escape game fireplace walkthrough
But the ashes are in the way. I tried that s-t but its only my spade card that will fit. Game Title: Find the Escape-Men 196: New Year 2019 Production: No1Game Play This Game Walkthrough Video 7. 35. Pull the lever. Take the fish food and the gem. 22. can't put anything into fire.....? A slot opens up with a hammer. Nicolet - Escape Game: FirePlace Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Nicolet. March 5, the day when the good escape gamemakers slept! Stripy Bedroom Escape. We will guide you all … It’s Red’s turn, so add another red piece. Look at the game on the table. Arrange the arrows like you saw on the compasses. 32. 23,5 degrees is fixed but tryed all 99 and not open... @Dumah, did you zoom on the calendar on the wall, and zoom again to see the red date (39 of febr)? Not much in second room, need 4 digit and 4 color drawer clues. They rise to the top and a key is revealed. This gives you 6 Green, 5 Red, 4 Blue, 3 Yellow. What I could really use is a wrench!! Found a site with wrong info first.Speed of light= 2,99 792 458Light year= 9,460 52 84. Turn to the windows and spray the bottle on each window panel. The best virtual page for the game. 6. Posting walkthrough links to YouTube and other sites is forbidden! I´ll try this one instead of graffiti-game. The whole fireplace disappears! My coin-card and my sword-card is away, but sometimes I have 4 glasses. Use Shovel on the fireplace according to the paper and get a stuffed cat. Share "Fireplace" Game . What else have you seen that has the same numbers (in another form)on them? Please report any spam or unwanted comment by contacting us. If I have a hammer, what do I need a heavy ball for? You’re almost done. Go to the glowy yellow orb and smash it with the hammer. The game is also available on Android. We will guide you all the answers you are looking for. 4. But what's the order? Use the matches to light the fire in the fireplace. Take the matches. We publish daily escape the room games … Subscribe and get daily new escape games by email. Take it. All cards in, then click the button and click button again then you should get the Joker card. Talk about this game? The door opens, but there’s a brick wall behind it! Put that in as code, open the drawer and take the SILVER KEY.- GO LEFT.DESK- Open the door with the silver key and go in.TOILET- Take the SHOVEL (right in the back).- Open the toilet lid and empty your bowl and now you have an EMPTY BOWL. Phew! Note you can zoom into merry-go-round after using it. 20. tolo, I got stuck there too. Escape Games 24 is most popular and best escape games site on the web, posting and sharing new escape games for our thousands of visitors every day since 2006 year. Not sure what I did, but I clicked down the hole from upstairs and a key fell. 24. 13. 2. You’re free! Madde, the paper from the mouse hole (use shovel). The best virtual page for the game. It’s Red’s turn, so add another red piece. So it should look like this: 31. Look at the mold and take the GOLD KEY.- GO RIGHT (2x).TABLE- Use the gold key on the door, open it, wait and you're out. had to click like a mad before on clay lol. This comment has been removed by the author. Out. Arrange the arrows like you saw on the compasses. Trying for 1/4hour now and think I´ll give up... Love these petithima games, they are so pretty. Zoom in on the keypad on the front door. Hi Ezio! Personal Blog Anasteisha R. Game Title: Underground Castle Escape  Production: Flash512   Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Space Museum Escape Production: Masa Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title:  Halloween Production: nicolet   Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Escape From The Log House Production: neat-escape   Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Proliferation Escape Production: tokoyosousaku  Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Game 01: Pas5w0rds Extra 10 Production: Gatamari Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Escape From The Roof Production: NeatEscape   Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Escape from a Higher Room Production: Kitposition   Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Cat And Halloween Production: DetarameFactory   Play This Game  Walkthrough Video, Game Title: Reoda: Chapter 8 Production: Pixelkobo Play This Game    Walkthrough Video.


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