explain what is meant by short circuit in relation to vehicle electrics
(Also, a good movie from 1872 that features the fine, in-his-prime work of Steve Guttenberg and one wise-cracking "Number 5" robot.). Tracing a short circuit takes time and patience. Follow the same divide and conquer method to determine the approximate location of the short circuit. On 5 V circuits, such as those used by the ECM to sense and control the engine and transmission, disconnect the ECM and the battery, set the multimeter to measure continuity, and probe between the circuit and body ground or engine ground. Look for another place to disconnect the wires and see if the test light goes out. Wires may chafe and shed their insulation, contacting the body or engine. Metal recyclers estimate some 1,500 wires, about a mile connected end to end, keeps the average modern luxury car connected, for example. If there is a short circuit, the test light will illuminate or the multimeter will beep. Disconnect battery positive, set the positive probe on the load side of the fuse, clamp the negative probe to battery negative. A short circuit can damage the circuit by overheating. You’ll need to see where it goes, what connectors it goes through, and what color the wires are. Got something going on with your car but not sure what it is? There are several ways a short circuit can occur, and it isn’t usually easy to find and repair. The headlight switch always has power going to it but doesn’t route power to the headlight until the driver turns the switch. When testing 12 V circuits, you can usually start with the fuse in the affected circuit. If the light goes out, you know you broke the short circuit. A low-resistance connection between two points in an electric circuit through which the current tends to flow rather than along the intended path. If the test light goes out (or the meter, well, you get the idea), you know the short circuit is somewhere between the switch and the load. Focus your attention on that section of the wire harness. We have taken the mystery out of automotive service jargon, so that you don't have to. Engine won't start? Disconnect the connector at the load or sensor. Actuators can be motors or lights, or similar. Weird sound? Turning on the headlights might send current to the horn, or stepping on the brake might illuminate the reverse lights. loose wire) or a defective wire. Remove the fuse and connect the test light across the terminals of the fuse socket. We can roughly divide the car electrical system into sensor and actuator circuits. For example, a chafed wire may short to ground, which could cause the headlight fuse to blow, protecting the circuit from overheating, but knocking out the headlights. Though the symptoms of a short circuit can be similar to an open circuit, diagnosis is a bit different. Strange smoke? Troubleshooting Common Condenser Fan Problems, 9 Reasons Your High Beam Headlights Are Not Working, What to Do When Your Car Won't Start or Turn Over, 4 Reasons Why Your Gas Gauge Isn't Working, How Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Works, How to Test Your Cherokee Coolant Sensor and Wiring, Cruise Control Not Working? Short circuits can damage electronic components, set the check engine light, blow fuses, drain the battery, or leave you stranded. There are two types of short circuits, short-to-power and short-to-ground, in which electricity takes an unintended shortcut without going through the intended sensor or actuator. If the test light didn’t go out (or the meter) with the switch disconnected, that means the short circuit is still somewhere between the fuse and the switch. Types of sensors include oxygen sensors, light sensors, switches, speed sensors, and the like. Gripping the wire harness and flexing it may break the short circuit, so you can identify at least its location. Before reconnecting the battery or putting in a new fuse, recheck for short circuits with the test light or multimeter. At its most basic, a short circuit is a fault in the wiring harness, which shunts electricity between circuits before getting to its destination. Short Circuit. Now, divide and conquer. With all the technology in the modern automobile, from powertrain management to entertainment systems and everything in between, it should come as no surprise the amount of electrical wiring needed to connect it all. It might seem complicated, but the best thing you can do is divide and conquer. DriverSide's Car Dictionary has the most comprehensive definitions of automotive terms. Modern electrical wiring diagrams (EWD) are color-coded, which can ease diagnosis, though diagnosing a short circuit is still no walk in the park. An electrical circuit ending short of its total path because of a wiring fault (e.g. Benjamin Jerew is an ASE-certified Master Automobile Technician with over a decade of experience in auto repair, maintenance, and diagnosis. Rodent damage, chafing wires, shoddy installation practices, water intrusion, and impact damage are just a few of the things that can interrupt your car's electrical circuits. To understand how to find a short circuit, though, we need to understand how a properly-functioning circuit works. This auto glossary can help you decipher what your mechanic is fixing and what the purpose or function of the particular auto part or accessory is for. Once you find the short circuit, then you can go about repairing it. Inadvertently driving a screw through a wiring harness is a great way to cause a short to ground or short to power or both. At its most basic, a short circuit is a fault in the wiring harness, which shunts electricity between circuits before getting to its destination. A short to ground can result in blown fuses, inoperative lights or motors, or “missing” sensors. The easy to use DriverSide Diagnostic Tool is here to help you figure it out. To get started, you’ll need an EWD for your vehicle, test light or ​multimeter, and tools to access the wire harness. A typical actuator circuit, say a headlight, includes the wiring from the battery, through fuses and relays, the headlight switch, to the headlight bulb, and then back to the battery. Short to power – In the wire harness, with many circuits in close proximity, there is the possibility of a short to power fault. First, identify the circuit you’re looking at. 9 Potential Causes, A typical sensor circuit, say engine coolant temperature, might be the wiring between the. In either of these circuits, proper function is assured as long as the wiring is intact, but there are many ways that any circuit could be interrupted. Short to ground – A short to ground refers to a current flowing from the circuit to the car body. If the test light goes out (or the meter stops beeping), this might indicate an internal fault in the load (a burnt-out bulb or motor can do this). See Also: Overhaul Jumper Cables Keyseat Cotter Pin Safety Stand Owner's Manual Amp The multimeter, set to measure continuity, can be used in a similar way. A short circuit is simply a low resistance connection between the two conductors supplying electrical power to any circuit. For example, someone installing an aftermarket device might drive a screw through a wire harness, inadvertently piercing and “connecting” multiple wires. This results in excessive current flow in the power source through the 'short,' and may even cause the power source to be destroyed. Keep dividing the circuit by disconnecting connectors and watching for the test light to go out. Though the symptoms of a short circuit can be similar to an open circuit, diagnosis is a bit different. An electrical circuit ending short of its total path because of a wiring fault (e.g. There are many ways that electricity is carried around the car electrical system, and a short circuit could easily interrupt the proper flow of electricity in any of them. (Also, a good movie from 1872 that features the fine, in-his-prime work of Steve Guttenberg and one wise-cracking "Number 5" robot.) A short-circuit should not be confused with an open circuit, in which current does not flow at all. Reconnect the load connector and disconnect something halfway through the circuit, such as at the switch. loose wire) or a defective wire. In this case, chafed or cut wires may connect to each other, enabling current to flow where is not intended. A short-circuit should not be confused with an open circuit, in which current does not flow at all.


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