elvis shuffle dance

Like Elvis she needs someone to play off to. Get him off those drugs, that artist would still be there – it was always there. “Datin'” – from Paradise Hawaiian Style. He’s in total control of his voice and its effects.

On film. – part of the reason why it IS good is that BOTH of the female characters are a tiny bit complex, don’t say Yes to him right away, and so that gives him the opportunity to either get annoyed/plead his case/turn on the seduction – you know, act like a normal man as opposed to a confident movie star. Girls!

With a much bigger sound than the original recording. Paul – Love the anecdote about Sam Phillips and the fog!! The incredible story departments that could develop good scripts for B movies from original material, or adaptations of novels and short stories, (and Elvis movies were B’s) were pretty much shuttered.

J’adore. Air. Buried Susie Derkins under the tire swing. Can’t get past it actually. It obviously meant a lot to him. “He was a Yankee, you know,” Elvis jokes. I am in heaven listening to this. Eddie – I don’t think he died because the artist died first. These movie soundtrack ballads kill me, and not in a good way.

“She Wears My Ring” – He sings the shit out of this dumb song. A sweet early 60s sound. If you do go, drop me a line beforehand, there’re a lot of very interesting people you should meet on your trip!

Frosty blonde with metallic hair tips, fingernails and lips. Listen to the 5 Best Meghan Trainor Songs Remixed. You don’t even know WHAT it is.

It’s raunchy, real, from the gut. (teeth gnashing).

It’s a crazy song. “You’ll Think Of Me” – from From Elvis in Memphis. It’s almost scary. He said Mayer was not tremendously articulate verbally, but insanely persuasive, and the most strategically skillful person he’d ever met. He hugs one redhead and she looks like she’s been visiting Dr. Roberts on an hourly basis.

A simple bass line underneath him, and his young young voice crooning all over the place, free, uncontrolled, almost funny sounding. He’s gentle and a bit somnolent here.

“If We Never Meet Again” – from his gospel album.

Bombastic, operatic, melodramatic. “We’re Coming in Loaded” – from Girls!

As for Barty, he’s the “Scarum”. Probably all the beers.

This was one of Elvis’ earliest songs. Go deeper into them.

He’s wailing here. Great quartet behind him. Anyway, her kitchen window had some crazy direct sonic pipeline into my bedroom window. If you haven’t been to Sun, go – it’s the most extraordinary patch of real estate I’ve ever stood in, and I found it a far more moving experience than visiting the gimcrack world of Graceland, though both are pretty much just franchises by now of course.

I think he felt that too. By the end of the fifties when “ALL STAR CAST” became a commonplace sell, they were usually all stars that could no longer open a picture by themselves. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Hot Girls Shuffle Dancing to Elvis, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQrlBIMTzIM, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc-MRIbtyP8, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvNrjcg3WjA, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8vVFzeI_Ms, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0fk5L1ifbo. The song is fast, way faster than the first time he recorded it.

“All Shook Up” – from his Vegas show. Good that Elvis didn’t fell once more for that kind of thing. Wynton Marsalis, writing or speaking about Louis Armstrong, said something about how when you follow a genius, you have to follow where ever he chooses to go. God, the harmonies, the guitar, the strengthening of their belief in what they’re doing. Stupid. TIL I'm into shuffle dancing.

It was Elvis’ favorite of his films. It’s not my favorite Elvis, but listen to him sell this song. To have Elvis and Streisand together in a movie with a cheap story wouldn’t have helped them any with their reputation as actors… Of course there would have been a couple of great duets, but that’s a whole different story. That’s a bit too romantic for me. He sings the shit out of this song. So-called “purist” recordings strive to retain all that air and live feel. A far cry from Elvis' original song, this mix amplifies a disco-techno pulse behind the King's vocals giving today's kids a way to enjoy a Presley classic. The movie was made out of her production deal at Warner Brothers, and she was producing with Jon Peters. Elvis could. “Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand)” – the Million Dollar Quartet session.

“Crazy Arms” – Million Dollar Quartet. Their early drafts were VERY DARK. Of course we lost almost a decade of recording – because they only put out the soundtrack albums – but in terms of the pictures themselves, I am rarely embarrassed for ELVIS. Yup, he’s a total artist.

Wonderful post.


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