diy lion mask

Large center connector is the input from the power supply and converter.

Martha Steward has a “Liquid Gilding” paint, and from photos it looks really nice. When I see beautiful sculptures and interesting comments by my faves: Jonni (of course), Rex, Allan or the lovely and talented Eileen {I left a lot of people out, but if you think you belong, go ahead and add yourself to the list : )}, I want to jump right in there, but I just don’t have the presence of mind to write a coherent sentence at times. The thickness of the cardboard will give you some definition for the eyelids, and the ball can be covered with thin strips of paper mache, made from newspaper. so choose which one you want to use for the backlight driver board. And the medium chipboard should be stiff enough for this pattern. But with patience and commitment you will be able to make this for sure. Flowers were shocking, and they even made an origami space station that is flat, small, light-weight, and unfolds once it is in space. My internet connection is so slow at the moment that I can’t go watch it again (need a new computer!) Love the lion. A support added for the board on the other side and the cable is installed , a small cutout is made to the other side of the glasses frame for the new cable. Had some nice color units. You can now advertise that your mask pattern can be used in three ways: wall hanging, over the head mask AND as a headdress-style mask! If saved, this image will not display with your comment. be sure that you get polarity right or you will loose sensitivity. Step 3. Discover all the extraordinary items our community of craftspeople have to offer and find the perfect gift for your loved one (or yourself!) Thank you, thank you, thank you! . Now I build up the forhead and start the eyebrow arch formthe nose. Hi Sheylon. For some odd reason, around the 14 minute mark the mask started to remind me of Jesus! This LION mask is designed for everyday fun, great for dress up and pretend play, ideal gift, perfect for themed birthday parties, party favor and photo props. But as you see we still need to protect the sensitive electronics. 5 years ago This system was first line prototyped in this mask, Others have been made since then such as the wolves and bear that can be seen on my site along with all my other work atLion of the sun [email protected] To build this system takes both art and technology. Next tis to get the corners of the mouth to match the rest of the head, Checking the lower jaw fit with the mouth closed, Well he is looking lion like now. If this isn’t the information you were looking for, just let me know. 6 years ago This face mask is a bit difficult to make.

They would be great accessories to a bunny or lion costume for Halloween as well.

Question, we are looking for a 3D lion to use for decoration for our church’s Vacation Bible School, could your template be adapted or blown up to make a much larger piece? the two smaller ones are outputs to the earphones, Now to disassemble the second unit, the driver board is glued into the glasses frame so it took a little work to remove it safely. Giraffes are beautiful long necked animals. As are you. Okay , time for the next step.

Would cheesecloth dipped in Elmer’s Glue-All be strong enough?
Watch the videos to see how to use the lion mask pattern. Be sure to watch this video to see how to do it.

You can see it on the wall behind me in the videos, and it isn’t taking up the whole wall.

This paper craft project comes with detailed instructions.

the cameras are farther apart than my eyes so the stereo effects are very unique.

I vouch for E6000 only because I used it to hold my electronics in my battle bot. each lcd screen has its own ribbon cable which makes things pretty easy.

Is it difficult to assemble? But due to getting my first vac-u -form machine , you will see how I solved a space issue during the lion head portion of the build. Once you have used the paper plates, and they are all waste, you can use them to make these face masks. Fortunately for me, my son graduates from this school next year so they’ll have to find another willing victim.

we are going to go ahead an desolder the microphone from the board so we can remount them in each ear. I used a variety of spray paints to color them as I liked. They are super simple to make, and you can have your kids help too. About 7.5” deep (17 cm) if built as a wall display mask.

I work from photos an all my work , so it is a painstaking time to make sure to remove all forms and angles that are not lion like. A very old piece from a stole or something that someone had given me to use. This video tutorial shows how to make Paper Plate Lion Mask. These face masks are really easy to make.

Jonni-what a wonderful lion mask! This helps smooth out the form so the fur goes on evenly . Well, I apologize for the long delay in getting back to you on my results using your mask pattern to create Lion King Jr. masks for Simba and Mufasa. My hot glueing skills are woeful at best. thank you for your time. Now add them to the lion mask.

I wish there was an easier way to do it than what I’ve come up with so far – much trial and error. judging from the reflections on the eyes of the lifecast , we should be good to go.

It WAS good to hear from Shelbot! Eileen, you just reminded me of the silly lion mask I made with a wire mane for the ReStore’s recycled art auction. Thanks again for all the beauty you create. I’ve discovered a love for mulch. Now to decide on a support structure for the head. Kiss one brand new welding helmet goodbye. I put the form together last week (it even has stars – that was the hard part) but nobody knows it’s there yet so you’d be the first one to test it. . Some raffia isn’t as stiff as the raffia that I purchased for the lion mask. And it’s so good to hear from you again. these pieces will have to come off, but first we need to make a lexan support for the electronics, cameras and face structure, ow some foam for the forehead and top strap. on Introduction, Yes and no , In this case it is also to allow for night vision with IR illuminator and the new systems now can connect android . With materials that can be Reused and Recycled, learn how to make crafts with best out of waste material. Thank you, Penelpe. The mesh and foam you used seemed to work great.

It’s been one of my favorites for a long time, and I think that’s partly because I didn’t fuss with ‘getting it right,’ and partly because of that wiry hair.

(I tried felting a few years ago and I managed a few slippers before I gave up.) Hopefully, some other folks might have some ideas as well and I’ll have a good starting place for making what I need.

Using a pencil, draw your lion on your paper plate. the first part of this Instructable will deal with the tear down and rebuild of the video glasses into stereo units. Heads up! Working down the face on each side one at a time the face takes form, stretching the fur as I go I work down both sides of the face., very time consuming but you get a nice effect with it as it prevents creases. the video feed fed to the video visor. Deer are the herbivorous animals which are harmless. Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewellery, and more… lots more. It wasn't until first power up tests that I discovered I needed to plug the backlight from the right channel into the original board. However, I’m always looking for easier gardening too. The talk about how everything in nature can unfold (or fold) like origami.

This will look pretty. What a great lion wall hanging/mask.

I was wrong. I grow my own comfrey for mulch, but there’s never enough.). Using an off the shelf unit we are going to hack 2 of these units for stereo amplified hearing.

Is that real fur? Microphines added and we tuck the wiring away. It worked! *two Thanks! 3 pieces of structure closed cell foam (used in packing servers) glued in place with my favorite adhesive. But I have to work up to it. They are gracious and slender. Tufts added to the interior folds of the ears. Step 2. time to button it up and make our spacers between the foundation and the headband. But make no bones about it. easy to do the dentistry now instead of having to fight it when the jaw is assembled. The base for the lower cheekbone and eye ridge goes in. You can make giraffe face masks with felt paper or cloth.

I am now full time working on my art . I am in the middle of trying to follow the pattern, but it seems like my lion mouth. Wedded tot he center support with hot glue and E6000 we begin he process of setting the upper jaw into place. Use the pattern to create a helmet-style mask, and discover how it would feel to be a lion for a few hours. If you’re using a soft custom-made mane, you may need different colors to match the material you choose.

Now we begin the felting process of the foam on the inside of the mask.
Cut out the mask, including the eye holes. so I take the LEDs and mount them into the nose in parallel 3v lights them up nicely and I simply pigtail a wire from the back of the nose and mount it into the head . Okay, that looks about right.

Have You Used this Pattern? Your email address will not be published. Had I thought about it I might have used some clear vaccuform plastic, As you can see it takes up allot less space now in the head, this will require adding some more foam support for it, But overall we can now mount our new cameras, Okay , with some 1/2 aluminum l brackets make by hand we mount and align our cameras.

This deer face mask is really easy to make. looks good and now we are almost ready to begin the build of the lion head around this system. I am a first timer, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Your kids will surely enjoy the process of making such a beautiful deer face mask. For daytime use wouldn't it be easier to just use mirrors to adjust the eye spacing instead of all the electronics? This face mask is a bit difficult to make.


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