dungeon quest wiki spells
Summons an electric orb that zaps the area below it, dealing heavy damage. Summons a huge, orange blade in front of the player, falling down and dealing massive damage. Kick up a chunk of the ground, and kick it forward, dealing damage to enemies in range. Explodes on impact, hitting enemies within its range, along with a small explosive radius. Stomp the ground creating a shockwave to damage all nearby enemies. Create chromatic beams around you dealing damage to all enemies within range. Tired of playing alone? Rise of Nations • Casts a huge meteor-like bomb, dealing massive damage to enemies within its radius. Zombie Attack. Calls down ghostly cannonballs in front of the user. Slices forward in a crescent sweep and causes all enemies hit to bleed over time. Apocalypse Rising • Loomian Legacy • Call down stars to crash into all nearby enemies. Creates a rectangular zone where multiple humanoid figures dash forwards, dealing quick damage. Create a big orb that floats above you, sending out beams to nearby enemies 4 times before exploding for higher damage. Thrust forwards a group of multiple icicles, dealing damage to all enemies within range. https://dungeonquest.gamepedia.com/Dungeon_Quest_Wiki?oldid=1024. A common misconception is that Enchants are spells, but Enchants are only for visuals/aesthetics. Fire multiple energy waves outward and gain a movement speed boost. Causes all enemies nearby to focus on the user. Strikes an area in front of the user with demonic power. Fires multiple orbs forward, dealing burning damage to enemies hit over time. Shoot out an energy beam and explode it dealing damage again. Dungeon Quest is an RPG dungeon crawl game created by vCaffy. There are always new ways to vanquish your foes! Survive and Kill The Killers in Area 51 • Elemental Battlegrounds • Weaponsare items used to attack enemies in Dungeon Quest. Entry Point • Sprays poisonous gas for 6 seconds, dealing damage to enemies nearby. Sprays out a cloud-like gas which heals players overtime for a few seconds.. Swordburst 2, Theme Park Tycoon 2 • RoCitizens • Charges a magic, projectile shuriken that fires toward enemies, then comes back to you. Weapons come in various rarities that are typically random. Summons a ghostly skull to burn the ground in front of the user. Super Power Training Simulator • Dragon Ball Online Generations • Fires a powerful, yellow beam from the user's hand. My Restaurant • Casts swift gales in front of the user, damaging enemies in range. Gives the user and all teammates around them a shield as strong as 20% of their max health for 3 seconds. Shoots an orb forward damaging enemies it hits. Monster Islands • Summons a ghostly orb to burn the ground in front of the user. Dinosaur Simulator • To write a new article, just enter the article title in the box below or in the search box at the top of the page. In it, you fight alone or with friends through a rogue-like dungeon and take down the dungeon boss. Ro-Ghoul • Increases the players' movement speed and makes multiple green orbs spin around the player, dealing constant damage. Creates a storm cloud above the player, which rains down needles damaging all enemies in range. Shoot foward 6 stars dealing damage to all enemies in front of you. DungeonQuestRoblox Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Black Magic II • Some spells cannot be equipped if your level is below a certain requirement (varies for each spell). Smash the ground creating energy blasts foward. Spells are abilities that players can use for varying means, eg damage, healing, taunting, etc. Summon a phantom which shoots at the closest enemy dealing AoE damage. Flicker • Throw forth lava crescents which deal damage on the initial hit, followed by a delayed explosion. If you are unsure of what to do or how to create a page, search for a few articles on the same topic and see what they look like. Has the user slam the ground, creating a huge bed of rocks dealing high damage to enemies. Gain movement speed and heal teammates all around you. Horrific Housing • https://dungeonquestroblox.fandom.com/wiki/Spells?oldid=55996. Creates a circle around the user that damage all enemies within the circle's range. Doubles the user's physical damage for 8 seconds. Piggy • These effects include damaging monsters with physical or spell damage, healing players, luring monsters toward the player, speeding the player up, and even nullifying monster attacks. DungeonQuestRoblox Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Create a massive energy bomb above you and throw it foward to explode. You can always view the source code in a wiki and learn from what others have done. Grants a movement speed boost and increases physical damage by 90%. Two spells can be equipped at the same time, either two of the same spell or two different spells. Pinewood Builders • Creates a ring of electric poles around the player, damaging enemies within. Yar • Overcharge all nearby enemies causing them to take damage over time. Dungeon Quest Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Summon two blades which spin in an area dealing damage to all enemies within. Mining Simulator • Opens a demonic portal, which will throw spikes forward and constantly deal damage to enemies in range of the spikes. A heal spell which jumps multiple times, starting with the user and hopping to any teammates close enough. Creates an orb in front of you, which is then sliced and shattered into shards that fly in front of you. Whatever Floats Your Boat • Summons two rock-like walls that clash together doing a significant amount of damage. Different spells will scale with different stats, being spell power, physical power, very rarely stamina, or not scale at all. There are always new ways to vanquish your foes! Grants a movement speed boost and increases spell damage by 80%. Grants a movement speed boost and increases physical damage by 80%. Allows the user to taunt all enemies and give the user a shield for 1/3 of their max health. Ice Cream Simulator • Ninja Legends • Robeats • Unlike weapons and armor, spells will always have a fixed rarity. Shoot 6 swords forward 1 at a time, damaging all enemies in the way. Launches multiple molten shards forward, exploding shortly after, dealing damage to enemies in a large radius. Bubble Gum Simulator • Abilities (spells) in Dungeon Quest are items that players can use for a variety of different tasks. Casts sharp needles from thin air, sending them in front of the user. Jump into the air crashing down and dealing damage and gain a movement speed boost. Creates a wave of water that travels in a straight line. The player creates a void grenade and propels it forwards, exploding it in a fast and vicious cyclone of damage upon hitting and enemy. Booga Booga • Dungeon Quest is a Roblox game by vCaffy. Rapidly slash in front of your character position, hitting all opposing forces in range. Tower Battles • Spells can be cast in battle, and provide a variety of effects. Dungeon Quest is a deep, truly free to play Action RPG for Android, iOS and Amazon devices! Throw 3 spinning blades which come back shortly dealing damage twice. Blox Cards • Throws a Holy Greatsword that will boomerang back to the start location, dealing damage twice. Calls down a powerful blast of lightning. An edit doesn't have to be massive; if you feel you don't want to create whole articles, then just fixing spelling errors and broken links is enough. Notoriety, Pet Simulator • If you have any questions regarding the Wiki, you can contact wiki staff on vCaffy's Games Discord Server. Dynamic Ship Simulator 3, Eclipsis • Phantom Forces • Summon an infernal orb and launch it forward. Fires a long rectangular amethyst blast in front of the player, dealing damage to enemies caught in the blast. Arsenal • The Dungeon Quest Wiki is owned and managed by the Official Dungeon Quest Wiki Staff. Does 1 tick of damage. Rapidly shoot void spheres forward damaging all enemies in range. Dungeon Quest is a deep, truly free to play Action RPG for Android, iOS and Amazon devices! Summon a demonic cursing seal which damages rapidly over several ticks. Summons a healing circle around the user, healing anyone inside. Icicles fall from the sky then explode into ice shards. The possible rarities are common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Dungeon Quest Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Does 2 ticks of damage. Crown Academy • We are currently maintaining 256 pages (23 articles). Build A Boat For Treasure • Dungeon Quest is a massive online multiplayer dungeon RPG game on Roblox made by vCaffy where players can team up or play solo and choose which difficulty dungeon they want to go into. Fires orbs forward individually which explode on hitting the ground, damaging enemies in an area in front of the player. Ultimate Driving • Smite all enemies around you and gain a movement speed boost. This is a list of all spells in Dungeon Quest. Roar a taunt effect at enemies from a distance in order to aggro them.


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