eye winker song lyrics
Bull Sh*ter What have I here? As my conscience seems to be Hatracker Chinchopper chin! . Chin Chopper Eye winker head thinker brain thinker After every time you add a body part, go up the body: Nicky nacky nocky noo Tom tinker Gully gully gully…. My wife thought I was crazy when I did it this to our first born 25 years ago. (As an alternate, Motivator may replace foot stomper). Thought it was funny!!! Eye Winker Chin chopper, Open the latch (push up on nose) eye blinker ( sweat boxer) ringa dinga dinga do! Chin chowser Louse bed (touch the head) My little boy wanted me to do the same when he was about four. wot is dis here Mouth eater Belly acher, Heart breaker, Kiss maker, Snot blower, eye blinker, domineeker, brow-sneaker, and thats what I learned in the school, yah! That’s what we learned in the school house. Ours went a little different. (And I taught a summer camp when I was younger) The first one is Here’s where the kitty sits (while touching the forehead), here’s where he jumps to (touching the nose), eye winker, tom tinker, (touching the eyes) nose blower, mouth eater, chin chopper, giddy, giddy, goo (while tickling the child under his chin). inkydinky do, ), forward bumper, eye winker, tom tinker, nose smeller, mouth eater, chin chopper, gully, gully, gully, Here is a YouTube link to the German version: Vas Iss Das Here? This is the version that my Grandfather always did with us, he was French Canadian. Nose Dropper (nose) Chin chobber (Chin) Dis are my head- tinker, mother so dear! Knee Bender -Knee noo-noggin, noo-noggin Before I laugh and act like a fool Eye peeper, shwet boxer my momma dear. peeps in Air blower, apple knocker, You point to each body part, and tickle under the chin at the end with the “Gully gully gully” part. Tom Tinker, Tom Tinker (left cheek, right cheek) I point to myself right here right here this is my eye winked momma my dear eye winker, do thinker, top notcher momma my dear that’s what I learned at this camp dear camp…. That’s what they teach us at our pirate school, Hands on my waist what is that here? Sweat boxer, top-notcher, Hornblower knee bender I points to myself, Vas is das here? That’s what they teach us at our pirate school, Hands on my chin what is that here? With my hand on my shoulder and vas-ish-star-sheer, nicky nacky nocky nok I said to myself, Pop shooter. Bread basket (Tickle neck), Louse bed Chin-chopper Tom Glazer (On Top of Spaghetti) wrote a book in 1973 called Eye Winker, Tom Tinker, Chin Chopper: Fifty Musical Fingerplays. (point to nose) Bird Nester (chin/beard) Head Boiler, Head Boiler I asked my Mom, vot I got here. And on each verse you add one body part and as you go up you start from the bottom of your body. I only remembered it when she sang it to my children. ringy, dingy, dingy, doo My grandson (age 2) loves this and alternates having me do it to him with doing it himself. Browbeater (and then you go on with) The one that came down through our family is: Ford-bender (touch forehead) I’m getting old in my young age. I think the rhyme and the song must have different origins. This is my headknocker mama my dear Dickey, dickey doo forebender (touch forehead) That’s what I learned in my school. Tim tinker (Eye) Gully Hopper (tickle under chin). Eye blinkers, brain boxer, nicky , nicky, nacky, noo Head thinker. My hand on my _____, what have we here. Lyrics to 'Roar' by Katy Perry. [Verse 2] Eye-winky Knee knocker=knee Eye winker (point to eye) mouth eater- touch lips Mouth Eater (nose) My Dad used to sing this at our family sing-songs. nose mary Mouth eater (touch lips) Thats what I learned in my school ya ya! I point to myself right her right here this is my top notcher momma my dear top notcher momma my dear that’s what I learned at this camp dear camp wind blower “Mein hands by mein sides, vat ist dis hier? even remember which one said it to our kids, but now I’m saying it to my grandchildren. chin-a -wagger This is where the cat sits (forehead) Chin Upper. Shin kicker… work backwards and point each time), This is one of the first songs I remember learning from my mother when I was small. Head Knocker. Gully gully gully! Eye winker In the following, the various parts of the countenance are touched as the lines are repeated; and at the close the chin is struck playfully, that the tongue may be gently bitten. Cookie duster Chin chopper chin chopper chin chopper chin. Head-achy Boy kicker, shin slider, knee knocker, lap sitter, bread basket, crumb catcher, rubber necker, chin chopper, boy kisser, soup strainer, nose blower, eye blinker, think boxer, top notcher, rinky a dinky do, that’s what I learned in my school. Brow blister, brow blister Tinkerboxer Das ist mine head-thinker my Momma dear. (Stomach) Soup strainer … bread basket … and baby bouncer (knee). nose blower (nose) Then she said them all in reverse… Ma ma, Vas ist my eye Foot kicker, or stomper (? tom-tinker- right eye Shin shanker There are “bits” for the whole body …but I can’t recall too many others ;-(, I point to myself and say what is this here this is my Brain boxer oh momma dear Head Thinker (Top of Head), MaryBeth Says: smell boxer I woke up this morning with this nursery rhyme in my head (which is weird because I don’t have kids and haven’t thought of it for years! Toe-tapper knee-lifter waist-bender chin-wagger head-thinker Eye winker Sit-Upon (tush) ….nicky nicky new ….and that’s what I learned at this camp ! I am afriad it may be lost forever. : ). Hand on my heart what do I care this is my floor mopper(hair) my momma dear. Keep adding a body part until you reach your toes) The rest were: We sang this in elementary school and that part was sang as “do va dik a von do” . The one my grandma use to always do to me was: and a chinchopper, chichoppe,r chin (tickles under chin). If you’ve ever read or seen Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, Mercutio (sp?) bug stompers (feet) I’ve been looking for the words to a song my fifth-grade teacher, Esther Freeman, sang to us back in 1945. “Nose smeller” – laying finger on or lightly pinching the nose Down by the pool thats what we learn in the school ya ya. and…. Eye Blinker my hand on my heart and what is this here Boom! brain box and willy willy woo hi Nose-dropper (touch nose) (tickle under the chin). chin chopper…..touching their chin She wanted me to change it to something like “Mozart was born it 1756…” she couldn’t rhyme anything further. Dickey, dickey doo Then…. sweat boxer, top knotcher inky dinky do woopie maker Great stuff! This is my brow blister my sister dear. Cheek cherry, Last verse also ends really quickly with the little ones in the family desperately trying to keep up! Knee-lifter waist-bender chin-wagger head-thinker (point to mouth) This is my food chomper, do you hear? I’m not finding it online, but I came across this searching for the poem my mom did when I was young (I’m in my mid 30’s now). I sang it at Christian summer camps as a kid but only remembered pieces of the song … so I googled it using the few phrases I remembered. Hard Knocker Doodle Do (Nose) Foot Stomper knee Bender This is my eye blinker* T*tty Flop Flop “Dis is my Troublemaker, yah, mammma dear!”. We also sang the ” kukaburra sits in the old gum tree ” song…. sit me downer (bum) Das wot I learned in der school, Boom, Boom. With my hand on my shoulder and vas-ish-star-sheer, (pointing to the part of the body) Then tickle them under the chin. My favorite part! Apparently there is a completely different song with that name – don’t know if the words were changed to accord with a romantic song of the 30’s. Mouth Eater This is where he cracks his whip (forehead) Mouth eater My love is vengeance that's never free Good memories with my head on my shoulders now what have we here? hip-swingers The names for each area, as I learned them, are as follows. Mouth Eater Inky Dinky Doo My mother (from her Irish mother, I guess) used to say this: This is where the coachman sits (lightly tapping the hairline at top of forehead) To be the bad man, to be the sad man Forehead (sweat box) Head thinker head thinker das ist der rule, Gully Gully Gully. hip-wiggler Gully, Gully, Gully. With each body part, you’d put your hands on that part, and with each verse, as the list of parts grew ever longer, you’d have to point/touch faster and faster, with barely enough time to say the words. That’s what they taught me when I went to school. Vas is dis? It had…. nose dripper- touch nose Mouth eater, Go down in the cellar and get them apples! Hand on my heart what do I care this is my sweat boxer(forehead) my momma dear. It starts with the head and works it’s way down to the feet. Chin chopper (chin) tree topper, tree topper, yes mother dear mouth eater Here’s where he jumps(point to just above eye) Sweat boxer, top-notcher, The rest goes down the body to knee knockers. Here they all run in; (mouth) Telephoner gully,gully,gully. Sweat Brower This is my sweatboxer* nose dropper…..touching their nose gilly gilly gilly. We learned headacher, eye-winker, nose dropper, bread eater, chin chopper, gully gully gully and got a tickle on the neck. I’m interested in the extra words of “gully goo,” do-si-do,” and “school-la.” I think we had names for the ears, but I can’t remember what they were. _____________________ Germany till now. Head knocker, head knocker, nicky nicky noo, woo woo! Fore head knocker (knocking on fore head) This IS the domininker (pointing to the top of one’s head) my darling, my dear. ]” I also remembered “nose blower.” Now I can have fun looking through the other entries and piecing my version together. Hip hugger, Tom Tinker Head of Hair That’s what it is Inky Dinky Doo Sweat boxer, top-notcher, Girl scouter=eyes Bread basket Mouth Eater (touch the mouth) foot stompers, Far bumper. knee-knockers Nose smeller Passed from my Ohio grandmother, through my mother, to me, my children and grandchildren: Here’s where the cat sits, chatterboxer Gully Gully Gully Gully (tickle neck area). Chin chucker (touch chin) Thank you for all of your comments. Mouth eater 8. ), Bread Basket (Stomach) eye winker, This is my breadbasket (stomach) mama my dear I points to myself, Vas is das here? (lifting eye lid) nose blower That’s what I learned in my school. Chest protector Eye winkie (Right eye) Head Tinker (head) Miss you. Here sits the cock, (right cheek) Behind blue eyes. top notcher, top notcher dear. killikillivavvav! Crumb Duster Nose dropper Nose smeller-touch nose mouth eater rubber necker (neck That’s what I learned in my school. Here’s where the coachman sits, “Chin chopper, chin chopper, chin chopper!” Tickling under the chin. thanks for the website collection!! Chest protector Chin chowser Mouth eater (touch mouth) Inky Dinky Doo Das ist my hat-racker, my father dear. Doodle-op, doodle-op, doodle-op! Eye Winker (eye) Giddy giddy giddy (tickles the neck). Foot stomper Tom Tinker eye blinker (eye) Das what I learned in der school, Boom, Boom. Chinny chin chin (chin) Eye blinker Rubbernecker, chinchopper, noseblower, eyeblinker, headknocker What is this here? coat hanger (shoulders) This is so great! I can’t remember all of it but he sang… this is my chest protector yes Polly dear… that’s what I learned in bud school! lunch eater, Snot blower Eye-winker Sweat browser, Boy kicker(foot) Lunch eater, My hands by my side, vas ist das here (point to head) Chin Chucker Golly wopper!! Das is my “Sweat brower” mine Father dear. Vas ist my eye winker mommy my dear Brain boxer, ring a ling a ling, toot toot! Bull shooter Boy kisser(mouth) I learned this rhyme from my grandfather (Cherokee) in Tennessee it went: Tommy Tinker – touch forehead This is my knee knocker Sweat browser, With my hands on my hips, breadbasket I just found this rhyme that ends with the chin chopper that’s in many of the versions above (though it’s almost a different rhyme all together): Knock at the door, (forehead)


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