone users. It does this repeating some extracted frames, called fill frames. In my own research, it seems to take stills from the video footage, meaning the highest resolution is around 1920 by 1080p. The V500 can scan 16 frames per scan in Super8, 14 frames useful for extraction, so after each scan I run the film 14 frames and scan again. These and other issues are being solved by the community on the Kinograph forums. Also using unsharp mask in scanner software gives good quality and faster workflow to improve the image. This will hold the acrylic sheet. I used 0.75" wide flat brackets and cut their length to fit (see photo). ________________________________________________________________________________________. In the EpsonScan software there is a way to save exposure settings and select it from a list of saved ones. To see a 2400 dpi scanning results go to​28249965. I noticed you were concerned about the shutter count on the 5d. Do the same for the front left leg of the left platform and the front right leg of the right platform. 4: Put 4x 1.5" 1/4-20 bolts through the four holes around the main gate window and tighten with nuts on the front side (Looking at the front, the window is on the right side). Now with optical sound extraction. 11 – The software works on average computers 7200 dpi / 48-bit Output. He can't be serious," just remember that this design is meant to be a solution to a worst-case scenario. So I can merge the scans in a free HDR software before frame extraction. Simply download the template, print it out on silver card stock, and fold it into its proper shape. You mentioned that your dad had his photos in a water tight container which saved them. “As well as the seeds are planted in the earth and sprinkled with…. You will need to drill small holes for the bolts. The link shows many. Like Our Facebook Page, Get more updates! The project box has a Height=5cm, Width="13.5cm" & Depth="7.5cm". Andrew Lewis over at Craftzine came up with a triangular wedge cardboard adapter that helps reflect light from above the film. 2. 5. White LEDs give out pointed rays of light, the light needs to be diffused in order to capture a well balanced & well lit image.1st.) Clip on your battery, flick the switch and your LEDs should light up. After the downsize you can resize for the resolution you want. On the left side, put two 90-degree braces underneath the heads of the screws (see image). In some cases, you may want to control the motor manually. Also it might be worth it to put your 3D files on where people can order their own for those that don't have easy access to a 3D printer. Use a whiteboard marker or a highlighter to mark your measurements then simply drill a hole, big enough for your phone's camera. To clean the artifacts generated by unsharp mask, compare the crops and you will understand. NOTE: If you've gotten this far and you're thinking "Telephone jacks? _________________________ Ughh, molds all over my films :||, Grand Prize in the Lomography Analog Photography Contest. Insert a flanged bearing into both the top and bottom of each roller. 2. 18 – new feature added: optical sound extraction, (the numbers presented here may vary depending on the scanner used). Capture your photos, you might want to use the autofix feature :DIf you are an IOS/ Apple user, you can download the official LomoScanner App, We still have a lot of films here that weren't developed. The roller switch is activated by the ramps built into the sprocket roller. Reply If you think the amateur shaking are charming, keep it. Cut a 4.5" length of T-slot aluminum and tap one side with the 1/4-20 tap. Yup, I tested it with 35mm, and it works great! Copy the red, green and blue values. For example, 16mm film scanning is offered at 1712 x 1240, 856 x 620, and 428 x 310 pixels. Using a level, adjust the leveling feet so that everything is level. Color print film might be tricky to do properly. Scan your favorite clips in just one click! 1: Cut the following pieces of 80-20 T-slot aluminum and tap each end with a 1/4-20 tap. Plug in your 12VDC power supply to the circuit. I did a test with photo negative films and I found for 6400 dpi the unsharp mask settings 400 / 2 / 0 is great, so this can be the settings for 16mm films scanned at 6400 dpi. However, you do need to vent the container now and then since the acetate film continues to "gas off" and could cause deterioration. I simply used an old piece of ruler then super glued it to my project box and acrylic. 3. The other two are gates. Bundle Silverfast SE Plus 8.8 , Support Mac and PC. After some weeks he came up with an early version, now a .net framework instead of java software. I recomend to use the Cinetovidpro. Go back to preview window. Share it with us! The Ektachrome, when I get good highlights I loose details in shadows, and when I get good shadows I blow out the highlights. (The V700 and V750 can scan about 47 Super8 frames in each scan). Insert a 10-32 machine screw from underneath with a 10-32 flat washer to match and slide another washer onto the bolt from the top. 2: Attach the panel holders, 2 per long side and 1 per short side of the platform as shown (you'll see I was missing two on one side but the parts list has been updated and you should have all 6). Plustek OpticFilm 8200i SE , 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. But, if you want to work with low dpi (3200) and output DVD or WEB quality, you can use more area and scan more frames in each scan using scanners with bigger horizontal area, like the V700 and V750, this scanners are a little expensive, but wotking with 3200 dpi it will make things much, much faster for you, reducing about a 8 (eight) hour work to about a 1 (one) hour work. When will the Kickstarter reward be available? I chose to go with these parts because when I was building it, I didn't have a fully realized design yet and these 80-20 compatible pieces allowed flexibility and ease of ordering so I could get to the first build quickly and modify it from there. The sprocket roller should be placed on the post immediately to the right of the main gate assembly. If the camera takes a picture then everything is working! Thanks. His advice was to put all film I want to preserve into the freezer! That's nuts when you can imitate it if you've got the skills and know-how, which you obviously do! Thread two 0.75" standoffs facing backwards through the top holes of the main gate. 4. (remember you can build the hardware transport to leave the system scanning all the reel alone, unsupervised). I've been trying to digitize old 35mm slides but my film scanner is causing the, perfect, negatives to appear blurry. 4 years ago, now magic-lantern suport hi res silent picture, Hi Again, would you happen to have obj or any other 3d file for super 8 sprockets? It is in the table of contents under -shoot -silent pictures. We (the Kinograph community) is busy working on the next version here: https://forums.kinograph.ccJoin us! Using the diagram provided, make your motor circuit and hook it up to power and Arduino. Attach the pieces of 80-20 using the 3-way connectors. Thanks for the tip. Then take a deep breath and go ahead…. Add a bearing shim on top of the flanged bearing and add a hex nut to hold the roller in place. The gate provides illumination and a structure for guiding the film into position for photographing. (click in the images showed in this page to open it on flickr and see bigger). 6: Insert the acrylic. Mount a standard camera plate to the macro-adjustable camera plate. 7. Hi, which Rectangular Project Box did you purchase? Also tighten the screws on the bottom of the platform. The largest is the main gate and is attached directly to the circuit board and LED assembly. Any work around for those type of images? Selec manual exposure in scanner software. To have full manual control, hook up your motor to an adjustable power supply according to its power requirements and adjust the voltage to change the speed. Your Dad will very proud of you for making him this. Bring back those good old memories instantly! To do this you can follow some instructions from Kurz: In the second path of DeShaker use pretty high values for smoothing pan, rotation and zooming (4000 or even above). Working with the V500 scanner, 9600 dpi is the best choice for super8 and 6400 dpi is the best choice for 16mm, considering scanning horizontal direction, 68mm x 9mm for super8 and 68mm x 17mm for 16mm. I foresee you on the leading team taked to save the world someday. Description. The Arduino is used to activate the relay. It changes the speed of the motor to meet the frames-per-second variable set in the software. The iPhone had some slight difficulty in focusing, probably because the film was too close for the phone's macro capabilities.


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