domestic fluff prompts
Studying is important, but sometimes Randall just wants Emily all to himself. Main Pokemon: Pidgeot. This is an OTP fluff generator! ]-[artwork in cover is not mine; only layout belongs to me] A domestic Frerard, with mentions of abuse, so triggers. Thanks y'all! :D. 3 notes. Reader] Although entering a new era of life as respected heroes has its perks. Here’s a cute prompt idea: Character A is planning on spending Valentine’s Day alone, and Character B won’t let them. Its 2020 and I have been stuck in quarantine for 2 months now so since I've ran out of anything better to do, I might as well indulge in ships from a children's video game from my childhood. I'm in the mood to write something fluffy, does anyone have any prompt lists or fave prompts they are willing to share?! What happens if Bakugou makes a friend; a true, genuine friend, before starting his new journey to U.A? Would they stop at every tourist destination in sight or head straight to their end destination? I never knew these existed and now I know what I’ll be doing this evening! One day Person A goes to doodle on Person B’s arm to find that they got one of A’s doodles tattooed on them to remember A, - While Person B is out of the house, Person A puts up glow-in-the-dark stars on B’s ceiling along with two lamps (one that looks like the moon and one that looks like the Sun.) - Person A tends to fall asleep well before Person B and when B does come to bed A always wakes up just so they can cuddle comfortably together. Plenty of fluffy options in there, though you may need to refresh a few times. “Pepper counts, right?”, - “I would do anything to prove my love for you.” Theme: peggyscarter. Various domestic Pokemon, low maintenance. doireallyneedtags, cries, couple. And this ask is the last of the requests. - Late night Skype dates that end with both of them falling asleep and being able to wake up looking at their significant other (although their laptops/phones are on low battery the next day), - Person A being so excited about getting snow for the first time in years where they live while Person B pretending that they haven’t gotten annoyed by the overwhelming amount of snow they get, - Person A making a schedule to get plenty of sleep for the first part of the week and having nothing important on Saturday so that they can stay up extra late to talk to Person B all night because they live in different time zones, - Person A panicking because they got the perfect birthday gift for Person B but the package might not arrive on time for their birthday, - “Why won’t you just leave me alone?” “Because I love you, and having you disappearing doesn’t help that love.”, - “Are you real?” “Uh… I believe so.” “Good, can’t having you just being imaginary.”, - “You can’t just leave me.” “I’ll be back soon, I promise.” “Pinkie promise?”, - “Are you a-” “I’m gonna stop you before you finish what I assume is a poorly done pick-up line. stranded otp prompt drawing prompt prompt otp prompts drawing prompts prompts otp whump prompt whump prompts romantic platonic domestic fluff fanart imagine ocs au character prompts oc prompts 170 notes Jun 15th, 2020 Two of the moderators are dating and like to turn random cute things they do with each other into imagines, so you get a lot of domestic fluff that actual people would do. I am not going on a roller coaster.” “It’s just a ferris wheel! Saved by Pati Cooper. Some here are some mini fluff/one shot prompts. “IT WAS A FLY.”, - “Why do we have a dog? This is a character bonding moment generator. Plenty of fluffy options, or options you can turn to fluff with enough ingenuity ;), This is my favorite OTP prompt blog on Tumblr, you can search for fluffy prompts on there. Your OTP is fighting. Color Headcanons: Blue. Problem is that the one cooking is a walking disaster in a kitchen, Action-adventure team decides to go to an amusement park/to the arcade/out camping/etc, Stray (cute nonsentient) critter shows up on Team doorstep. “No I’m not.” When the argument gets heated, person A moves their hand to make a gesture, and person B flinches and covers their face. Many adventures await the two of you, ranging from awesome and dramatic, to extremely domestic (let's be honest, it will mostly be the later). but it isn’t as easy as it seems, much to your amusement. Yellow: Person A and B go to a field of flowers to take photos but end up laying in the field together and picking beautiful flowers for each other. 11.3k. And now they think those hickeys you gave me are bruises…” AU, - “We have to do a couple’s costume for something and we decide to dress up as each other and you keep getting intimidated by me because I’m not wearing only light colors for once.” AU, - “Even though you look really intimadating you still get picked on and now you’re screaming because I punched your bully directly in the face. - I’m just trying to cuddle with you but this one blanket thing is not working because I am way too tall but I don’t want to disturb you because you are so tired and cute. 4 notes. You do need to be logged in to Tumblr to use it, though, This is my favorite general prompt blog on Tumblr. To top it off A leaves a note saying “You are my moon, my sun, and all of the stars. A supportive community for writers, readers, and reccers to talk about and share FanFiction. Theme. Just plug in your two characters, poke the button, and go to town! “Totally.” I recently saw a month challenge for fluff, this November: Comfortember 2020, maybe that can help :). Gratitude doesn't ... Just a bunch of requested drabbles on what domestic life would be like for Elias Ainsworth and Hatori Chise, but with a little more. So I did this to make sure you always know.”, - Person A comes home super stressed from work/school so Person B tells A to take a nap while they set up a full buffet of food, a warm bath, and puts on cozy music so that A can fully relax with no worries, - Person A listening to Person B’s favorite band even though they are the exact opposite of what they usually listen to (and possibly buying tickets so they can both go see the band live in concert), - Person A learning how to do makeup/paint nails for Person B so that A and B can having matching looks, - Person A, who usually despises dressing up, making and wearing a cosplay for Person B just so they can go as a couple, (Request from @captainofthekryptonspacemarines), Red: Person A hears that someone has been teasing Person B for awhile now. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Color Headcanons: Red. “You cried when a fly you called your ‘friend’ flew out of the window, you left open.” “Listen, I just felt really close to Fred.” Oh great, my favorite pastel pink shirt has blood on it now.” AU, - “I forgot to mention I got a tongue piercing awhile ago and you start screaming while we were making out.” AU, - “You eat kitkats like a monster, honestly I don’t think I can love you anymore.” Emoji Ask Game. The biggest issue that Stephen Strange has with Tony Stark isn't Tony at all. It's supposed to help you flesh out the relationship itself, but imo some of those questions can make way for some nice fluffy fics, Woahhhhh. Fun. oneshot]-[flavio decides to try his hand at parenting when you have to go to work for the day. - Lauv, I like me better (2017) rio oneshot. Headcanon Prompt Meme Numbers. Read Family Prompts from the story OTP PROMPTS/IDEAS by thisisliho () with 1,305 reads. 2, You still haven’t told me why we now have a dog.”, - I was scrambling to get dressed in the locker room and accidentally grabbed your shirt that’s huge on me and I kind of like it a lot…, - The hallway was super crowded and I was panicking about being late to class and you just picked me up on your shoulders and barreled through the crowd to get me to class on time, thank you, - It’s always cute when I steal your shirts because they’re extra big on me but you tried to steal my shirt to get me back and it looks like a poorly tailored crop top. Here you go, love! It doesn't quite pay rent. Ugh, you’re just another old guy who doesn’t wanna accept that the world is changing.”


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