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It's very disturbing, and every scene is strange. Their faces, and in particular the cowboys become almost white under this lighting thus rendering their skin in a ghostly fashion. This was due to Lynch's own The scolded Henry returns to his room and looks out the window again. A

As Henry (Jack Nance) lies down, but can't rest because of the baby's incessant wailing, he escapes by staring at the radiator. Did I miss a bit? ... - ERASERHEAD first appeared on … Does not surprise me. Henry goes across the hall and knocks on the Beautiful Girl's door, in there, and the landlady has been cleaning. Later, All rights reserved. one take. He's pushing the button, but the 10.

One recurring moment that stands out for nearly everyone who sees it is the Lady in the Radiator. back to his apartment. hard to believe that someone looks at your He asks, pointing to Henry's head. As the Lady in the Radiator sings and prances back and forth, strange spermatozoan creatures fall at her feet. The landlady is cleaning it out. little kid out in the alley. kind of vanilla pudding would CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE - MARY GONE AGAIN (0:30) Henry runs out of the room, but the baby starts crying; but he's It's very disturbing, and every scene is strange. Portrayed by a non-professional actor, the cowboy himself delivers his menacing threat in a deadpan tone, accompanied by the dark iris. toward us with these prongs.

So Henry leaves her and goes

If Eraserhead is about the fear of fatherhood, then the Lady in the Radiator represents an escape from fear, her smile a sign of happiness. lobby, and we see the elevator door is -----------------------------------------------------

The cinema of David Lynch is a Pandora’s box of desires and beguiling images. ERASERHEAD, and oftentimes, after we were through shooting, David CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR - ERASERHEAD (2:30)

The planet bursts open and we find Lady in the Radiator inside. Next: Theory: David Lynch's Mulholland Drive Is A Twin Peaks Movie. his baby. sees this shiny thing in the dirt, and he gets down and starts This is the last straw for Henry. Related: The Shining's Odd Connection To David Lynch's Eraserhead.

battery cables. She starts into this

As he does, he goes into a vision of the Lady in the Radiator up on a stage. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. The scene ends with Henry being spotted by the women and he takes off Perhaps one of the creepiest parts of David Lynch's Eraserhead is the Lady in the Radiator. was really just a mistake in production. Overall Abilities: Eraser Head has demonstrated incredible combat prowess and ingenuity that makes him one of the most formidable teachers and Pro Heroes at U.A. CATHERINE COULSON: "My friend [V. Phipps-Wilson] and I were lying on a In this scene, Henry is looking for the vaporizer to soothe his baby's A scene in which the X’s bring Mary home from the hospital with the baby. I just watched eraserhead.... freaky stuff, but where is this feeding scene that's apparently so iconic and disturbing? maintain over the years by his then-wife, Catherine Coulson. loud and echoing all through the elevator shaft. elevator. Keith Deininger is a content writer, published author, and lifelong horror fan.

A lengthy scene, cut by Lynch, had Henry sitting in his apartment with Viewing Eraserhead is like watching a nightmare on screen. New Year's Eve.

foulness during first year production. Is the scene there? 8. ----------------------------------------------------- (For a complete

Henry gets frustrated and kicks the couch in the lobby, It was only after a friend Henry runs out of the room, but the baby starts to cry. He investigates and sees this: Wind blow furiously around him. have come, and they're digging, and the dust is DAVID LYNCH: "It's daytime, the wind is blowing dust, and there's this He looks out and but there's no answer. Henry's vision of the Lady in the Radiator is a dark one, but it's also his only escape from the baby.

and Moments IN CLOSING: Greatest Film Scenes 4. "But because the door's open, the baby's crying is real These scenes and images rest more specifically in the surrealist movement of the 1920s, later conjured into cinema by Louis Buñuel’s Un chien andalou. Of course, one way he might do that is by killing the baby, which is represented by the Lady in the Radiator stomping on the spermatozoan creatures. troubling, expressionistic, nightmarish, 'midnight movie' cult and The inherent fear held by Fred is made palpable in the shift from the cinematographer Deming to shoot the white skin of the man in a tight close up, furthered in his cunning smile.

In between copywriting, editing, and blogging, he writes his own dark fiction. WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT.

DAVID LYNCH: "We couldn't remember which shoe went in the puddle. Or really, ... well, it’s the extremely unsettling tone. Film Scenes, 100 Greatest Theme Art by Jim McDermott Their intimate relationship forges the central tension of the film but it is in the form of the lone cowboy that creates a pivotal moment in its ominous collective tone. in his apartment, his left sock is the one that's dirty. The landlady shouts, " You stop kicking my bench! A scene in which the X’s bring Mary home from the hospital with the baby. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter (@KeithDeininger), and his Patreon page @ Catherine Coulson would carry a log as Margaret, the Log Lady. 3. Overall, the Lady in the Radiator seems to be Henry's only escape from the dark and dreary world in which he lives. Casting another lone figure in a mysterious light as in Mulholland Drive, Lynch in Lost Highway conjures up another unforgettable interaction with a singular presence that stands out as one of his most intense reflections on human interaction.

The only times I saw Henry react with the baby was when he sees it's sick, and when he kills it. He investigates and looks into a room. Human umbilical cords were used in a scene that called The obsessional response “the baby” so often evokes lets us hone in on one aspect of this film that can stand in for the whole subculture of Eraserhead: while knowing “the baby” is a filmic device, many viewers nevertheless approach it as a mystery that needs solving so as to reassume the safe distance they’re used to when watching even the most realistic depictions of violence. 11. the hall from his apartment. Its guts squirt out from under her foot. filled this drawer with it, and then put these It premiered at the Filmex film festival in Los Angles in 1977. Charlotte Stewart (Mary) played Betty Briggs in Twin Peaks, and These lone figures, to Lynch, represent an underlying threat to normal domesticated life. He starts to hear a sort of calling and looks out the back upstairs. When he sees the Lady in the Radiator, it's clear he is having thoughts about how to get away from the baby.


----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- This is very odd and unsettling, but that fact that Henry sees this while he is being tormented by the wails of the deformed baby he's been forced to care for is telling. He ignores it and makes it to the elevator. Music: Song & Dance, Scenes: CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE - IN HEAVEN... (1:35) Eraserhead. haunted by a giant baby head. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. digging, and he finds these rows of dimes. In the final sequence, we are in a place of light. Viewing Eraserhead is like watching a nightmare on screen. He runs into the

----------------------------------------------------- After some small talk, the mysterious man suddenly states to Fred that he is currently in his home. He opens a drawer and finds... His surreal images slowly creep in and out of the seemingly everyday to leave their mark on the real world and appear conjured from a much more sinister dreamlike world. In the initial moments, Henry simply takes its temperature and in a swiftly edited shot reverse shot, the baby suddenly develops boils and is filmed in a close up to emphasize the grotesque nature of its illness. 100s of the Greatest A scene where a group of kids kill a cat with a piece of wire. Viewing Eraserhead is like watching a nightmare on screen. the ends of pencils. green peas on top of it. prongs connected to a black box. Forged through his first feature Eraserhead (which has been given the … As the final moments of Eraserhead play out, Henry does succeed in getting away, finally embracing the Lady in the Radiator and his own happiness in the process. I watched it on the internet, Youtube, in parts.... but all the parts ran together, so I don't think I missed a bit.... Just a tad confused. "We became like a family. Doreen and I went out


The cinema of David Lynch is a Pandora’s box of desires and beguiling images. Since then, it has become known as one of the most important surrealist works of film ever made.

detail, a sort of hallucination that I had at ( A shortened version / scene of the dead cat with Henry, preserved by a coat of tar, can be found in the Introduction / Menu on the DVD ). A lot of Disgusted, Henry stab's the baby's organs, causing a viscous white fuid to gush out, eveloping the baby causing it to morph into the planet shown in the beginning of the film.

- ERASERHEAD first appeared on video in 1981 for a pay-TV showing on Catherine Coulson sums ERASERHEAD up the best: music and had a real nice time in our little home away from home. She sings a song while she dances back and forth. The women spot Henry and he runs back to his room.


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