energizer 15 minute charger blinking red light
%FD06FFA8FD0BFF7D527D5252277D5252527D7DFD25FFA8A17D7D7DA8FD06 %A852FD047DA8FD057DA8FD057DA87D7DA8FD0BFF7DFFA87D52A87D7D7DA8 It takes around 12 minutes to completely recharge 4 AAA 900mAh NiMH batteries. %F82027FF7D527DA852A27D7DA87DA8A87DA87DA87DA852A87D27F852FD0C %7D527DA17D52A87D7D7DA8A8FD2FFFA8FFA8FD18FF7D527D7D7DA27D7D7D %AI9_OpenToView: -331 825.769 0.78 1011 640 26 0 0 7 53 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 If you have the same charger as I do and you have the single size lithium ion battery, when it's charging properly you will see a steady red light and one that flashes. %11FF7DA87D7D527D7DA87DA87D7D7DA87D527D7D7DA87DA15276FD047DA8 Also unlike the cheap ones that only do in pairs you can charge 1 2 3 or 4 in any combnation. %AI3_ColorUsage: Color %%RGBProcessColor: 0 0.627451 0.776471 (Global Mediterranean Blue) %AI9_ColorModel: 1 A fast charger is an ideal way to work with NiMH cells. %AI7_Thumbnail: 92 128 8 %A87DA87DA8A8A87DA852A8FD0EFFA8A8A8FF7DA8A8FFA8A87DA87D7D7DFD %31FF4C525252277D525252272752277D2727527DFD16FF7D7D527DA87D7D %7DA87D7D7DA87D5227FD0DFF7DF8F827275227FD06527DA8A8FD067D527D Energizer 15-Minute Battery Charger Kit With Car Adapter. Here is a charger that breaks new strides of recharging your nimh batteries. If you use these exclusively, then yeah you may have a problem. %52FD047D527D525227527D7D5252A8FD38FFA8FFA87D7DA8A8CAA8A8A8FF %9966CC9966FF9999009999339999669999999999CC9999FF99CC0099CC33 When charging is finished, LED turns green. %FF52A8527D527DA1A1FD067DA8FD067DA8FD047DA8FD047DA87DA8FFFFA1 %33CCCC33CCFF33FF0033FF3333FF6633FF9933FFCC33FFFF660000660033 %7DFD05A87DA87DA8767DA87D7DA87DFD41FFFD047D527D277D7D52A87DA8 %5227A82752525227527D5252522752FD1FFFA87DA8A87DFD04A87DA87DA8 The fan usually continues running an additional 8-10 minutes. %FD06522776277D5252527D27FD0452A8FD16FFA87D527D7D7D52527D527D %FD04A8FFA8A8A87DA8FFA8FD13FFA8FD0FFFA8FD07FFA8FFFFFFA8FD05FF Includes 4 AA batteries. %000088888888AA000000AA000000AAAAAAAABB000000BB000000BBBBBBBB I'm asking because the SLA battery is charged by plugging the battery into the charger, and then the charger into the wall socket, and the lithium ion is the opposite. Imagine not having to buy batteries again and again. %A8A8A87DFD06FF7D7DA8A8A8FD047DA87DA8FD067D527D7DA87D7D7DA87D %FD047DFD0AFF7D527DA8FD057DA87D7DA87D7DA8A8A827A87D7D7DA8FD19 You get the tray, bag, charger, and wires you need to connect the 2 SLA batteries you can buy at Batteries Plus. I have been very happy with the way it fully recharges 4 AA 2500 mAh NiMH batteries in little less than 16 minutes. Unfortunately, if I put more than one battery in the charger at once, then the charger doesn't accept some of the batteries when they are placed in the charger individually. %A852FFA8FF7DA87DA8A8A8FF7DF827F852FD0CFF7D7DA8277D7D7DFD04A8 %7DA87D52A8FD35FFA8FFA8CAFD04A87DFFA8FFA8A8A87DFFFFA1FFA8FFA8 %52527D4C52A87D7D52527D275252527DA84B7D527D52527D5227A8FD05FF Marie, I'm so glad it fixed your problem! I used to get them to take 200+ pics, now it's down to about 20... Jan 14, 2010 #6. %FFA8A8A8FFFD04A87DFF7DFD06A8FFA876A8FFFD04A87DA8A8FFA8FD0BFF It lights up the charger and the scooter-indicator-lights just fine, and it makes the motor hum a little, but not move. %27527D527DFD0552A8FD10FFA8FD05FFA8FFFFFFA8FD05FFA8FFA8FFA8FD However, it has been empirically determined that this often results charging being successful (i.e. Tony called Batteries Plus to arrange for the batteries, and all I had to do was pick up the new set, and wait a minute for them to swap the wiring from the old set to the new! The included AA 2200mAh batteries are ready for use in 15 minutes. AWESOME! %527D527D527D27527D27527D7D7D527D7D7D277D7DA87D7D7DFD11FF7D27 There's a problem loading this menu right now. endstream endobj 9 0 obj<>stream %FD19FF7DA852FD057DA2527DA87D7D527D7D7DA87D52527DA8FD047D527D %7D7DA8277D527D52FD0FFF7DA8A1A87DFF7D7D7DFF52527DA827A8A87D7D %A87DA87DA8FD047D52A87D7DA87DA87D7DA8527D7D7D52A8FD0AFFA87D52 I bought one of these 15 minute chargers a few months ago and have 16 2450mah energizers to feed my TK40, I chose this partly because in a charger review in the forums here and it seemed to have pretty good specs...anyway with the lite use this torch gets cell life should not be a issue, besides I can always get more...Thanks. And the good battery works just *peachy* at the same time that the bad one doesn't work at all, so it's not that i've left the brakes on or anything else nutso like that I was just sitting down to take the bad battery out of it's carry-bag and see if I could figure out what it's problem was when I discovered that the sides of the battery are bulging outwward so much that they're straining against the packing-strap that holds the battery to the baseplate.I hastily asked my hubby to take it out to the garage and put it somewhere "safe" until I could figure out how to dispose of it properly.I think I have to call the city to make a special collection for it. %A8A87D7DFD06FF527D7DA87D7D767DA8A87DA87DA87DA8A17DA8A8A87D52 %2752A8FD06527DFD0452A8FD5AFF7DFD1BFF7DA87DFFA8A8A8FFFFA8A8A8 I'm surely not putting that thing in my car, or mailing it anywhere! %7D7DA8FFA8FD07FFA87D7D7D5252A87DA87DA87DA87DA87D4B7D7D7DA8A8 Reviewed in the United States on September 4, 2014. %%BoundingBox: 105 114 526 698 %15FFA8FF7DFFFFFFCACAFD19FF7DA87DA87D7D76A87DA87D7D7D5252A852 %0AFFA8F82752FFA8A87DA87DFFA8A8527DFFFFA2FD04A8FFA8A8527DF820 %7DA8527D527D527DFD0CFFA87D7DA852A87DA852A87DFF52A87DA87DFD04 This charger already doesn't work and I bought it in April, so less than a year, and we didn't use it that much. I plug the charger in, turn it on and the red charge light will turn on then after 2 seconds the green light starts blinking too. Eventually I noticed it was green (but I don't know for how long - it was plugged in for about 6 hrs total) and I unplugged it and stowed it in the car to use whenever the good battery ran down.Then I didn't get out and about for a while, so the next time I finally ran the good battery down, I'd sort of forgotten about the other one being bad. %A8FD067DA87D7D52A87DA8A87D52A8FFFFFFA8FFA8A8A8FFFD077DFFFFA8 %%EndData %7D52A8FD057DA8527D7DA852527D7D777D52A8FD39FF7DA8A8A876A8FF7D %CC0000CC0033CC0066CC0099CC00CCCC00FFCC3300CC3333CC3366CC3399


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