dreamcast vmu mod

Hopefully it looks like this, and you can declare this mod a success! Again, scissors here are fine. I've been working on learning PCB design and making a drop in VMU power board sounds like fun.

But then if you tilt it down, the contrast improves (the polarizer was backwards here, so the screen was inverted, but the point remains unchanged). VMU works with minimum of 5V.

So next, we cut the clear backlight dispersion layer in half (it’s the clear plastic piece with the LEDs glued to it). We can limit the voltage to 6v and charge the batteries with the controller or an external supply like USB. You can see it coming above the screen in the previous picture. Next we need to power up the VMU.

Reply To help with install, I recommend beginning by soldering the anode wires to pin 14 so we can easily power up the VMU and test the backlight. Collections, questions, finds, pictures, games, Homebrew, videos, anything DC related.

Now the VMU should power up, and you can slide a corner of the polarizing layer under the lcd, but above the white diffusion layer. Note: it makes more sense to desolder the speaker than to peel it from the shell. Около суток.В планах добавить зарядку от геймпада, чтобы аккум в VMU заряжался, пока она в геймпаде. Now solder up the wires. If it looks like the example above, then we can confirm you need to cut the square with that orientation. .

1) LiPo battery small enough to fit inside, I used 138mAh. Carefully place the PCB back in, and reassemble! I'm sure there is a way to accomplish this fairly easily I've just never worked with these batteries in any real world situations. That being said, the results are spectacular! Keeping the VMU up-to-date Modifications & upgrades: Screen backlight: When connected to the controller the VMU screen will be back-lighted. 3 years ago. Do you want it to be recharged by the controller? Greetings! Curious to know if anyone has seen a DIY or How-To for converting VMUs to run off of a rechargeable battery.

Share it with us! Curious to know if anyone has seen a DIY or How-To for converting VMUs to run off of a rechargeable battery.

It's been a while since I've looked at voltage regulation/charge circuts but I know TI makes one that could work in this application. Here there are two little clear plastic posts that hold the LCD in place. I left a bit of slack, and recommend this, as it will make it easier to have some wiggle room with alignment. Next, feed the four wires through the little space in the middle of the VMU connector.

Then, solder four small lengths of Kynar wire to both anodes and both cathodes.

To use a stack of these lithium batteries and charge them simultaneously would be much easier than the ML2032, as there are dedicated circuits available to accomplish this. it’s time to start lining the pieces up to reassemble. The subreddit for everything Sega Dreamcast.

It's nice that we can at least play the games on the system now tho... Can anyone link me to the backlight vmu mod? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I’ve certainly seen it done, but can’t seem to find any sort of direction as to how. Disclaimer: This mod was tested by the writer of this post. Long-time DC fan, first-time poster to this sub.

Luckily, accuracy is not critical here (you’ll see a wave in my line). Posted on May 28, 2020 May 28, 2020 by Sterling Farrance. I suggest keeping the anode wires soldered to pin 14 for now to make testing easier. As such, it requires patience and maybe more time than you would think. Without the correct orientation of the polarizer, things look very bad and washed out directly. However, for my unit at least, the polarizer had to be aligned diagonally, meaning I could only get a polarizing square for one VMU, but more on that later. HOWEVER, I do not advise cutting the polarizing layer just yet. RetroRGB.com (or any of its writers) aren’t responsible for any damage you do to your tools or VMU. Simply slide out the diffusion layer or the reflective layer and use it as a guide. We’re in the home stretch now! To do this test, place the reflective layer down first (against the PCB), then the plastic dispersion layer, then the white film, then place the LCD over it, lining up the connector edges to the points on the PCB.

I found the polarizer needed to be turned on a 45 degree angle to look correct.

Solder these wires to the points where the battery clips make contact on the back of the VMU PCB.

While this mod is fairly simple in concept, it is one of the fiddliest mods you might come across. The real question becomes is there space to add the extra hardware required to do all this. If it does, simply remove the back cover of the case again, add a resistor to pin 1 (75-500ohms, I found 333ohm was perfect for my taste), then move the anode wires from pin 14 to the other end of the resistor. A Nintendo DS Lite backlight (can be harvested fairly simply from a broken NDSL, or purchased pretty cheap on ebay). Take your time with this step, and it will come off pretty cleanly. Solder the speaker back in place, and close the thing up once and for all! The mod is based on earlier work, which consisted of manually soldering the 44 lines of an IDE cable on to the main Dreamcast motherboard. А сколько, хоть примерно, VMU работает от такой батареи?

Next, the backlight dispersion layer needs to be trimmed for length as well, and this is where the LCD can assist in alignment. I used a universal power supply I had on hand, set to 6v, with the screw post wire end. The posts are on a little two-legged bracket that swivels on a central post. The voltage for those batteries is 3v at around 65mAh A standard CR2032 is 3v at up to 125mAh.

Next, we need to remove the stock backing to the LCD.

A power supply with adjustable voltage and wire connections. Once that’s done, we can add a resistor to pin 1 then move the anode wires from 14 to the other end of the resistor. I’m no electrical engineer, but I do feel like I’d be able to complete a mod like this with a little effort. Press J to jump to the feed. More on this later. On my LCD, this cleaned up pretty easily. I’ve taken apart (and reassembled) PSPs and DSs in the past, and I’ve got enough VMUs to sacrifice one if the shit hits the proverbial fan. You can see here that the plastic dispersion layer hits the screw posts. We need to cut the little flex cable the LEDs are mounted on so that we can wire them up in parallel and the series connection is severed.

First, completely disassemble the VMU. Be VERY careful with this step as to not scratch the screen. It is CRITICAL that we be careful not to damage the silicone edges on the LCD (these are the data connections). Adding a Backlight to a Dreamcast VMU. 3.7v LiPo battery is enough to power VMU, but it'll give you "low power" warnings so to get it to 5V you can just use a step-up or use charger/booster, I had one around so I went for this option. This I do kind of want to do, but I have zero confidence in my soldering skills... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Just carefully cut off the corner on each side, then the dispersion layer will drop right in. VMU works with minimum of 5V.

Please try it at your own risk.
Rechargeable VMU Mod.

You can either use a small bit of glue to place the LEDs back where they came from, or a small amount of tape.

3.7v LiPo battery is enough to power VMU, but it'll give you "low power" warningsso to get it to 5V you can just use a step-up or use charger/booster, I had one around so I went for this option.

Just cut the white backed reflector (looks like a mirror) and white diffusion (looks like a thin white sheet) layers.
VMU Backlight, Rechargeable. There are rechargeable ML2032 batteries that will drop in to the existing port.


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